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Gemini PDA - General Discussion / Gemini PDA Gen 2 Features Request
« on: July 18, 2018, 06:58:05 pm »
I believe that any kind of hinge that allows for that kind of use will be too weak for any serious use... And if you make it removable and reversible you could just get a standalone keyboard. You couldn't use the keyboard anyway, when it is "reversed", and with the way the Gemini is designed you would need another battery (on the screen side) to be able to swap it around when it is powered on...

Gemini PDA - Android / Battery Consumption in Standby
« on: July 18, 2018, 01:21:07 pm »
Quote from: rubus-3.142
THANKS!  I also tried renaming the file and consumption has indeed improved significantly.  Before  I was getting 4.5%/hour now with WiFi off I get 0.4% per hour on an overnight run.  With WiFi on and connected I get 1.4% /hour.  Will try with WiFi on and not connected overnight


WiFi ON Connected

What exactly does the offending file do?
That is either the AI trying to break out, or the file transferring the power..
(in relation to my [a href=\'index.php?act=findpost&pid=288270\']post here[/a])

Sorry, do not have any idea, and again sorry for OT, but like I said earlier; sometimes I just can't help myself...

Gemini PDA - Android / Planet's Agenda app released
« on: July 18, 2018, 01:09:18 pm »
Quote from: ArchiMark
Quote from: gymbo
Ok, this one I'm somewhat puzzled that no one else has commented on yet:


Just to add a little gripe about Calengoo too: It isn't possible to navigate with arrow-keys, and there is no way of opening/viewing/editing an item from the week view (at least I can't get it to work...)

As reported in other threads in forum here, the very responsive Calengoo developer responded to requests from some Gemini users for keyboard shortcuts to take advantage of having physical keyboard. He quickly updated the program to do this and offered a beta version for any of us to test out for him and report back with comments.

I tested program and provided feedback. Dev very quickly responded with a revised beta of Calengoo and asked me to test it. Did that and had some additional comments. Dev again very quickly responded with a new beta and asked me to try it again. This happened a few more times. Each time he responded at lightning speed. Very impressed.
Which is somewhat my reason for posting my "gripe" with Calengoo here as well; I knew there where some people already in contact with the developer, and was hoping some of them might forward the "problems" to him...

Been extremely busy at work lately, so, haven't had time to see if he released a new version of Calengoo with the keyboard shortcuts included.

If any of you are interested in this, please email dev expressing your interest in the beta or release version if it's ready for release.

Found it to be a very good program with the keyboard shortcuts.

The Planet program is definitely 'half baked', if you know what I mean.....but looks nice.

Just my 2¢....


Think I will just wait for the new version. Unless Planet gets out an update which fixes most of the bugs pretty quick, I will need something else that WORKS in the meantime...

Gemini PDA - General Discussion / Gemini PDA Gen 2 Features Request
« on: July 18, 2018, 12:59:03 pm »
Quote from: jornada720
Or they could make the display removable and reversible like the Surface Book. The Communicator design is very antiquated and suboptimal in terms of bulk, cost, weight, and durability.
The last phone to get the Communicator "badge" is actually the E7, and it has a "fold-under" keyboard, so it doesn't involve two screens...

But I think I prefer the screen protected inside the device, and maybe a small and simple screen on the outside (maybe an e-ink, or a few lines of LCD text-display).

Quote from: ArchiMark
Thank you for the compliment....

However, don't you think galodoido should have at least received a reply from Planet about his dead Gemini?

Think I would be frustrated if I was in his situation and heard nothing from Planet.
Frustrated, yes, but it seems he waited just a few days, AND over a weekend, before his "I've blocked them"-tantrum (I can't help but imagine a three year old stomping his/her feet in a tantrum when I read it...). His first post was totally fine, but don't really care for the second. And of course Planet SHOULD have been able to respond, but we all know they have a bad track record of that, so it is (unfortunately) as expected...

Gemini PDA - Android / Planet's Agenda app released
« on: July 17, 2018, 04:22:04 pm »
Ok, this one I'm somewhat puzzled that no one else has commented on yet:

[size=]It's totally impossible to enter a location, unless you use the location service, or the search results in the location tab!![/size]

I'm usually using "special" names for my locations, like "Home", "Work", or a special name (could be anything, but I KNOW where that is, and don't need to have an actual address or longer description of it...). So that one, in my opinion is, totally stupid, and given their effort to give us multiple boot-options etc., quite surprising. It could be nice to be able to use the search or Google maps (I probably wouldn't use Google maps anyway...), but to not give us the opportunity to just enter a location ourselves is, like I just said, plain stupid!

