Author Topic: C700 Kexec Boot Help  (Read 4058 times)


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C700 Kexec Boot Help
« on: August 24, 2009, 10:10:30 am »
I have a c700 and want to run Ubuntu or whatever on it.

Tried Omegamoon's set. What hed I done:
- Kexec kernel flashed - almost succesfully. Descriptions said flash process
to reboot after, which didn't happened.
- Multiboot kernel seems to work: it enables to select the system source. When
selection done - the sceen fades a bit and it freezes.

The system source is a 2 gig sd card or a 256 meg mmc card (tailored filesystem).
Tried to vary the fs to ext2/3, but no luck. Tried to change to Angstorm kexec kernel (r13),
but procuces the same behavior. Reflash to original Sharp kernel did not helped also.

What next?