Author Topic: Bluetooth sound tearing when location is on  (Read 376 times)


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Bluetooth sound tearing when location is on
« on: August 06, 2021, 02:48:25 am »
Hi, this issue have bugged me for a long time and now finally I was able to find out with certainty what causes the bluetooth sound issues.

Issue: when locatio service is on any bluetooth audio device connected on cosmo will play sound playback with occasional silent moments or badly tearing audio.
Issue is not always present, but  it seems to be worse indoors (first I was blaming wifi)

Solution: turn off location.

I have Finnish Koronavilkku (Coronavirus exposure research and tracking app) running which uses bluetooth and other services to track location around me, could that cause issues?
I also have Situations app installed, but no bluetooth scanning enabled.

I've tested with 4 diferent types and brands of bt devices. All of them works on other phones and laptops, so the issue muust be on Cosmo.

Has anyone else had this kind of issues? Having Cosmo as a daily driver is becoming harder and harder.