Author Topic: Need A Complete System For My Nearly Broken Collie  (Read 3100 times)


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Need A Complete System For My Nearly Broken Collie
« on: February 14, 2010, 09:00:49 am »
Hello everyone,
I have a Zaurus SL-5500G, which has a serious problem: The internal memory is not working (fails tests in the DIAG menu, flashing doesnt work). I managed to install kexecboot and now I can boot into ROMs on the SD-card. Some of the images are working some not (dont know why). I already have a Angström-console-image, which works pretty well, but I cant get the touchscreen to work. I tried many combinations using the online-builder of Angström, but the farest I went was the GUI, without a working touchscreen (stopped x-server via ssh, restarted it), so there was no chance doing anything with the device.
Under Angström the touchscreen doesnt work, but it boots. Cacko-ROM hangs on the splash-screen with a blinking cursor in the lower left corner. OZ hangs on freeing init memory, doesnt start anything. Cant use SharpROM, because I dont know how to extract the rootfs as I did with some other ROMs before to get them onto the SD.
The only idea I can now think of is booting into an already working system, installed on the SD. I hope someone can post his/her system with a already working touchscreen. I dont really care if its Angström/OZ/Debian/Ubuntu/... I just want something usable now as I am stuck with a console at the device since weeks^^.
Maybe I just didnt see something important, but I already read many pages, and still cant figure out what the problem could be.
Other advices like how to repair the memory(if possible) or any other help you can give is welcome.

BTW: I somehow managed to get the console in widescreen-mode (90° rotated), 2 boots on different ROMs like this, then it was back to normal, anyone had this before?