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Video Out
« on: November 04, 2006, 01:25:18 am »
I saw someone suggest a video out mod for the Zaurus.  I would love to have this to play movies on a TV screen.

I tried to dig up this post but couldn't find it.  Any news on how to do this?  I'm good at soldering.

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Video Out
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2006, 02:46:01 am »
be careful where you point that thing, you might poke a pixel out

video out, suggestion, that would be me

basically it was going to be all BGA stuff. it would still be intresting to do (mainly software not hardware scince the hardware is a buffer chip, 512K serial storage, A2D and a FPGA/CPLD and perahps an 8bit micro for good mesure and boot up)

i have seen off the shelf hardware that has all of this (it was used to crack passwords and crypto) but it was $8000, it did however have 4 400Mhz power PC cores, so more grunt than the Z in a CF card

it did have some technical limitations, basically the CF bus sucks for this type of stuff and its ability to suck stuffs up the CPU due to howe intel designed the chipset.

the other option was aadding the 2700G to the RAM bus but it involves a RAM desolder so basically you would get a free ram upgrade. the only thing that stopped me (i finally found the last pin needed) was the price and avalibility of the 2700G and the soldering ability required (RAM is BGA, and while i found a nice simple way to solder it with a standard iorn there would have been ovor 1000 points to solder that are within 1mm of each other.

if you want more details post back as i am sure that a fpga CF card is apealing and you should at least be able to do TV out on the card i preposed above. where as the 2700G would have done up to 1280x1024 with no probs

i do still plan to have vga out on the "katana" (or what people have been calling the pocket penguine)
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