Author Topic: Hardware keyboard issue with Termux: random missing key presses / keys swapped  (Read 1596 times)


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With the hardware keyboard, I get random missing key presses in Termux. Sometimes, keys are swapped, or the same character appears twice (but this is quite rare). The Messaging application also seems to be affected, but much less often. Other applications, like Termius, do not seem to be affected at all.

With Termux key logging, it appears that the key events received by Termux match what I get in the terminal, i.e. key events are missing. See

Can other users reproduce this issue, possibly with other applications?


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I can confirm I have the same problem. Rather than fix the issue, I went after the symptom :) i installed sshd under termux, generated ssh keys (ssh-keygen -A), set a password (using the popup keyboard), then started the server on port 2022.

I installed termbot, and connected to localhost:2022 using the username for termux and the password I set. All good. Termbot is a much better terminal than termux in any case, and you don't lose keystrokes. Yes there is an issue, however it doesn't bother me any more.


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I've been getting this, too… >:( It's a serious issue, as I spend a lot of time in vi and the terminal.

I found a Termux setting that may help. Edit the file .termux/, and add/uncomment the line:
Code: [Select]
enforce-char-based-input = true
Then restart Termux, or run ‘termux-reload-settings’ so the setting takes effect.

I think that has made an improvement, though I suspect it's not completely fixed. Let me know what you think!
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