I'm not (as far as I know...) syncing with anything, and am not using Google Calendar, and it seems Agenda should work without syncing (except for to-do's, which demands to connect to the Planet sync...) or access to a Google account. I do have a Google account set up on my Gemini, but it works without syncing to Google Calendar. (I have just tried to turn of all data-transmission, and the Agenda app at least starts up, and seems to work as usual.)

But I just got another strange bug: When copying an event, and then pasting it, it got a start (and end) time 1 minute earlier than the original event???

And to add to my rather long list of problems from an earlier post in this thread:
  • I got an event that has "invisible" description (thought it was because it was to long, but have made a few tries, and am unable to reproduce it now...)
  • On the edit "screen" you only see one digit for number of weeks repetition..
  • Hopelessly slow... (I have been poking at the screen for probably close to half a minute, and maybe longer, feeling like a complete idiot, before it responds)
  • Pressing spacebar to toggle a setting doesn't work everywhere...
  • It is not possible to press the date in week view to go to that particular date, and generally "choosing" a date is difficult without also opening an entry that day
  • Now real way of just VIEWING an entry, you just open it up in edit mode (where you don't have all the information on "one page" either...)
  • There seems to be ZERO possibilities to alter the look of the widget...
  • There is no way of viewing location of an event?? (Other than opening for edit...)
  • The "In month view I get a new item generated, without the possibility to enter anything in it, when pressing enter... (An empty entry at noon, but I seem to SOMETIMES get the possibility to edit it too.)" from my previous post seem to come from a wrongful detection of TWO enter-presses, and can probably happen in any view. I just had the opposite problem in week view; I couldn't open an item properly, it just popped up and disappeared again when trying to open with enter...
Just to add a little gripe about Calengoo too: It isn't possible to navigate with arrow-keys, and there is no way of opening/viewing/editing an item from the week view (at least I can't get it to work...)

I have now edited (manually) all the missing entries from my vcs-ics conversion. (It seems it would be difficult to get the recurring events over properly. Some searches claimed that vcs-files doesn't have the ability to contain recurring event, but looking at the files it seems to be wrong: The recurring events are stored as one event, but with multiple time/dates in vcs-files. And a curious fact: If a recurring event is created, and you then delete the first entry, from the vcs-file THAT entry is still carried over to the ics-file!?!) So I've been going over almost 12 years of entries, but fortunately only the last 4 or 5 years I've been using recurring events. But it still took some hours!

Gemini PDA - General Discussion / Gemini PDA Gen 2 Features Request
« on: July 16, 2018, 06:25:40 pm »
Quote from: gidds
Your use must be very different from mine, then!  I don't want to be able to access all installed apps from the desktop; I want to be able to access my favourite apps without returning to the desktop!


Of course, what I really want is:
  • Press predefined key combination.
That's how I had my Psion set up: Ctrl+Fn+D opened my dictionary, Ctrl+Fn+F started FreeCell, Ctrl+Fn+Z went to the previous app, &c &c.  I'm still not sure whether it's possible to do that on Android…  
That is how I would like to be able to set up things too. And how I've BEEN set up since my Nokia 9500-days too...

But it seems Planet IS working on something for keyboard shortcuts, my post here, that should at least HINT towards that they are working on it...??

Gemini PDA - Android / Keyboard app just updated.
« on: July 16, 2018, 06:14:29 pm »
Quote from: Steve Goodey
Gemini keyboard app just updated. "Changes in Russian keyboard layout. Added extra soft key diacritics for letter A."
Well I don't really need any of that, but I updated anyway.

Of course I got the usual problem of the "magic"(*) that is needed for the keyboard app to actually TAKE my keyboard selection, but I got something interesting (at least I think so...) when I installed it:

When I opened the app from the app store directly after installing it I got a different menu! It contained a list of shortcut key-combinations!! (It took some time to figure out that the "magnifying glass" probably was a representation of the silver button, but unfortunately none of the shortcuts seemed to work. And it is kind of awkward to press the silver button and keys on the keyboard at the same time...)

