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Train Schedule Viewer For Nokia Phones
« on: March 21, 2007, 03:21:34 pm »
Just designed a Python based Nokia S60 application for Nokia Phones (2nd gen models) that acts as a companion tool to the eZCommute for Zaurus that I had written long back

(see eZCommute for Zaurus)

Instead of taking out your Zaurus, starting it up, clicking on the application icon and waiting for it to start (remember python apps on Zaurus are a little slow to start), I thoght why not have a similar app right here on my phone to look up the same schedules file that resides on the Zaurus as well ?

Some more details about it

eZCommute Companion Application
eZCommute-Mobile - for Nokia phones with S60 platform with Python installed

This is a view only (not able to create or edit schedules) application for a fast view of train/bus schedules on your phone.
Must faster and convenient than taking out your Zaurus, starting and wating for the application to start (remember, python apps on Zaurus are a little slower to start) while your train zips by on the platform (often happens to me, as announcements systems on New York area are horrendous).

You can create and edit the schedules on the Zaurus and then manually copy over the "up" and "dn" schedule files to the Nokia phone.
The Data files have to be copied under the "data" directory of the parent "eZCommute" directory wherever the eZCommute application was installed on the phone memory.
In the future will design a bluetooth Sync application to sync your timetables between the Zaurus and the Nokia phone (for phones supporting Bluetooth)

Requirement for the phone

Install the compatible (and possibly latest 1.3 version) of python for your model of the S60 phone.
See website  -
for details on which version is for your version of the S60 device.

Just copy over the .SIS file to your phone (via IrDA or Bluetooth) and then install the application to your phone memory.
Note : It  still does not work flawlessly when installed to internal memory (MMC Card).

And finally heres the zip file containing the notes on how to create a flat text file of schedules and the .SIS installable fiel for Nokia phones (I used a Nokia 6600 to test, so please test on your version and feedback would be appreciated)
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Train Schedule Viewer For Nokia Phones
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2007, 12:42:35 pm »
Tested with success on my Nokia 6630 !
now i've to try the zaurus version too
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