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Zaurus - pdaXrom / Dualbooting Pdaxii & Openbsd
« on: August 25, 2007, 02:52:44 pm »
No, the CF runs very well.  I think one very nice feature of OpenBSD is that it consistently does filesystem checking after rebooting as a result of hanging/freezing (which does not happen often), which may help protecting the card itself.

And of course speedwise and powerwise, the CF beats the original MD hands down.

There is a recent thread discussing wearing of cards:

Have fun!
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Just a quick question  : Why would I want to dual book pdaxii adn openbsd?    What value added is it?

Off Topic forum / Cellular Broadband
« on: August 13, 2007, 07:01:00 pm »
my plan is so old, it was active before it became cingular @24.99 A MONTH DAta and it still works on my z
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That's sweet.  Another thing I don't want to happen is get sucked into a 2 yr contract and find out the service sucks.

I've been checking around the major players i.e. Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon and they're all relatively priced the same.
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I'm looking at the Sprint $39.99 unlimited phone as modem plan.  However they only have EV-DO Rev 0 currently on the phones and Rev A on the usb/pc card modems.    Anyone have any experience with the USB cards with a Z?

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Voip With Pdaxii13
« on: August 13, 2007, 12:10:16 pm »

I know that there was already a thread but this was some time ago and I see no final conclusion from it.

Which of the several kphone variants and other similar programs (ekiga, linphone) has best chance to work decently with sip providers?

I tried kphone 4.xx somd time ago (possibly it was 4.04) and after some tries I got it working but I was not so happy with the gui.

Is there anything better now? Does Ekiga already work with Pdaxii13? When I tried it last time it would not even start.

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Under Pdaxii13 I use and kphonesi 1.0.2.   Works perfectly once you select the right codecs.

Off Topic forum / Cellular Broadband
« on: July 30, 2007, 11:06:09 pm »
my plan is so old, it was active before it became cingular @24.99 A MONTH DAta and it still works on my z
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That's sweet.  Another thing I don't want to happen is get sucked into a 2 yr contract and find out the service sucks.

I've been checking around the major players i.e. Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon and they're all relatively priced the same.

Off Topic forum / Cellular Broadband
« on: July 29, 2007, 09:33:13 pm »
So I've got a cellular phone plan with the old AT&T that Cingular would charge me an arm and a leg for if I modify it now.

I want to add a data plan, but like I mentioned, Cingular would charge me an arm and a leg to modify it.

Does anyone know of any reasonably priced cellular broadband plans that I can use with an old cell phone (and will probably connect to my Z for any significant usage)?   I'll need someone to offer just the cellular broadband and not the cellular telephone portion as I'm going to keep my old AT&T plan.

Any ideas?

Maybe there exists some plan where I can use a CF i/o card with my Z!

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Suspend & Xmms
« on: July 29, 2007, 03:40:32 pm »
Has anyone had the experience that when your Z suspends due to inactivity (lets say after 30 minutes of playing MP3s with no interaction) that when you resume, XMMS won't be able to find any of the MP3s in your playlist.  

Then I have to unmount my card where the MP3s are and remount it.    

After a few weeks of doing this, it seems the filesystem area where the MP3s were sitting got corrupted and I had to fsck it; effectively losing all the data.

As a solution, my thought is to have one of the suspend scripts kill XMMS if it is running at the time of suspend.  

One question I have is, does the system differentiate between suspend due to a commanded suspend or a suspend due to inactivity?

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Looking For A Volunteer
« on: July 27, 2007, 03:29:54 pm »
As per my post here:
Psycoman has stuff going on that's making it hard from him to keep up on maintaining the feed that has all the pdaXrom ipks that get posted in the OESF announcment thread.

Here is the feed URL:

A list of all the feeds at ty can be found here:

I'm looking for a volunteer to pick it up in the near future. If you have the time and commitment but lack the knowledge, no prob. Either Psycoman or myself can give you a bit of training. It's not hard.

If no one volunteers it will have to go on hiatus till I have more time ( probably around Christmas  ).

If you find the feed useful and want it to continue, then post below. If you want to volunteer, please PM me.

Thanks for your work psycoman.
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Get a team of people going!  Let them alternate days.

