Author Topic: Data Problems with OPIE Mailit when Syncing with Outlook  (Read 836 times)


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Data Problems with OPIE Mailit when Syncing with Outlook
« on: February 09, 2004, 08:40:21 pm »
Hello Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has run into this problem before and may know of a solution.  I have Intellisync 1.43E on Windows XP with Outlook 2003, of which I sync to my SL-5000D running OZ 3.3.5.  My other pim data syncs and function just fine from Outlook.

    E-mail, however doesn\'t seem to work well.  I can see that the data has been copied over to the Z.  The data file itself has my e-mails in it.  However, when I try to open any e-mails that are in the window, OPIE Mailit says that i have not downloaded the e-mail.  (I think it is confused as to the source of the e-mail, it may assume it was a POP e-mail header?).

    Furthermore, when I sync a decent amount of messages, say 50 from my inbox, mailit will crash on startup with SIGSEGV.  I ran it from the terminal and this is my output...

QuickLauncher invoked as: mailit
Using BackendFactory !
TODO is: 1
Attribute WorkEmail not known.
Attribute rid not known.
Attribute rinfo not known.
Invalid UID found. Generate new one..
..... The last four lines repeat several times, then...
returning from loading
ODefBack::could not load
returning from loading

Any thoughts or suggestions on getting a things to work, so I can finally read e-mail on OZ would be great.  Thanks and take care.

OZ 3.5.2 on SL-5000D, 32-0.
SMC 2642W Wi-Fi, Targus CF Modem
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