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Cxx0 Hardware / Warranty Service by
« on: May 06, 2004, 09:52:32 am »
I\'m considering the purchase of a C680 from $699 US.  

Thanks.  -usagi4- (Boulder, CO)

I\'m in the market for a C760 or 860 and am considering a couple of the Japan sellers.  I guess the real question is how likely is it that I would have a problem with the Z in the first 12 months, and need repair or return?  If the likelyhood is very small, then any of these less expensive vendors or even ebay would be fine.  But if there are enough problems reported w/in the first year needing service, then Dynamism is the way to go (they will come down a bit in price from what I\'ve read).  

Anyone have a problem with theirs in the first 12 mo?? :?:  :?:

6000 - Tosa / Zaurus SL-6000 Monster Review on
« on: May 04, 2004, 06:12:49 pm »
I\'ve saved the review in one pdf file (reading it on the website is a pain, having to click to the next screen); if anyone wants one, contact off list or via PM.

General Discussion / Your old Z
« on: May 04, 2004, 05:03:20 pm »
I don\'t yet have a Z.....but soon an 860.   At that point, I\'ll hang on to my (2) Newton 2100s.  Can\'t ever give those up - 6+ years old and still running strong.

General Discussion / SL-C860 Price UP!
« on: April 30, 2004, 08:50:13 am »
I wish we could purchase from Amazon Japan and have it ship to the USA.  Their current price is low enough, and translates to about US$590.
HighTechCo\'s price translates to $516, but not as easy to purchase as Amazon.

Cxx0 General discussions / Just Received c860...Super!
« on: April 30, 2004, 12:39:22 am »
Bought a c860 via ebay (ryouma)...super deal...ordered it last Monday evening and it arrived today on Sunday...via U.S. Post.   ...Steve Ferguson

Did you get hit with US Customs when it arrived?


I wish the C860 were available for a lower price - just checked Amazon\'s Japan site, and with the current exchange rate (USD to Yen) it is selling for US$598!!
But, they won\'t let USA buyers purchase.


Accessories / USB cable for C860..where to buy
« on: April 29, 2004, 04:41:52 pm »

Also, I\'ve found Brando to have excellent service.  Shipping is very fast (and reasonably priced)!


Doesn\'t it cost a small fortune to do a bank transfer?  Or how did you wire Brando money?  It would be so much easier if they accepted PayPal or CC.


Thanks yodabob.  I\'m leaning (heavily) toward the 860.  If the 6000W were available, it might be a more difficult choice as both built-in wireless apps would make the 6000 much more attractive.  I do like the size of the 860 - the 6000 to me does look too long to be as portable as the clamshell devices.  And the clamshell keyboard is a huge plus.  Did the USB connection work with the 6000 - I\'ve read about sync problems, related to USB?

All of you who said that this clamshell really rocks are oh so right.  No picture I\'ve seen does adequate justice to the screen, the keyboard, or the general \"build quality\" of this little guy.  Really amazing, so the 6000L\'s headed back to Amazon. !


I\'m trying to decide whether to get a 6000L or a C860.  What is your perspective on the pros/cons of the 6000 vs 860?


6000 - Tosa / O.K. show of hands
« on: April 21, 2004, 11:08:45 pm »
Being a Newton Owner, a SL-5500, and now a SL-6000 Owner, let me address that. The short answer is NO, the handwriting is not like the Newton. I know of nothing that touches what the Newton did with HWR, even today.  

That being said, I find the SL-6000 with a pocketop IR keyboard to be a very good replacement for my aging (not collecting dust on the shelf) Newton. I can enter text, and create outlines (using Zeditor) without looking down at the screen. Of course it helps if you can touch type.

If it is HWR you are looking for, keep using your newton. If you are looking for something to be a small laptop with the power of a laptop, give the SL-6000 and Pocketop keyboard some serious thought.

I hope this helps,


Hmm..  This is disappointing, as I\'m an avid Newton user (my MP2100 still going strong) and am looking for a replacement.  Haven\'t found a PDA yet that gave me more capability, functionality, etc.  I thought that the 6000 might be it.  The screen looks wonderful, and would be a really nice step up from the Newton.  What about available apps?  Handwriting recognition isn\'t a complete deal-killer for me if there are other great apps, and maybe an aux keyboard for use at the desk or on airplanes? Also, can OpenZaurus or Opie be used to replace the OS?  

Thanks! (my first post...looking forward to learning more about this device)


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