Author Topic: Some Pdaxii13/pdaxrom Fixes  (Read 4157 times)


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Some Pdaxii13/pdaxrom Fixes
« on: July 17, 2009, 06:11:52 pm »
As a part of my setting up my fluxbox installation on pdaXi13, I'm doing little modifications to enhance functionality or solve small issues. Instead of posting them in my fluxbox thread, I'll post them here.

The first concerns the issue that takes place whenever you are watching a movie in mplayer and rotate the screen. This causes the screen to turn white, and requires a hard reset. I fixed this by making sure that rotation only takes place whenever mplayer is not running. Just add these three lines to the beginning of /usr/bin/
Code: [Select]
if [ "`pidof mplayer`" != "" ] || [ "`pidof mplayer2`" != "" ]; then
  exit 0
Now, whenever you are watching a movie in mplayer, you can swivel the screen without problems.

I seem to remember having the same issue in cacko. Maybe the screen rotate logic is shared. In this case, this modification should work equally well.