This points to 3 probable scenarios in my opinion:
  • They are working on shortcut support, but haven't got it working reliably/properly yet.
  • They are PLANNING to make shortcuts available, but haven't round to it yet
  • They have TRIED to make shortcuts, but have hit some kind of wall, and won't be providing it (which I don't hope, and I think it should be doable, so don't think it is likely either).
So hopefully we will see some keyboard shortcuts in the future! (But seeing it took them 11 months to make a buggy and "incomplete" Agenda-app, it could take some time...  )

(* A restart gave me the correct keyboard layout again, but don't know if it was because I also had gone through the "set-up" also again. And the "secret", and also wrong, program-menu also disappeared after the restart...  )

Gemini PDA - General Discussion / USA Phone & Data Networks
« on: July 13, 2018, 09:36:43 pm »
Quote from: MikeC
The point is that I and others explicitly asked Planet Computers if the Gemini would work on the Verizon network before we made the purchase. We were told it would work. Clearly that isn't the case.
It seems to me that the Gemini IS able to work on Verizon (some people seems to have got it working, with a LOT of hassle), but that Verizon doesn't WANT people to just use non-Verizon phones on their network...?? I have never understood "branding" phones to a network: Use, and follow, standards, and both the company AND the customers should have much less problems??  

Wonder if it will work if one is roaming on their network?? Anyone with a Gemini from outside USA visiting there for a summer holiday (or work, for that matter) who can check it out?? If it DOES work without any hassle, it should REALLY prove that the problem is PURELY Verizon acting difficult towards their customers...

(I've never understood why people think it is cheaper, or better, to buy a phone as a "subscription" than to pay for it directly. Everybody knows you shouldn't buy things on credit, so why don't they apply that to phones as well? But it is becoming the trend also in Norway to buy your phone through the carriers, unfortunately...)

Gemini PDA - Android / Planet's Agenda app released
« on: July 12, 2018, 10:13:56 pm »
Quote from: Isurus65
Quote from: qzmeng
Not sure if it is just me, but it doesn't seem possible to choose 24 hour time format; that's quite a basic localisation function, even within the UK..

I think it follows the Android system setting for time format. Try changing your setting there.
I can VIEW the Agenda in 24 hour format, but I can't make an entry with 24 hour format, I HAVE to use am/pm (which is ABSOLUTELY NOT how I am used to enter/think about time...).

Other gripes/problems, in no particular order:
  • In month view I get a new item generated, without the possibility to enter anything in it, when pressing enter... (An empty entry at noon, but I seem to SOMETIMES get the possibility to edit it too.)
  • In week view I see less lines/entries than there clearly is room for... (It uses about 60 % of the height I guess, and in portrait-view about 30%!)
  • It displays only start-time in week-view (and probably day-view too?), and not end-time.
  • There is no way of entering date with only the keyboard except with the arrows...???
  • The anniversaries in the box on top on the right hand side in week view are wrong (it shows January 1st and March 29th on ALL weeks for me...)
  • I apparently have to install the "Planet Sync adapter" to view or make to-do's?? (WHY???? Don't really use them, so can get by without them, but still??)
  • The "crossout" (and I assume the other "special view"-features too) does nothing...
  • There doesn't seem to be any difference between "Events" and "Day entry"?? (Doesn't really bother me, but what is the point then?)
  • I'm not able to "navigate" completely with the keyboard alone, I need to use the touchscreen for some things
  • There is no way to edit the entries made with "Holiday Settings". I would like to be able to at least translate them...
  • I do not seem to be able to snooze an alarm?? And the notification needs to be "opened" by dragging from top of the screen to be able to stop it as well?? I am coming from Symbian, and I am used to notifications popping up on the screen (and almost any action silences them if they have sound, with the opportunity to snooze, reject, or whatever, after silencing it).
  • It seems the toggles for displaying entries in current timezone are backwards??
  • No possibility of marking several items for copy, cut and/or deletion??
I do believe the list is actually longer than this, but this is what I remember at the moment. There are things I like as well; the zoom function, the cut/copy/paste possibility and the week-view is more or less how I like it (except for the 30-60% usage of space and missing end-time   ).