General Discussion / Working Tomtom Nav On Angstrom
« on: July 18, 2007, 01:39:02 pm »
Well, I am in a stunned state. After more hours of playing, I got it working on my C3100. Boy, stuff really runs slowly using strace, doesn't it? My problem with the maps turned out to be that tomtom relied on the memory card being FAT16 and thus file name case insensitive, but I'd copied files to HDD; even when I made an sdcard copy to a fresh sdcard the filenames were still wrong for some reason.

So, strace + grep ENOENT and also strings on the binary... and it works. Such a thrill to see it have the map of my house on the Zaurus, and plot a route to a friends house. It seems to run at about half the speed of the tomtom 510.

OK, so, by now you're desperate, yes?

What are you going to need?
1/ any kind of GPS that the zaurus can read - serial, usb, bluetooth - so long as its NMEA, as you simply hack a link from /dev/gpsdata to /dev/rfcomm0 or whatever
2/ a copy of  *YOUR* memory card from a GO300 or 500. the product code and activation key for the maps. WE WILL NOT BE SUPPLYING ANY TOMTOM FILES, CODES OR KEYS. Please don't ask. I believe that the codes for the Palm and PocketPC versions would probably work too.
3/ a Zaurus running Angstrom - I think this would even work on an old 5000/5500 series as the Zaurus drops down into 320x240 display mode.
4/ the ttimgextract program from opentom (I can provide an x86 binary if anyone needs it) to split the ttsystem file from the memory card, cpio to unpack the file system

Then, you simply unpack Rick's package, copy over the files extracted from ttsystem, edit the start script with your GO's unique ID, and run it.

I will discuss with Rick some tweaks to the start script before we can release the package.
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How does a TT500 run (speed wise) in comparison to a TT300.  My assumption is it's th same.  

Overclock your Z a bit and it'll probably run as fast as a TT.

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Current State Of Gps In Pdaxrom?
« on: June 27, 2007, 11:08:46 pm »
Well, inevitably, school and work took up a lot of time the last few months, and my zaurus has been collecting dust... much to my dismay.

Well, the summer's here, and I have a lot of free time on my hands, and a girlfriend who absolutely loves to go for hikes (as do I, but I was too lazy to go out on my own). There's so much good hiking here in central Pennsylvania that I never knew about, and it's great to spend a day walking along the ridge of a mountaintop and stop and look at the incredible views.

Anyhoo, before I get too far off tangent: I need to know the latest in the state of GPS software under pdaXrom. I've searched a bit, but I can't seem to find more than some older info and lots of promise of running TomTom stuff under Angstrom. I don't really have the time to mess with Angstrom right now, but I can't wait to see how it progresses. I have a really old build of gpsdrive (from march 2005) that works, but is really old. I tried searching for new builds, but it seems like many of the feeds I've been using are old or non-working. Anyone know where I can grab the latest release?

Also, is there any new things I should know about regarding GPS under pdaXrom? I tried searching the forums, but I didn't turn up much. Thanks for all your help!
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All you had to do was search this forum for GPS.   Here is my experience with GPS in Pdaxii13.

[a href=\"][/url]

General Discussion / Working Tomtom Nav On Angstrom
« on: June 27, 2007, 07:16:20 pm »
OK, the good news is that we're fairly close to being able to release something which contains NO tomtom files and therefore won't result in us having our dangly bits chopped off by TomTom!!

There are just a few things to clear up:
1/ whether we should expect the zaurus owner to also have a linux box - this affects whether we can rely on them to extract the tomtom files themselves or have to do it all on the zaurus

2/ whether the typical zomtom user will be running a 3x00 or 1000 - to set the default behaviour

My Z isn't quite working yet, problem with map setup, but I have made a video and will present it as soon as it's rendered to something suitable.
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1) My suggestion is to assume Linux machine ownership.  Otherwise, where would the knowledge to fiddle with Linux on the Z come from?   (Mind you this comment is coming from me, a person who has no Linux boxen as of the present, but has extensively ran Linux in the past)

2) MY suggestion is to assume 1000 default behaviour.  3x00 owners can always fiddle with mountpoints and such to point to HDD vs memory cards vs internal memory.   And that is not just becuase I own a 1000

Off Topic forum / Web Ftp
« on: June 25, 2007, 03:19:23 pm »
not sure if this is what you want but why not run a normal ftp server and connect to it from IE or firefox, then drag and drop into the window.

it gives you simmilar resaults however i am not sure about the multifile upload, i dont think that you can do that or at least easily

it sounds to mue like you want a generic file upload interface for pictures and want to do it with an ftp backend (because it allows uploads) however what you describe is in fact somthing else (ethier webDAV or a php script on the server dumping the data)

a webdav server wolud be nice and would work but would most likly create extra effort, if the issue is ease of use then i would go with teh IE/firefox idea. if its a long term solution then map the server (over webDAV or ftp) as a drive under windows or linux so it appears local to them
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I forgot to mention that.  I do have a "normal" ftp server running.   I really am just looking for the front end interface.

