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USB host issue
« on: April 29, 2004, 01:58:18 pm »
Maybe this belongs to Hardware Forum but I posted there but go t no response:

I was successful in getting 6000L to recognize a Lexar SD USB reader when I connect them through the USB connector. Today I tried plugging in a 20G mobile Hard Drive. It caused the Z to hang and I hard to press the reset button on the back. The strange thing is that the component inside the HD seems to be moving when it was plugged in so power doesn\'t seem to be a problem. I can bring a powered USB hub to try it again tomorrow but it will be great if other group members can tell me how theirs worked out.

BTW, did anyone plug in a Delorme Earthmate(USB) into 6000? For $120, it\'s not a bad deal since you can use it both on your laptop or Z (i.e. if you can get it to work on Z).