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Zaurus - pdaXrom / Icewm Woes
« on: November 15, 2007, 10:21:39 pm »
Quote from: tanjian2
Quote from: Capn_Fish
Maybe the icon is missing? It may also have been removed somehow from the config file (I think one exists).
I sometimes get similiar behaviour by chaning theme in icewm - the start button disappears (or perhaps it is off the left of the screen)?
Changing theme sometimes/often corrects it - and the menu is always available via alt-click.
Perhaps some themes are missing an icon? I might take a look.

good luck.

yeah, it is missing. I replaced the default icewm start button with the pdaXrom X start button, but only in the default pdaXii13 custom theme for icewm. Other themes won't have that button. you could just symlink it to the other themes...

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Pdaxii13 5.3.3 Akita Full Install -- Poor Performance ?
« on: November 15, 2007, 10:18:56 pm »
Quote from: yatza
joewandy: with pdaXii13v2 5.5.0-alpha4 (at least on Akita) I've noticed quite poor performance of icewm. For some reason it may end up using up 90% of CPU when running just few apps (or for example only XMMS playing some mp3). The responsiveness of the system is not great. I had no time/chance to incestigate that in more details, but icewm was doing fine in older versions of pdaXii. Also in the same 5.5.0-alpha4 version the openbox is more usable and so far it did not show any lockups or unusual CPU usage.

pdaXii13 has both openbox and icewm. At some stage icewm has been set as the default but you can always switch using xselect
in pdaXiiv2, openbox has been improved and works much better than before. i recommend to switch back to openbox, icewm has not been upgraded yet.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Upgrading Beta1/beta3 To Pdaxii13
« on: November 15, 2007, 10:15:08 pm »
Quote from: rasva
Just trying build 5.4.9 on C700:

- 2G SD works  
- no automounting of SD, have to mount it manually
- CF mounts automatically
- Fn+3,4 (backlight) did not work. the keyboard behaviour was strange (Tab did tab + CAPSLOCk alltogether etc)
after disabling everything in pdaXii13config - config it started to work, so something is harming the keymap.
- Fn +1,2 (zoom) is broken, it Fn+2 rotates the screen and it stays so, also touch screen is unusable then
- when exiting X the console is messed up and rotated (almost invisible), after going back to X, the screen is rotated 90°
and touch screen is unusable.

to the unusable touch screen: it seems like that the cursor is rotated 90° to the real image if you understand (you touch the screen, but the touch
appears somewhere else)

also last problem, which may be something completely unrelated: after waking up from suspend, sometimes the backlight stays off a keyboard
does not react, I can barely see that the display is showing something, no reaction to Fn+4 or other keys, have to hardreset then  

yes, 2GB SD is working now thanks to pelrun
automounting for SD can be fixed, but need testing
all the keys will need customisation/fixing since the keycodes are different to those of akita/spitz
you probably turned off sticky keys using pdaXcfg. it works with the akita/spitz models but probably causes other things due to keycode differences
i need someone to build a custom keymap for those models...
and finally, probably the biggest problem is screen rotation and zooming. seems to be misbehaving badly but unfortunately, I cannot test nor fix it...

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Sd Card Not Recognized In Pdaxii13 But In Pdaxrom Beta1
« on: November 15, 2007, 10:07:54 pm »
Quote from: jawa
To make things a bit more complicated I tried to get hold of a version of pdaxrom beta3 for c860 which I found but didn´t  work out with pdaxii13 custom.

So I decided to go back to beta 1 from and by analyzing the pdaxii update script I took the corgi/sharp_mmsc_o driver and replaced the original pdaxrom driver. With this driver in place and a reboot my traveler 2 gb sd card works just fine.

My question now is how to adjust the pdaxii13 update script to just update all other things but the sd part? Is anyone able to help?


Quote from: jawa
Quote from: kkazakov13
Well, Meanie should respond to this ... I cannot see anything unusual. Have you tried plain pdaxrom beta3 ?

No, i tried beta 1 (because it explicit supports c860) and the upgrade path also describes using beta 1 for c860?


I updated the upgrade script so hopefully it will not break the SD scripts any more for c7x0/c8x0.

To update it yourself, you can simply modify before running it

The latest should be pdaXii13 5.4.9-3

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Version Issues
« on: November 15, 2007, 10:04:19 pm »
Quote from: adf
Quote from: walts
I just came back to pdaXii13 after a trip to the 2.6 kernel via r198 and Angstrom.

