Author Topic: Ti-84+ And The Sl-6000  (Read 874 times)


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Ti-84+ And The Sl-6000
« on: February 10, 2005, 03:56:30 pm »
So i picked up a Ti-84+ the other day.  I noticed it has a usb port similar to the one on my sl-6000.  closer inspection revealed that the two ports were different (mini-a vs mini-b i guess)  but because i am stubborn i tried to connect them via the cable that came with the calculator.  low and behold,  the opposit ends of the cable are also different sizes and although both ends seem to fit in a ti-84+, one will fit in my sl-6000.  So i plug them in and turn them on and i check the Device tab under System Info.  

Under "USB", "* Ti-84 Plus" showes up with the following info:

Vendor: Texas Instruments, Inc.
Product: TI-84 Plus
Class: Vendor Specific
ID: 0451/e003
Driver: (none)

I Searched the forums to see if anyone has discussed this but i found nothing. Has anyone heard of this before? Is there software out there that I can play around with? Does anyone else own both an sl-6000 and a usb-enabled graphing calculator?
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Ti-84+ And The Sl-6000
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2005, 07:11:45 pm »
You make me what to upgrade my Ti89 to Ti89 Titanium. I have to think about what's the benefit of connecting them together. Thanks for the heads up.
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