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PIM Data linked to SD
« on: September 28, 2004, 11:29:02 pm »

I have a SL-5500 with the Sharp 3.10 ROM.  I use this daily for work and it is a vital part of my work.  As such, I can't risk the data on it.  I would like to begin expiromenting again with the other ROMs and especially the Kalendar ports.

My question is:  Can I symlink the Sharp PIM data files to my SD card where they will be protected from a catastrophic failure?  I backup on an almost daily basis, but still could lose some vital data if I royally screw up.  I have all of my other data files symlinked except for the TimeTracker app.  That one always overwrites my symlink and stores the data into RAM.  I don't really want to mess with the PIM apps unless someone else can report success.

SL5500 w/Sharp ROM 3.10
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