Author Topic: Mipv6 Installation Error  (Read 5246 times)


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Mipv6 Installation Error
« on: July 14, 2005, 08:25:58 pm »
I am trying a ipaq 3600 build (distro=familiar-0.8.0, machine=h3600) but when it gets to the install part of mipv6-1.1-v2.4.26 it fails with the following error: "gzip /usr/bin/gzip.gz  : permission denied".

I have tried to clean the package (bitbake mipv6.....  -c clean) and rebuild, as well as doing a new mt pull/update, but I keep getting the same error.

Can anyone suggest any possible fixes?  Has anyone else done a successful ipaq build recently and not run into any problems w/ the mipv6 build?  thanks....