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Gemini PDA - Android / Contacts App on WiFi Only?
« on: July 14, 2018, 02:53:16 pm »
I have WiFi only Gemini and can't find the contacts app.  I apprecaite it's not a phone but previously I have owned WiFi  Tablets  by Samsung and Google Nexus and there was always a contacts app.  e.g. for WatsApp and Telegram access to contacts would be good.  Or to simply look up a address to send a postcard...

Am I missing something obvious? What are others doing?

Gemini PDA - Android / Battery Consumption in Standby
« on: June 30, 2018, 04:33:08 pm »
My [rooted with planet firmware] WiFi Only Gemini seems to be suffering from quite high power drain.....

Last night 22:00 unplugged at 100% and left with lid closed - WiFi was turned on but the actual WiFi network it uses was turned  off (i.e. router powered down) from 23:00 to 06:00.  

By 10:00 this morning i.e. 12 hours it had used 53% of the battery

At this point I enabled "Battery saver"  WiFi remained on on the gemini and the network remained available

By 20:00 this evening (10 hours later) it was totally flat - so I am using battery at around 5% per hour irrespective of the battery saver setting.  
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This seems very high?  I am sure when I first had it (before rooting)  this was not the case?  As a benchmark by Samsung J5 phone will last a week sat on the table doing nothing

The only things showing as "use since last charge" are
Screen 18%
WiFi 7%

So what's the other 75% of the drain that is not showing in the batter monitor? - how to find out?

I'm interested what others are experiencing

Gemini PDA - Android / The New Firmware / MultiBootTool
« on: June 22, 2018, 05:00:15 pm »
If you have not found it yet the support pages have been updated at:

There is now a little web based partition tool that lets you pick the OS or combination of OS you want and assign to buttons you hold on boot

Based on your answers & some logic in the web page then gives you the relevant scatter and image files.  

I gave it a go selecting 100% space for Android with default boot rooted and boot2 standard android.  this gives me a scatter file "Gemini_WIFI_AndroidOnly.txt"

I managed to flash OK and when booting I get a different boot screen with a penguin overloooking the planets  but when installing and running rootcheckerI am told the device is not rooted    

If I select a Debian/Andorid Mix I get filenames like Gemini_WIFI_A46GB_L10GB_Multi_Boot.txt  where te 46and 10 are the memory I assign to each   As soon as you are 100% android The scatter file name does not change despite picking rooted and standard as options so I wonder if it's a bug?

Has anyone else managed to flash rooted andorid to a WiFi Only this way?

Does anyone have the same problem - I am trying to upload a JPG to "Gemini PDA - Accessories - Pouches/Covers" but it gets stuck at "Uploading File....." with a spinning wheel

Gemini PDA - Hardware / WiFi Only Think's It's a Phone...
« on: June 16, 2018, 04:49:01 pm »
I have a WiFi Only Gemini
  • When installing my uSD card in my WiFi only Gemini I noted a sticker with an IMEI, although the SIM slot is blanked out
  • When powering it up and doing initial initiation it asks me to install a SIM (or Skip)
  • There is a "no SIM" icon at the top of the screen
  • When going to the Android Play store I see apps that are only available for Phones
Don't know what to make of this but one interesting side effect is I can install WatsApp - register a phone number of my old "dumb" Nokia phone to get the registration code by SMS, type it into the Gemini and hey presto I can WatsApp from the Gemini over WiFi   ( of course this has been available on tablets etc via Telegram and other apps for years but half the world uses WatsApp)

Thoughts welcome!

Gemini PDA - Android / uSD Cards
« on: June 16, 2018, 02:29:09 pm »
Gemini (WiFi Only) - Firmware 2018-05-09.08

I have placed an 16GB uSD card in the internal slot (behind the screen) - this was originally formatted as FAT32 - in the Gemini it can be formatted as two ways

"internal" - card is encrypted, the key is held in the Gemini and card will not work in other devices
"portable" - card is not encrypted and can be removed.  i.e. files on it are no secure were someone to open the case the card can be read

I want to use "internal" as I have no need to remove it and will use as extra storage - ideally I need it encrypted as have no idea what will be on it  I use this method in both my Samsung J5 phone and a S2 tablet, it works fine.

If I format the card as internal it shows in the storage manager but it's not available to the filesystem - i.e. not showing in either the generic Android file manger or Solid Explorer.

If I format as "portable" within the Gemini it is visible to the the file system but not encrypted .  Although writing to the card seem to take a lot longer than I am used to with my Samsung S2

Removing and checking the card on my Lunux laptop with gparted shows it;s just a normal FAT32 card.  Putting the card back into the S2 tablet and it works fine so I think the card is OK

Has anyone got a uCF card reliably working as "internal"

Internal Card Format does shows as storage

Internal Card Format - does not show to filesystem

Re Format card as Portable

and now it's visible to the filesystem
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