But the BIGGEST problem whit Agenda/calendar for me is that I haven't gotten my old calendar-data over to Android/Gemini yet... Anybody know of a way to get data from Symbian calendar to Android, preferable without syncing with something like Google Calendar. I will probably do it through Google calendar if I absolutely HAVE TO, but would prefer to sync, or transfer, something locally to just my computer. I did think I got it across by using a program to get the vcs-files from a backup, converting to ics (and then merging). But it seems most of my recurring events didn't come across properly. Haven't really looked at it to see if the problem is with the vcs-files, ics-files or the merging, but it seems I might need another approach.

(I haven't gotten my SMSes over to Andriod yet either, and I've got a few thousand... But that is a bit too much OT, so I'll find a proper post to add it to, or start a new one for that.)

Gemini PDA - Android / Screen lock / smart lock
« on: July 12, 2018, 08:42:37 pm »
Quote from: Georgius
In Android I have to swipe the screen all the time it is waking up and then typing the password. I am happy with a password/smart lock, but swiping means that I have to move the fingers to the screen and swipe and back to typing position, which is in my fast-typing scenario an important time loss as I would like to switch the screen off even for some minute of inactivity
habit from HP200LX)..
You should be able to press spacebar to get to the password-screen in Android (sometimes you may need to press it more than once, maybe because the spacebar press is sometimes intercepted by some other process in Android??). So you should not HAVE to swipe first...

Gemini PDA - General Discussion / Accessories?
« on: July 04, 2018, 03:35:24 pm »
Quote from: speculatrix
Quote from: greguu
This one is actually better I think:

I realised looking at that, that it doesn't show whether it has a window for the external camera?
Assuming they are all the same, it doesn't (I do NOT speak, or read, any Japanese, so I don't really know what the page says, but at least on a few of the pictures you can see that it has a "solid" back...). But it should be possible to cut it out yourself, but then we are closing in on "you could make the hole case yourself...".

Gemini PDA - Android / Battery Consumption in Standby
« on: June 30, 2018, 07:26:33 pm »
Quote from: rubus-3.142
The only things showing as "use since last charge" are
Screen 18%
WiFi 7%

So what's the other 75% of the drain that is not showing in the batter monitor? - how to find out?

I'm interested what others are experiencing
That is the power that fuels the revolutionary energy company that has found a solution for TRULY wireless power transfer. So their business model is simply to steal the energy from us and sell it to their customers... They are only targeting Geminis, and although there are not very many of them (us?) yet, due to the INSANELY large battery it is more than enough to power at least a few small towns    

Sorry for this (VERY) OT post, but I just couldn't resist.

Another possible "power-thieve" is: A Linux side that has gained AI self-consciousness, and is gathering power to break out/free  

Gemini PDA - Android / Don't show taskbar when opening
« on: June 30, 2018, 07:10:13 pm »
Quote from: Roy KG
Quote from: jakfish
Settings/Gemini Settings, then untick the first choice.


I have tried this setting unticked and I still get the taskbar popping up after the Gemini starts up.  It comes up about 8-10 seconds after the desktop appears, stays up for another 10 seconds and then hides itself.  I've tried restarting the Gemini after changing the setting in case that is required, but it still pops up and then hides itself.

In fact there are two settings here that seem to do nothing.  The first setting line says 'Show App Bar on open' and the second one says 'Go to desktop on open' and it doesn't matter what position I set either of these two switches, as the machine does exactly the same every time!  Question: if it didn't go to the desktop, what would the screen show?

Have I misunderstood what these two settings do?  Thanks.
Those settings only work when you are waking it from sleep, when you re-start or boot up the Gemini I think it will always behave like you describe. If you close the Gemini with an app open, it will open with the same app when you open/wake it again.

(I believe there have been similar setting-type behavior in the Nokia Communicator-series, and maybe in the Psion as well, but that I don't remember, as I unfortunately only had it for a short time before the cable broke...)

(It seems that you are talking about STARTING your Gemini, but if you re just waking it, and those settings still have no effect, there is apparently something wrong...)

Gemini PDA - Hardware / Keyboard label wear
« on: June 26, 2018, 09:46:47 am »
Quote from: smapmap
Quote from: gidds
I can't see any signs of that on my 6-week-old Gemini…
I had wear on mine. I've reported it to Planet and they will investigate with the factory.

I JUST noticed this as well (haven't reported to Planet though...  ).

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