Author Topic: Wine X86 Emulation On The Sl-6000?  (Read 855 times)


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Wine X86 Emulation On The Sl-6000?
« on: November 26, 2004, 07:17:36 pm »
The other day i was at a lan party and got an interesting idea.  Could i play STARCRAFT on my z sl-6000?  400Mhz Intex XScale and 64MB sdram should hold out quite nice for the game...

my first attempt was to install qtrdesktop.  It worked, but only as fast as it could draw each individual frame of animation (1fps).  The graphics themselfs did look most impressive on the screen, which only fueled my need to find another solution.

My next idea is to have starcraft locally installed and have an emulator like WINE (apparantly starcraft works with WINE).  The first problem with this is that i dont have a large enough CF Card to hold approx 112+ MB nor do i have any method to connect a cd drive.  To solve this would require money for a larger CF card and a USB CD Drive.  So, for now, i'm going to mount the starcraft directory and cd from my xp box via samba (i dont want to sink too much money into this yet).

My final problem is to find an emulator for the zaurus.  Does anyone know of an ipk or some method i can accomplish this?

much appreciated
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Wine X86 Emulation On The Sl-6000?
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2004, 08:41:18 am »
WINE is NOT an emulator - it doesn't emulate any of the x86 CPU internals and therefore noly works on an x86 processor.

It will not work on the Z ever, as it also does not nor never will work on Mac.

You need a proper emulator (ie bochs) but on the Z's 400Mhz CPU you wouldn't get it emulating more than 100Mhz at a guess. I seem to remember a post where someone got win95 working on bochs on the Z and it took over 1/2 hour to start windows.

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