Author Topic: Vncviewer Chronically Crashes  (Read 696 times)


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Vncviewer Chronically Crashes
« on: January 20, 2005, 12:58:29 pm »
Sorry that this is a double post.  Apparently posting in the Mac forum was probably a mistake, so I'll try it here.

I'm trying to VNC from my Zaurus to either my iMac or Powerbook.  When I use VNCViewer (keypebble), it draws the screen nicely.  However, as soon as the entire screen has been drawn, the application exits immediately.

Does anyone know why this might be happening and how I could fix it?

My Zaurus is a C760 running Cacko Qtopia 1.21b.
The Keypebble version I'm using is opie-keypebble 1.0.0.

My Macs are running the "Share My Desktop" server which is just a wrapper for OSXvnc.  Both of my Macs are running OS X 10.3.7.

I'd really appreciate any help to get this to work.  It would be killer if I could get my desktop displayed on my Zaurus and watch my EyeTV content from the local internet cafe.