Maybe mapping the drive via samba over ssh may be the way to go.  Hrmm....

Off Topic forum / Web Ftp
« on: June 25, 2007, 12:45:03 pm »
Anyone using any web browser based ftp clients on their servers?   I'm looking for one that can specifically support multiple file upload (not 100 text boxes but real multiple-file select and upload).  I want a user to be able to hit the site, get a file seelct dialog box, select all 800 pictures from his last vacation or whatever, then hit upload and walk away.  X mins later, it's uploaded.

Any ideas?  Anyone using such an interface?  PHP, Perl, Java are all supported.

For Sale / Wanted / Wanted: C860 Or C750
« on: May 30, 2007, 03:26:27 pm »
Ooo they're pretty cheap too.

What about import tax though?
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If it gets held in grief at customs, you pay.   I ordered stuff before, nothing gets held in customs.  I bought my sl-c1000 from

General Discussion / Zaurus And I On Vacation
« on: May 30, 2007, 12:27:24 pm »
Let me tell you about my recent vacation in Europe.  I had my sl-6000 with just about all the gear mentioned on this thread -- cf ethernet was especially handy.  The bad part is that ALL of it was stolen in Prague!!!

So, lesson learned is that it is more important to NOT take anything that you really don't want to loose -- like personal info.  I had a 6gb microdrive with all kinds of info that should not have been on it, like copies of my tax returns, etc. 

Hope you have better luck!
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well that sure sucks cuz I'll be in Prague on Saturday.

I also would like to see all this information in one place.
1) Will I need to reformat the microdrive myself beforehand? Or will the installer do it for me?
pdaxii13 installer has an option to re-partition and reformat the hard drive to the default Sharp settings, (which are the same for Cacko), but you will also need to place the default files/folders back into /hdd1 and /hdd2.
These files/folders are available at Trisoft
It consists of the folders called /.sys and the necessary files for these folders. These consist of:
It also has a README to help you to add these files to your partitions.

2) Do I need to reformat/repartition the root partition on the Zaurus? I had to change it to 121 for pdaxii3, so do I need to change it back for cackoROM or doesn't it matter?
This area needs to be addressed in one place where everyone can find the necessary information.
Sorry, I do NOT have an answer for this, and someone that has returned to Sharp/Cacko from pdaxrom and has formatted their root partition to the infamous "121" size, needs to answer this. See my Note: below.
3) I read somewhere that cacko loads lots of things from the SD/MMC card to free up memory, but does it actually have to do this even with the 3200? I'd rather have it all run from flash/microdrive if possible?
Sharp/Cacko is contained in Flash and you can install additional programs to Flash.
In Sharp/Cacko some programs may be installed to SD/CF through the GUI installer. The GUI installer will NOT install stuff to the hard drive. If you want to install stuff on the hard drive in Sharp/Cacko, you must either re-format your /hdd3 FAT partition to linux, or create a 4th partition, (using a linux filesystem), then install stuff on it using the commandline. The GUI will not install to this partition.
In Cacko, you can place a swapfile to your FAT formatted /hdd3.

I Hope this covers questions #1 & #3.

Note: (Maybe the original Sharp NAND backup from Trisoft will do this, I don't know) Does anyone have a definitive answer to this?
It is my understanding when returning from pdaxrom to Sharp/Cacko, one should flash to the default Sharp ROM, then use the Cacko instructions to install Cacko, and making sure your partitions are correct.
Cacko does have a menu item in the installer to resize the root partition.
Maybe you don't have to Flash to Sharp first. When I buggered up my Cacko install, I reflashed to Sharp, then reflashed to Cacko, but that's just me.
Beside reading the "Cacko" section at tyrannozaurus, you may want to read the pinned "Cacko Rom 1.23 Is Released" topics in the Sharp forum.
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Just a quickie ... You did disble SCIM support in Pdaxii13 right?  For me that reduced application load time from ~20 seconds down to a few seconds.

If not, use the Pdaxii13 Config tool it ships with.

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