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I have another manual, about the same length as the TriSoft document, from Dynamism, which has much of the same information with a few other pointers.  Between the two it gives you enough to get started, but not nearly what you need - I\'ve spent hours and hours and hours here...

I understand that you want to know as much as possible
about your Zaurus, but the japanese manual won\'t help
you here.

All \"interesting\" points like f.e. the DiagMenu are NOT
public in any way. SHARP japan is not providing NAND-
Backups because they don\'t want the customers to use
the diag. If you want to see a totally shocked japanese
technician, tell him you use the diag *LOL* !

OK, now serious.
I personally love good manuals, but when we started to
make the SL-C series available in europe in June 2003
we discussed what is really needed and came to the
following conclusion:

1st: Users buying a Zaurus are NOT buying a PDA.
Zaurus customers have a VERY good idea what they
are doing with the device and are VERY professional.
That\'s why we love the Zaurus and the Zaurus users
so much :-) .

2nd: Regarding point 1, most ppl. own a Zaurus model
before. What they need is to know about the differences
between the models and what\'s needed to use the SL-C
for their purposes, that does not include the GUI applications.

3rd: So we cover only the \"how to handle it\", \"what do
the buttons mean\", \"how to install the software\" etc. in our
manual. If anybody wants to know about the apps, he
may download the SL-5500 Rom 3.1 manual from
where all the GUI apps are excellent described (and
nealy exactly same as in the SL-C models).

Until now, we had no complains about this. We just see
a LOT of downloads for the manual and the NAND and
localized backup sets *LOL*.

But if we forgot anything important, please drop us a
line to .

OK, that was a long post, but i thought that this point
needs a little in-depth explanation.


Cxx0 General discussions / NAND restore problem on C750
« on: June 06, 2004, 06:37:43 am »
Hi guys,

NAND restore won\'t work with every CF card.

We had a lot of customers facing problems while
restoring due to not fully recognized CFs.

Restore from SD will work too, the Zaurus checks
both slots and search for the systcxxx.dbk (watch
the lowercase !).

If you\'re unsure there is an easy test: Put in your
empty CF card and try a NAND backup first. After
this, try to restore the fresh backup. If this fails,
you have a \"not-really-Zaurus-compatible\" CF card.


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