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Replacement Planet Battery
« on: August 15, 2020, 05:58:28 am »
Hi all,
My gemini again cut out midway during a phone call and again then refused to boot, showing the corruption described here. This must be the fourth or fifth time I've had this corruption (over the period of about a year), and I've not been counting how many times it cuts out during phone calls (perhaps once a week or a fortnight, often without any corruption, in which case I just reboot and dial again). Anyway, it was a month or so before I was able to reboot it last time. Once again I find myself away from my linux computer (for reflashing) and set of screwdrivers (for disconnecting the battery), and therefore unable to use the phone for an extended period.

I presume the cutting out mid-call must be due to the phone trying to draw too much power from an aged or crap battery. I think this may have begun about a year after I had the phone, which seems a bit rubbish in terms of how long these things should last—and I don't think I've abused the battery. But I am now thinking a couple of year's on from having bought the device perhaps it is time I fitted a new battery.

I believe I read somewhere that Planet charges £70. I see there is a replacement advertised on Amazon here for £50. Or from here for £25.50 incl. postage.

I note that apart from the cutting out during phone calls, the battery seems to hold charge for days on end. I normally recharge every night and it often has 60 or 70% charge left at the end of the day — sometimes less perhaps 30%. I've just recently had the phone away from power for a couple of nights without charging. So in theory at least it's holding power ok — except for the crucial matter of cutting out mid-phone call, which seems to happen as much when the charge is at 90% as when low.

Has anyone else tried replacing their battery? Recommendations or advice on choosing between Planet, Amazon and ebay from china. Anyone who has seen this 'cutting out' problem found that a new battery fixes it? Would love to hear positive or negative experiences.

PS I notice the Amazon battery says it will be in stock on Oct 4th and delivered on the 13th-21st, so I guess that rules that out. UK customs have a horrible habit of holding stuff ordered from China and overcharging, so I'm guessing that although the ebay looks more attractive, it may actually cost more like £36 by the time the post office has charged me extra and required me to cycle into the sorting office to collect it (I am extrapolating from my experience of ordering an aftermarket leather case from China for the Cosmo). Still a bit cheaper than Planet's offer though.
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