I verified that I had the 5.4.9 files from the tyrannozaurus site and flashed my 3200 with the "full" version. (initrd.bin, tools.tar and from Akita and hdimage-full.tar from Spitz)
I fixed up my wpa_supplicant.conf and wifi-radar files, and of course my wifi card (Ambicom WL1100-CF) did not work.
Based on prior experience with this ROM, I did a manual (ipkg from command line) install of hostap-drivers and hostap-utils (version 0.4.7-1)  I have no idea what version is installed by flashing the ROM, but it has never worked for me in the past.  (hostap-utils -v or hostap-utils --version give errors)
I also installed wifi-radar 1.9.8-2 and that gets my network going.

Then I did ipkg update and started ipkg upgrade.  It ran for a while and then upgraded hostap-drivers, and the whole thing quit.  Now I have no network connection.

- How can I exclude a package from ipkg upgrade?
- Is that even a good idea?  I want to keep things current but the version installed by flashing clearly doesn't work.
- How can I get things back to where they are working without re-flashing?
- The Tyrannozaurus download page clearly says this is 5.4.9, but the pdaXii13 Config Tool says 5.4.7.  Who's lying and how can I find the version number other than the config tool?



I haven't seen any hostap problem using the same card, but then I'm not using wpa-supplicant.  Anyway, meanie excludes ipks in the pdaxiiv2 ipkg-upgrade script. you might grab a copy of that and see what he is doing with it? I'm sure someone else will be along with better info, but til then I hope this helps.

I enhanced ipkg in my latest releases and added a feature to ignore upgrading certain packages that are contained in a file called ignored. The updated ipkg also fixes a bug where it thinks a newer version is actually older.

as for pdaXii13 version, just run version from the command line. It should be the same as what pdaXcfg tool tells you.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Pdaxii3 5.4.9 On A 3100 - Fixed/solved
« on: November 15, 2007, 10:00:32 pm »
Quote from: km2783
It was mostly a hunch I had after reading some more posts, and that worked   i guess meanie probably meant for it to be read as 'make sure /media/fakeroot exists and this is what it's mounted to'.  that's how i read it at least.

yeah, this is what I meant

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Pdaxii13v2 Packages
« on: November 15, 2007, 09:56:01 pm »
Quote from: Jon_J
The upgrade file you are looking for is here:
"Pdaxii13v2, upgrading to build 5.5 alpha4"
When Meanie comes out with an updated version, he updates the link in the first post, and modifies the title a bit.

Also in post #12 canguy247 mentions upgrading an akita that has the full version installed to a SD card.
On the last page of this thread, Meanie says there is no base pdaxii13v2 image.
I don't think Meanie intends to make pdaxii13v2 for the akita model.
I have pdaxii13v2 installed onto my C3100 completely on NAND.
I manually removed large packages and installed them to my HDD (I have 29MB left on NAND)
There is someone else trying this also on the last page of that thread.

alpha5 will try to address the issue of only upgrading pdaXiiv2 base instead of full

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Automatic Load Mb-applet-powerctrl In Pdaxii13
« on: November 15, 2007, 09:53:04 pm »
Quote from: climber

yes that's correct but I only found icedock in "/etc/icewm/" folder. I replaced the volume applet with the powerctrl applet. This works fine for me.

Before I found this out I tried the steps from ecc_hy and typed run makeicemenu in terminal. Ather that I couldn't find a new menu item called "Power control" which should be added into program->panel. I thought it should be here ~root/.icewm/ but I have only the following files inside ~root/.icewm/:
- Games
- Games.bak
- Graphics
- Graphics.bak
- Network
- Network.bak
- Office
- Office.bak
- Utiltities
- Utilities.bak

That's all. Do you have more entries and if it's necessary how can I add the missing ones.


ok, let me try to summarise how the config works.
/etc/icewm is where the default config is stored.
~/.icewm is where your customised config is stored.
if you mess up your config, you can just remove everything from ~/.icewm and the default configs will be used
makeicemenu (re)generates the menu files under ~/.icewm
you can remove the .bak ones if you wish, they are just backups of existing menu files prior to regeneration in case you had customised them and the regeneration removed your customisations so you can find your customisations easily and add them back.
The Settings menu file is not regenerated and you can customise it by copying it from /etc/icewm and manually adding entries for PowerCtrl

Zaurus - pdaXrom / What's The Best Choice While Waiting For Pdaxrom 2?
« on: November 13, 2007, 09:40:07 pm »
Quote from: Capn_Fish
Does that need a kernel patch as well?

the kernel patches to support this were added in 2.6.22/2.6.23 timeframe

Sharp ROMs / Kino2 And Black Line
« on: November 01, 2007, 07:57:14 pm »
Quote from: /dev/null
Quote from: sidmoraes
Quote from: /dev/null
Hi to all. I have a problem with kino2. After I have seen a video, black lines appear on the back side of the display. can you help me?  

rom cacko 1.23

I don't know why, but it happens to me also, I open konsole, change to full-screen and back again.

