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Gpe-contacts, Can't Import; Works In Ka/pi!
« on: February 11, 2007, 05:18:09 pm »
pdaxrom beta 3 on C1000:
Got Ka/PI to work instead.  Successfully imported addresses from my Sharp Rom C3200 Ka/Pi by doing the following:
Exported from Sharp Rom Ka/Pi from file in menu to a csv file.  In NEW pdaxrom Ka/Pi, imported the csv file BUT..very important....the default installation of Ka/Pi for pdaxrom has only a few fields name, given name.  You need to define more fields that correspond to what fields you have in your import file.  Also define the same categories.  THEN carry out the import BUT you must change the "undefined" headings in the import box to the correct headings before you import.
Now I DID find that Ka/Pi would successfully import an old old addressbook.xml I had from the old Sharp addressbook but my addresses, email addresses, phone numbers from that were too old and I could not use it.

Partial fix for gpe-contacts below but never could get the import to work:

I finally got gpe-contacts to show itself after installing: old version of sqlite (had to uninstall the version that is there now),libgpewidget,libeventdb,libgpevtype,libcontactsdb, libmimedir amongst other things, but as soon as I clicked on "import",  it went "poof" as Jon_J says.  :-)
These are all found here at this feed:  Xromer

Is there ANY app to keep a few addresses, phone numbers and email addresses in in which the IMPORT feature WORKS in pdaxrom?? Or even sync with Outlook??? Do you mean that everyone here has entered every freaking one of their contacts by HAND one by one????!!!

I see long, long threads on how to set alarms and get them to work so, apparently,  everyone here has to BE SOME PLACE with great urgency but they have NO friends or family??  Hee,hee...just joking.  But this is very frustrating.

I finally just installed portabase for logins and had an old, old portabase file which I will have to tediously bring up to date by hand.  So at least I will have something for passwords.

What are people using for PIMs in pdaxrom?
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