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Custom Cf Card Design
« on: June 28, 2007, 12:12:20 pm »

As you may have noticed from my prior posts.. I am interested in trying to get the Embedded Works Wi-FI/Bluetooth module working with the Zaurus.

In regards to that, does anyone have the interest/time to develop a design for a CF card that would have the proper Molex 54722-0607 mating connector and a SD card slot, heck maybe even add a GPS receiver as well since the part from Embedded Works EW-WMBGMR01 is really small.  I actually think that they get it from RoyalDigital, Inc. since I see a made in Taiwan label at EW.

This would be the ultimate expansion card for devices with a CF slot....  If it's doable.

I am not real hardware savvy, but most of the software work to interface with the Marvell chipset is done, and they are working with I think Koen to have the CF portion working.  If it could be made mostly compatible with the devices that are being planned to be used in the PP, then the drivers could be reused for the PP when it gets built.
No, I'm not suggesting squeezing the GSM phone on as well, unless you think it could be done :-)

I know that you can combine memory and WI-FI in a CF card since SanDisk did it with their 128M/802.11B card, don't know how they did it, but it showed up as two sub devices when the CF card was plugged in.

Bill Suetholz