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Gemini PDA - Android / Android Screen Icons
« on: June 19, 2018, 04:11:11 pm »
Quote from: drand
After some fiddling I managed to get rid of it but can't remember how. Have you tried in Nova Settings  .. Desktop .. Persistent Search Bar?

Edit: the five icons on the right are in the Dock. You can customise this or turn it off in Nova settings too.

I am not [yet] using Nova - just the stock manager that came on the phone,  so it seems the 5 icons "dock" on the right are available on the stock Android, but how  to get rid of the search bar - it seems Crazy to have to buy a third party app to remove somthing?

Just Close - I have no idea what happens but it's on again when I open it and there is negligible battery use (I have WiFi Only)

I guess it's a bit like the fridge door?

Adding to the list

 Micro SD cards are not visible when formatted in "internal" mode i.e. encrypted - given the faff in removing card (remove cover etc) it's unlikely anyone will be regulary swapping the card to another device - most use as extended storage  on Gemini - so "internal" formatting should work...
See :

Gemini PDA - Hardware / Recharger of another device
« on: June 18, 2018, 04:54:36 pm »

I think the Gemini will charge at a "standard" rate with most 2A chargers - I charge mine with a fairly generic dual port USB charger 5V@2A and 5V@1.2A  - it works fine.  

With the "right" charger it will charge faster - Gemini and charger negotiate over the USB data lines and use a  higher voltage - one of the limitations on the charing rate is the  current on the USB connector - most are only rated to 2A.   so increasing the voltage = more power = faster charging.

This is what phrases like "pump express" mean below,  there's another thread on this here:

Gemini PDA - Android / Android Screen Icons
« on: June 18, 2018, 04:46:43 pm »
With Pictures - hold and drag to the left drop on  [X] to remove the shortcut [bin] (trash) to trigger an uninstall, example below you see the Telegram icon being dragged

The 5 Icons on the right (with K9 at the top in example below) seem to persist across all the desktops i.e. as you swipe left/right they are always there   You can place things here by draggin all the way to the right and letting go.
 [ Invalid Attachment ]

RELATED QUESTION - Does anyone know how to remove the white Google search box?  I can disable it in the App manager and then it does not work (ie. you canlt click on it), but there seems to be no way to drag/drop the white box itself it on the [bin/trash]

Gemini PDA - Hardware / µSD card seems stuck
« on: June 17, 2018, 05:09:03 pm »
Quote from: nullr0ute
When I got my Gemini last week, I only had a 32GB card laying around. I quickly filled it up and bought a 128GB card. Now, I'm trying to remove my 'old' card, but it seems stuck? Is that expected? Am I doing something wrong?

I really don't want to break anything. So any advice would be greatly appreciated!

There is a small recessed lip the card slips behind  - to remove it I used a safety pin - gently push it a few mm under the card to raise it up a bit then use you finger nail on the ridge on the top of the card top push it "up" the shaft of the pin say 3 or 4 mm - then remove the pin and side the rest of the way

Other question - how did you format the 32GB card "portable" or "internal" - please see other thread where I had problems HERE  curious as to your experience

Gemini PDA - Android / "Browser"?
« on: June 17, 2018, 02:32:22 am »
Quote from: Pete G.
What exactly is the "Browser" initially available on the App Bar?  And why would one want it, as Chrome is also available there? (And in any case I prefer Firefox with NoScript.)

When I tried it out, it wanted permission to access the camera and mic before it would do anything.  when I denied its desires it refused to start.  I eventually gave it momentary permission to access everything it wanted and it seems to be at least a basic browser.

Is it a Gemini special?
I don't think it's a Planet special - I have seen it on other brands including Samsung Tablet and HTC Phone - not sure what it has over and above the stock Chrome (less tracking???), but I do remember from my phone it gets updated a lot less.

Gemini PDA - Hardware / WiFi Only Think's It's a Phone...
« on: June 16, 2018, 04:49:01 pm »
I have a WiFi Only Gemini
  • When installing my uSD card in my WiFi only Gemini I noted a sticker with an IMEI, although the SIM slot is blanked out
  • When powering it up and doing initial initiation it asks me to install a SIM (or Skip)
  • There is a "no SIM" icon at the top of the screen
  • When going to the Android Play store I see apps that are only available for Phones
Don't know what to make of this but one interesting side effect is I can install WatsApp - register a phone number of my old "dumb" Nokia phone to get the registration code by SMS, type it into the Gemini and hey presto I can WatsApp from the Gemini over WiFi   ( of course this has been available on tablets etc via Telegram and other apps for years but half the world uses WatsApp)

Thoughts welcome!

Gemini PDA - Hardware / Request: sample photos with rear camera
« on: June 16, 2018, 03:10:29 pm »
Are there any bluetooth connected small cameras that could connect a bit like the idea of having a small thin credit card-sized bluetooth connected handset?

I have never been taken with any camera phone, lots of Pixels but ultimately all compressed into a small sensor area with a small lens in front of it.  Compared to a real camera this ultimately means less quality per £/$/EUR spent on it.    

For work I carry a small compact Cannon Ixus 28-74mm zoom with image stabilisation and high ISO sensitivity (good in low light with no flash)  It's about 8 years old but takes better images than my 2018 Samsung J5.

The Ixus takes SD cards so I use A Toshiba FlashAir CF card.  You can quickly move photos off the camera onto the Phone or indeed anything else with WiFi - the card works as a wireless server so makes own local network the Gemini/Phone connects to,  there's an Android App but as it used WebDAV can work with most devices.

Once on the Gemini/Phone you email away etc as normal.  

Most modern cameras from the traditional & "new"" camera manufacturers (Cannon, Olmpus, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony etc etc.)  apart from the very cheap ones will have WiFi built in - although might need a propitiatory app to make it work (the Sony App is particularly irritating...)

Gemini PDA - Android / uSD Cards
« on: June 16, 2018, 02:29:09 pm »
Gemini (WiFi Only) - Firmware 2018-05-09.08

I have placed an 16GB uSD card in the internal slot (behind the screen) - this was originally formatted as FAT32 - in the Gemini it can be formatted as two ways

"internal" - card is encrypted, the key is held in the Gemini and card will not work in other devices
"portable" - card is not encrypted and can be removed.  i.e. files on it are no secure were someone to open the case the card can be read

I want to use "internal" as I have no need to remove it and will use as extra storage - ideally I need it encrypted as have no idea what will be on it  I use this method in both my Samsung J5 phone and a S2 tablet, it works fine.

If I format the card as internal it shows in the storage manager but it's not available to the filesystem - i.e. not showing in either the generic Android file manger or Solid Explorer.

If I format as "portable" within the Gemini it is visible to the the file system but not encrypted .  Although writing to the card seem to take a lot longer than I am used to with my Samsung S2

Removing and checking the card on my Lunux laptop with gparted shows it;s just a normal FAT32 card.  Putting the card back into the S2 tablet and it works fine so I think the card is OK

Has anyone got a uCF card reliably working as "internal"

Internal Card Format does shows as storage

Internal Card Format - does not show to filesystem

Re Format card as Portable

and now it's visible to the filesystem
 [ Invalid Attachment ]

WiFi Only #6887 UK Keyboard, UK charger,   Invested via Indigogo Feb 2018.

Got email from planet with the Royal Mail tracking number evening of 14th - Postie delivered it to me (Northern Scotland) early afternoon on 15th.   If you really can't wait worth noting Royal Mail tracking is not that real time - until about an hour before it arrived 15th I was saying still it was in Gatwick...

Got another email from Indigogo some 6 hours after it was delivered saying it had been dispatched!

No idea about "locking" this was the only comms I received!

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