Author Topic: 24h clock in agenda  (Read 462 times)


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24h clock in agenda
« on: March 26, 2021, 03:57:35 am »

is this phone so british or I cant find option to switch to 24h time format? ;)


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Re: 24h clock in agenda
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2021, 07:00:37 pm »

is this phone so british or I cant find option to switch to 24h time format? ;)
It follows the time settings of the phone for VIEWING Agenda, and Planet claims (in their latest Q and A video) that it does that for everything (at least that is how I interpreted them).

But, alas, it is impossible (as far as I've tried at least) to get it to use a standard 24h clock for SETTING entries... Which is kind of strange for a program from the MANUFACTURER of a device with a keyboard; you can't, at least not easily, just type in everything for an entry in Agenda... :o >:(

And not to forget, their ONLY means of adding a place for an entry MUST use Google Maps...

(And the alarms for an entry, which is much of the reason I've been using a calendar since Nokia 9500, work about 10 or 20 % of the time, but quite a bit more often if you copy an entry where the alarm already HAS worked... Don't really understand why that isn't a standard feature on calendars in Android; just a "notification" doesn't really help, unless you stare at the screen, waiting for the "notification" constantly, in which case you probably wouldn't need the "notification" anyway...)

There are some other problems as well, which are probably discussed in the Gemini section of this board, but a lot of people seem to agree that it has to many problems to be useful, and has switched to other programs (and some of them have been somewhat optimized for use with a keyboard as well).