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Switching To Verizon In The Usa
« on: June 29, 2008, 08:27:12 pm »
- We moved over a year ago and our contract is finally up, so we can jump ship from the no-signal Sprint, and it looks like Verizon is the only game in town from a signal perspective, so I guess that's what we'll get.  I have an LG PM325 I think it is, and it's BT has always been super flakey.  Half the time it doesn't report it has DUN, half the time it does report it has DUN it's service 4 and the other half it's service 5, and most of the time it does report it has DUN it won't connect.  It's been a serious nightmare that I've simply given up on, quite frankly.  On the positive side, when it does report it has DUN and I can actually get it to connect, it works swimmingly.  (wry grin)

- But with the new phone comes new hope that Hiroshi may actually be able to connect to the 'net with the cell phone one day.  I have an Ambicom BT card, Model BT2000-CF, the one with the blue "tooth" surfing on it, because back when I was getting a BT card many posts here at OESF indicated that was the most reliable one, and I'm using Cacko 1.23 which includes a BT configuration tool, though my experience is that command line is the only way to be sure.

- In particular I'm not looking for a "smart" phone or a web phone or any expensive gee-whiz do-dad for my pocket.  I'm looking for a cell phone primarily, and a BT link for Hiro secondarily.  Any other function it may have is superfluous to me, and therefore nothing I want to pay for.  (grin)

- I was thinking the Motorola Moko might work.  It's got BT and says it supports DUN, and with the US-normal contract fiasco it's a whole $20.  Given the current job situation less is more, but I'd entertain any option that was a "sure thing".

- Thoughts?  Ideas?  Recommendations?  Love to hear 'em all.  Thanks for your time...
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