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Mini Din 6 Pin Male Gps
« on: April 01, 2007, 05:44:02 am »
Hi friends,

   I've  got a Haicom HI-204-III GPS receiver (It looks like a Mouse) that I'm able to use with success on my laptop and my Zauri C-3200 USB Host port, with a ps/II to USB adaptor ( RS-USB-HT   M203060 RoHS V02).

Since I have my very lovely SL-5500, which I find amazing and very useful, I want to connect the GPS receiver to the I/O port on my Collie.

I've been searching at the forum and it seems that nobody uses that kind of GPS.

I've purchased the connectors from Fivestars in order to try to build my own cable, but now I don't know exactly what to do.

First, I don't know if I have to connect the zauri I/O to the GPS PS/2 Mini Din 6 pins Male connector, which uses 4 pins (5 TX, 4 RX, 2 VCC, 1 GND), or to the USB adaptor ( I don't know how it's pinned).  

Second I've found that the GPS unit has 5V DC Main Power input, 75 mA Supply Current,  0,38 W Power Consumption, and 3 V Li-Ion rechargeable Battery as Backup Power,

and VCC on the SL-5500 I/0 is just 3,2 V.  

This makes me doubt about if it is possible for the Collie to work with this GPS because of the 5V Power input required, or if some kind of circuitery or conversion is needed.  

I'm not a Pro in electronics, but I'm able to solder and I got lot of patience, so any help will be appreciated.    

Thanks in advance.  
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Mini Din 6 Pin Male Gps
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2008, 02:55:33 pm »
If it is the same connector as used for Navilock GPS mice, try this:

You could try google for power supply problems:

search: 3.3v 5v stepup

Cheers, Torsten