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Kismet And...
« on: July 19, 2009, 08:38:57 am »
$1 ~ /Network/ {
        $1 = $2 = ""
        Net = $0}

$0 ~ /WEP[\t :]+"No"/ {print Net}


to launch with :

awk -f <progam.awk> <>

After running kismet (use the .network log)

It will print only open networks.


Other problem  = VIDEO. Imho, to listen to a clip form Youtube with good sound quality, one should encode to 1/0,5 fps on zaurus sl-5600 with pxa250 cpu, because on this machine one have to choose between sound OR image. Both is not possible, even if separately it is possible, either good sound OR good fps. There is some flaw, other thant the cache problem. I tested the Watapon, which has a disabled cache feature kernel and despite applications run faster, video doesn't play better and the Zj tests doens't show a speed-up in performances....