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C1000/3x00 General discussions / Internal Cf On C1000
« on: May 08, 2005, 06:50:05 am »
I've seen an opened C1000 myself and you're right - not only the microdrive is not here, but it lacks all the chips and the internal CF slot is not present. Anyway, the reason I saw it open was of course that his owner wanted to add the slot himsef.

I can tell you - it is not easy. That would need some specific tools and devices to do it. However, you may have noticed that it leaves some empt room in the machine so, here is what we've done - Removed the USB port, put an small USB hub inside the C1k, plus a tiny Bluetooth dongle ship - and replaced the mini-A port with a full female port. Unfortunately - it lacks POWER.
I own a 6k myself, and it could provide 500mA current, i.e I use an unpowered hub with keyboard, mouse and USB key with no problem. You can't do that with the C1k, so we're trying to find a way to power USB from the battery, which is not you may expect, an easy trick plus it's very dangerous for both the human and the machine.

Conclusion - if you want to play the geek with your zaurus, that will NOT be easy, but you can do some good thing (e.g add internal Bluetooth and WiFi). That's so much easier with the 6k - I just added a Bluetooth dongle inside, and with usbctl and hotplug it works just perfectly.

If you're trading a 6000 for a C1000, check the japaneese prices for brand new units.

A 6000 is worth nearly two C1000, I don't think you're making a good deal... especially if you also give money+hardware
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Yep, that's true but since the 6k is discontinued and mine is 4 monthes old already, I'm not too requiring ... Anyway, I'd prefer a C3k with 4GB drive, that's sure.
Between - thank you for your kernel. I'm running it with pdaX and XFCE on my 6k and it works extremely well ! Except some messy keymaps ... keymapping with X is worse than anything, belive me.

Has anyone gotten dev_img 1.5 working on the SL-C3000 with the Sharp Rom?
I've got it sitting on a 128mb SD card, and when I try to install it with the script with:
# ./ /mnt/card /mnt/card
I get:
Setting mount point /mnt/card...
Mounting image /mnt/card...
mount: Mounting /dev/mmcda1 on /mnt/card failed: Device or resource busy
Setting up compiler..
./ /home/zaurus/develop/bin/ No such file or directory
Image setup complete.

This is not the right path for the command. You should try ./ /mnt/card/nameoftheimage /mountpath, using appropriate filenames

I own a SL-6000L since chrismas but now that the new clamshell models are out I naturally want to upgrade... If someone has a 3k or 1k and isn't happy with it (or would like to try the 6000, which is an excellent choice), I would really like to trade it with my 6k in good condition. I'm ready to offer a 1GB CF card with it, and complete with some money to make the deal fair. I saw someone on the forum who has done this before, so I give it a try ... After all, I could sell it on eBay but that would add some fees.

P.M me if interested, I'll consider any proposition

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Oz 3.5.3 Bug List
« on: April 30, 2005, 12:36:41 pm »

Having some trouble with my SL-6000L using OZ 3.5.3.

There are yellow and blue lines around the cursor with GPE, but the same problem exists with Opie (yellow tracks on the taskbar, around icons...), even after a full NAND restore and fresh install, which makes me think it could be an OZ issue.

Keymaps are still completely messy (e.g the underscore is missing under Opie) and none of the function buttons managed to work on both systems.
A keymapping utility would be an excellent idea to make those systems a little bit more usable.

Opie & GPE's Network configuration are far to be complete, they lack ESSID/WEP configuration. A taskbar applet for connections, based on network interfaces as the

Bluetooth works great with GPE, although I never managed up to now to make my Belkin card work with the Sharp ROM (a very good surprise indeed).

Another note : there was no bash in /bin (not aven a symlink -> sh). Maybe my file wasn't extracted, but it lacks if some bash scripts use #!/bin/bash

Also, the sound is terribly buggy under Opie (e.g screen taps sound ugly). Didn't try with GPE.

Despite all those troubles, OZ is the best current solution for tosa owners. I hope those bugs will be fixed soon (mainly keymaps and buggy yellow lines)

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