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Gemini PDA - General Discussion / Electronic tickets, bording passes
« on: July 04, 2018, 02:08:09 pm »
I have not tried with the Gemini but I think a lot depends on the type of scanner?   As an example

At Amsterdam check in gates the camera is on a bracket some 30 cm above the desk and you just put your phone under - I keep holding the phone so the distance varies a bit,  the code on the  KLM app is read fine - I think the Gemini would be OK
At Glasgow you have to place the phone flat on a plane of glass in the reader - the camera is below the plane of glass,  I think in this case it might be harder due to the keyboard.

You could always give it a try and have a paper copy just in case...

Gemini PDA - Android / Battery Consumption in Standby
« on: July 04, 2018, 04:59:29 am »

Update after last night - turning off location totally drops things to 4.1% per hour rather than 4.5% but it's not significant

 [ Invalid Attachment ]

The RILJ and IMS_RILA Phone services seem to dominate keeping the device awake.  

As far as I see everyone posting on here these with lower rates all have the 4G Gemini (X25 or X27) but those with the WiFi only - me and s1b1 - are experiencing closer to 5%.    

I will dig a bit more but I am starting to think there is some bug in the WiFI firmware making it look for phone functions that are not there?

Gemini PDA - Android / How to set file associations?
« on: July 03, 2018, 02:46:09 pm »
Quote from: zsalab2
Where can I set the file associations - e.g. which program to use for PDF ord WORD files?

Based on my experience of a few phones...

It is independent of the file browser used.

If there is only one app for a given file (or URL) it will open in this - is there is more than one app the first time you open a file you will get a prompt like the one below
 [ Invalid Attachment ]

Selecting "ALWAYS" just does that - if you want to "reset" this - go into Settings --> Apps, find the Apps that is opening and then go to "Open by Default" and clear it.

If you want more of a choice each time there are apps like Better Open With

Gemini PDA - Android / Battery Consumption in Standby
« on: July 03, 2018, 07:08:26 am »
I have now tried various overnight tests - wifi on on the planet / off on the planet and the router on/off - there is nothing plugged in during the testing.  In all cases it managed 4.5% per hour.  When actually off it does not use any measurable power

I purchased a copy of better battery stats and let it running last night, see attached 8 hours at 4.6% per hour - which is same as my own measurements.    See attached screenshots of things keeping a wakelock on the device -

[ Invalid Attachment ]

I am no expert but the culprit seems to be "RILJ phone services" - which is funny for a wifi only device with no phone...

A bit of googling shows this and the location services switch - currently at work and no Gemini but will check again this evening

If you are worried about Google  I use fastmail ( for my email service - they have stand alone app that only talks to their back end  - and it can also use the standard stock calendar apps with CardDAV.  the stand alone app is not the nicest but is defo not Google.

Other heavily used Apps

Email - K9
File explorer - Solid Explorer
IM - Telegram

Quote from: psionlover
I tested quite a few times now, but if I leave the device in suspend mode overnight it still drains the battery with 2% / hour. I made sure that wifi and bluetooth both where off. I am very curious what other people's experiences on this are. Adam Boardman wrote anywhere that he experiences 2% drain on a full night. What can I do to achieve a better power management on my device

Sorry not knowledgeable enough to contribute ot the Linux threads, but  for interest -  over on planet android I am getting 4.5% per HOUR with the rooted image on a WiFi only device

From memory the stock image was a lot lot less than this

Python is available via Qpython3 (as well as within Termux I think)  includes a limited IDE with syntax highlihgting.  Does nto include many of the libraries like numpy scipi etc but good for a bit of fun

Gemini PDA - Android / Battery Consumption in Standby
« on: July 01, 2018, 03:02:19 am »
UPDATE : A bit of googling shows "Battery Saver" is a thing for when you get down to last 15% of battery and turns just about everything off) there is also  "Inteligent Power Saving" so last night I left this turned on - makes little difference 66% down to 24%   = 4.5% per hour when sat on the table overnight

Only WiFi and Screen showing as using power 30% of the power

Gemini PDA - Android / Battery Consumption in Standby
« on: June 30, 2018, 04:33:08 pm »
My [rooted with planet firmware] WiFi Only Gemini seems to be suffering from quite high power drain.....

Last night 22:00 unplugged at 100% and left with lid closed - WiFi was turned on but the actual WiFi network it uses was turned  off (i.e. router powered down) from 23:00 to 06:00.  

