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C1000/3x00 Hardware / C1000 Battery Charging Never Stop!
« on: April 27, 2005, 08:59:34 am »
I've just got myself a c1000 yesterday,  and battery is charging for last 20 hrs and still goes on according to battery applet. I'm using EA-70 (from my old SL-5500) and it's rated 2A @ 5V, should be plenty of juice to charge the battery, right? The same charger works fine with SL-5500 and charges its battery full in approx. 2hrs. WTF?

I'm gonna try EA-72 and another 5V charger I have, but I doubt it would be different... Have anyone seen the same charging problem with their c1000/c3000?

C1000/3x00 General discussions / Lineo's 2.4.20 Kernel Mess
« on: April 25, 2005, 09:46:22 am »
Anyone knows what's the list of patches which lineo applied on top of 2.4.20 for thier c3000/c1000 releases?

I'm trying to figure out what are hardware-specific changes for c3000/c1000, but it looks like besides that, lineo took a freedom of applying  a zillion of non-hardware specific patches, that makes it a whole lot harder to see...

For Sale / Wanted / Buying goodies from Germany?
« on: July 21, 2004, 05:20:47 pm »

I'm sorry for off-topic, since it's not really Zaurus -related. Unfortunately, my Psion's mainboard died recently (it's running Linux, of course). Looking for a replacement Psion 5mx Pro mainboard, the only place I can get them seems to be Germany and  I never had experience buying anything from private party in Germany (I live in the USA), but after contacting a few sellers, here's my observations:

- Almost no ebay sellers use PayPal or any other electronic payment systems in Germany. Nor do they accept credit card payments. They do accept cash of course, but it doesn't do any good for me, since I'm located in the USA.

- Not many people want to bother with shipping goods overseas. Ones who are willing to do so, quotes something like 25 - 30 Euros for shipping out Psion by regular parcel post. Is post service so expensive in Europe? I can send the same package from States to Germany for under $15....

Not to start flame war or something, but it's sorta interesting to see these little differences between USA and Europe... Would be interested to hear any comments from people who live in Germany. So far, getting goods from Germany's ebay doesn't seem like an easy thing to me, so many obstacles to overcome. But maybe I'm missing something?

General Discussion / Wish list for next Zaurus clamshell model
« on: June 16, 2004, 12:28:19 pm »
It\'s been awhile since last clamshell models were released by Sharp in Japan (750/760, not counting 860 which was just a 760 remake, IMHO). Besides, even then 750/760 were not much more than slightly improved 700, which is a two years old design. Time to think of soon to come release of new exciting clamshell model(s)?

Personally, I had hard time deciding whether to buy 760/860 model recently (prices seem to be getting more reasonable now) or to wait for a new generation. Having played with linux on Psion 5mx lately helped me to make a hard decision.  I\'m NOT buying it. However, I might change my mind if new Zaurus models will come close to what I want. So here goes my wish list for a new clamshell Zaurus... feel free to share your thoughts, criticize, etc. I don\'t have any illusions about Sharp listening to us, it\'s just my opinion on how I see my dream linux PDA. If SHarp (or any other manufacturer for that matter) happens to implement even half of that list, I\'ll buy it right away without hesitation. So here it goes...

- The same specs as SL-C760/860 (400Mhz CPU, 64MB RAM 128MB flash). Who needs more, anyway?
- About the same physical dimentions and weight. The smaller the better.
- The same screen resolution - 640x480 (VGA).
- About the same size keyboard, maybe more conventional layout (more PC -like)
- Better screen.  Make it visible/workable outdoors in direct sunlight, i.e. like Siemens S55 cell phone.  Larger screen. Screen should be as large as handheld itself, that would make small fonts look more readable.
- Better power management. Zaurus (even with large battery) sucks big time in this department. Look at Psion that could run for weeks on one charge.
- Software: Move to 2.6 kernel. Get rid of ucking fugly Lineo modifications. Hire up a couple of good kernel developers (how hard that could be?) and communicate development efforts up to main arm linux kernel tree. Open up source code of Sharp-specific Qtopia changes.
- USB on the go hardware support. Standard connector, please.
- CF type I slot instead of type II. Pretty much every CF card comes in type I form-factor. Better yet, get rid of proprientary and buggy MMC/SD slot/driver and staff Zaurus with TWO CF type I slots instead.


Linux Issues / /sbin/survive
« on: March 11, 2004, 09:17:03 am »
Anyone has a source code of the little bugger? I think it was available as a download on Sharp developer website ages ago....

Security and Networking / Wellenreiter for qtopia again
« on: March 07, 2004, 01:18:33 pm »
I\'m sorry to beat a dead horse, since I\'m sure it was discussed already before... Nevertheless, I still can\'t find a definite answer. Which recent version of Wellenreiter II (and opie libs) works on Sharp\'s Qtopia?

I\'ve tried ver.1.0.2 (from 2003-12-18 ) from Change log ( specifically mentioned: \"The monitor mode now tries to use the standard IW_MODE_MONITOR first. If that doesn\'t work, it falls back to using the proprietary iwpriv commands.\" That sounds perfectly fine, since IW_MODE_MONITOR first appeared in WE15, and I have a kernel with WE16. Also HostAP and recent snapshots of orinoco (patched by Pavel Roskin) both support IW_MODE_MONITOR mode. One would think that everything\'s on the same track and should play nice with each other, right? Well, I thought so too... but Wellenreiter errors out with: \"Can\'t set interface \'wlan0\' into monitor mode: No such file or directory\". So the question remains - which version of Wellenreiter *DO* actually work on Sharp\'s builds of Qtopia? Maybe I just need to upgrade opie compatibility libs for qtopia? Frankly, the ones I have are pretty old (dated July 2003 or so).
I really like Wellenreiter II and I think that it\'s a great peace of software. Was using the old version (from summer of 2003) on my Z with old HostAP and old orinoco/spectrum_cs drivers. But just recently upgraded kernel from WE14 to WE16 and decided to upgrade HostAP and orinoco drivers as well. Hope there\'s something I still missing to get Wellenreiter work again? Anyone?

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