If I open konsole, change to full-screen, the display is ok..  

either use zplayer instead or find the secret new version of kino2

Sharp ROMs / Tetsu Kernel 18i
« on: October 29, 2007, 07:39:55 pm »
Quote from: Jon_J
I tried flashing the latest tetsu kernel 18i to get the patch for the new sound module.
I have Cacko Lite 1.23 installed
It said it updated the kernel, and says to reset. I reset using the switch in the battery compartment.
I get the same problem that I had last year when I tried flashing tetsu kernel 18b
I get these errors repeated many times
Code: [Select]
ERROR: /usr/sharp/etc/launch.conf -- can not open file
ERROR: launch.conf -- can not open file
INIT: id "ln" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
Then my Zaurus stops responding for 5 minutes, and I get the above errors all over again.
It's stuck in a continuous loop.
I made a NAND backup just before trying the tetsu kernel, so I can always go back to that.
How can I use the latest tetsu kernel?

I restored to Cacko and discovered that /usr/sharp/etc/launch.conf is a symlink to /usr/sharp.rom/etc/launch.conf
/usr/sharp.rom/ is ro isn't it?
Has anyone sucesfully upgraded their kernel in Cacko to tetsu 18i?

the tetsu kernel is for sharp rom only. cacko is a bit different and has its own slightly tweaked kernel...
for cacko use the kernel build by eviljazz

Sharp ROMs / Belkin Usb To Lan Adapter Locks Up Cacko Zaurus [fixed]
« on: October 26, 2007, 02:55:38 am »
net dhcp
net refresh

would do the job, no need to make the browser setup a network

Sharp ROMs / Belkin Usb To Lan Adapter Locks Up Cacko Zaurus [fixed]
« on: October 25, 2007, 08:04:23 pm »
Quote from: Jon_J
Since very few people read or troubleshoot in the Sharp forum these days, I am having to use a very unusual method to get a good, working, stable USB to LAN connection with my Belkin dongle in Cacko.
I currently am not using meanie's netswitch package, since it was causing lockups.
What is wrong with my Z, that I have to use such a method to "make" it connect and stay connected?
This is my unorthodox method to connect, and stay connected.
1. Plug in USB to LAN dongle.
2. Open terminal, su to root, issue "modprobe usb_ohci_pxa27x"
3. Then, issue "modprobe pegasus"
4. Dongle lights up.
5. USB icon on taskbar says: USB Ethernet Detected. Sysinfo now has: USB to LAN Converter
6. Open browser, then the connect icon on the taskbar connects. (Still not a good connection)
7. Close browser and when the disconnect dialog pops up, disconnect from "Dummy Device"
8. Open browser again, when Connect dialog pops up, connect to USB LAN TCP/IP
9. Now I have a good, stable, working connection. Now, I can browse the web without it stopping.

how about trying netswitch-lite?

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / How Do You Manage Your Wireless
« on: October 25, 2007, 07:57:13 pm »
Quote from: band-aid
How do you manage your wireless? Right now I'm using wpa supplicant but I have to make a new entry in my config file in order to connect to new wireless points, e.g. coffee shops and friends houses. What would be ideal is an entry in my config file that automatically connects to unprotected access points. My other option would be to use the GPE network configuration system, but that has been less than reliable for me. Are there any other network managers out there that work bettet? I'm using a semi-recent version of angstrom (august I think).

P.S. why does my Galculator seg fault on start up?

P.P.S  why are some characters untypable in minimo?

try wifi-radar

as for the rest, it's probably because the dev for your distro are more concerned about compiling and building clean packages, but don't care much about testing nor ensuring what they produced actually works.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Wellenreiter And Latest Version Of Libpcap 0.9.7
« on: October 23, 2007, 09:19:32 pm »
Quote from: Jon_J
wellenreiterII_rc2_v4 needs (I have three versions of libpcap IPKs)
Looking at the below descriptions of three different versions of libcap, wellenreiter needs the contents of libpcap_0.8.3 from the year 2004.
I tried running wellenreiter with libpcap 0.9.7, and it complains about missing library:
So I made a symlink of libpcap.a and named it
It complains about version information.
Since libpcap 0.9.7 is the latest upgrade in pdaxii13v2, where do I get ?
I could uninstall the newer version and install the "0.8.3 year 2004" version, but there must be a better way to accomplish this?

There are two versions of libpcap_0.8.3
libpcap_0.8.3 from the year 2004 has the following:
libpcap_0.8.3 from the year 2006 has the following:


The latest version from the pdaxii13v2 feed is libpcap_0.9.7
This version has the following:


use the old version
newer apps don't need a separate libpcap package anymore. it is only needed for development.

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