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Oz & Poodles Problems
« on: September 15, 2005, 03:44:30 am »
But I cant use it like it should be used so I' geting back to Sharp.
1. Hentges & bootstrap boot ok.
2. Cardfs & altboot are great idea. Cardfs was very useful for me but altboot couldn't be tested because of lacking of ext2 images.*
3. Opera works fine after some tweaks

Probably Jeode & Hancom will too but havent tryed.

1. Can't boot nether Opie nor GPE standart images.
2. I have to move one entry from hermes.conf to hostap_cs.conf if I wont WiFi.
3. After 3-4 instaling GUI and console ipkg tool stops to work freezinf my z

*Here more about ext2 images.

And before flaing me that forums are nor bugtrackers and etc. I want to say few things.
I'm not a Linux user. Moustly I work on Windows. I belive I have good enoght knowage about OS( have worked hardly on dos and almoust every type of Windows and have some basic knowage about *IX) and computers. I'm not afraid of console tryed alotof things there ro make Opie suitable for me.
So I give up.
At least till next release of OZ & Hentges.
From what I've see in Hentges it's  closer to what I would use on my Z. Keep it improving.
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