By 10:00 this morning i.e. 12 hours it had used 53% of the battery

At this point I enabled "Battery saver"  WiFi remained on on the gemini and the network remained available

By 20:00 this evening (10 hours later) it was totally flat - so I am using battery at around 5% per hour irrespective of the battery saver setting.  
 [ Invalid Attachment ]

This seems very high?  I am sure when I first had it (before rooting)  this was not the case?  As a benchmark by Samsung J5 phone will last a week sat on the table doing nothing

The only things showing as "use since last charge" are
Screen 18%
WiFi 7%

So what's the other 75% of the drain that is not showing in the batter monitor? - how to find out?

I'm interested what others are experiencing

Gemini PDA - Android / odd thing when recharging
« on: June 30, 2018, 03:38:25 pm »
What are you actually chariging it off - the default charger or something else e.g. a PC port?  if the latter they only support 500mA - also what game are you running that uses so much power?

Gemini PDA - Android / android app for a serial terminal
« on: June 29, 2018, 02:43:00 pm »
Quote from: speculatrix
I was wondering if anyone had a particular recommendation for an android app which will turn my G into a serial console (perhaps with VT100 style emulation, as well as raw serial IO).
I've got an OTG adaptor and a USB serial dongle to test out.

not tied on the Gemini yet but with my old tablet I have used I have used
to succesfully connect to Arduino's  over the USB - this has worked reliably many times with several different devices

Using an unbranded USB to RS-232 adaptor I have had limited success communicating with various data loggers some work, some don't  but as the adaptor does not work 100% on the PC either I'm uncertain if this is the program or the adaptor...

Gemini PDA - Android / Static IP
« on: June 29, 2018, 02:35:13 pm »
Quote from: gidds
Yeah, I set the fixed IP addresses up in my router, too.

I have never found a way (either on Gemini or in last 2 years my Samsung tablet) - like gidds I get my router to assign a "fixed" IP based on the MAC address of the Gemini.

Gemini PDA - Android / Magisk manager not working?
« on: June 28, 2018, 04:33:50 pm »
I am no expert but as I understand it

Magisk allow you to root a device using a custom recovery such as TWRP.  and do it in a "hidden" manner so things that check for rooting e.g. banking apps /  corporate compliance apps (like airwatch) which check for rooting can be fooled.

If you have a rooted image from Planet and have flashed it to the PC using the PC flash tool you don't need to root the phone using Magisk it's already done or you (although you don't get the "hiding" feature)

Magisk Manager you can get get and download and install the APK from the magisk website  - has various features to support the hiding  but also includes "#Superuser" - a root manager this has the nice feature that pops up whenever an app needs root access and you can confirm deny etc.  #Superuser is base don the previously popular "Super SU" app.

I have rooted image form Planet installed the  Magisk Manager APK  for this very purpose.    see below:
 [ Invalid Attachment ]

Gemini PDA - Android / Device encryption not supported?
« on: June 27, 2018, 04:52:26 pm »
I also not sure it's encrypted - I am asked for a password after booting, but this differs form my Samsung tablet that explicitly says it's encrypted and like others I can find no option to encrypt in settings.

Quote from: Dr. Watson

[div class=\'codetop\']CODE[/div][div class=\'codemain\' style=\'height:200px;white-space:pre;overflow:auto\']getprop ro.crypto.state[/div]

I hope yours says it's encrypted.

I try this in ADB but just get a "help" message i.e. it's not been understood?  

Other commands like adb devices work so I know the phone is connected?

Gemini PDA - Android / partial Adoptable storage
« on: June 27, 2018, 04:42:10 pm »
I think I am missing the point here...

I tried this via ADB and can format the card as either "mixed" or if I want all as adopted a bit of googling shows the command as

adb shell sm partition disk:179,128 private

But in all cases I then don't see the storage in file-manager either the stock Android version or Solid Explorer

See below for the example with 16GB card where 80% is legacy and 20% is adopted - It does show in storage,  

but when I look in the file manager I only see the 80% portable storage and the internal memory has not increased either!
 [ Invalid Attachment ]

So I essentially lose 20% of my card but don't gain it elsewhere?

This seems to be the same problem as I had when trying to format the entire command as "internal" via the UI it just vanishes - see thread below:

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