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OESF Wiki / Re: A grand repository of Gemini how-tos is needed
« on: August 07, 2023, 01:20:20 pm »
BTW, rather than make /var/log be a symlink, it's better to use "mount" with the "bind" option, so that a different file system is mounted over the top.

that way if there's a problem with boot, there's  a failsafe as the /var/log directory will still work. Add a startup to do the mount-bind and then restart the syslog process and/or systemd journald so as to drop the file handles on the normal /var/log and use the new file system.

so something like
Code: [Select]
mount -o bind /storage/external-sd-card/var/log /var/log
systemctl restart syslogd
systemctl restart journald

just my 2c

Zaurus - Hardware discussion / Re: Which CF WIFI card is supported.
« on: September 19, 2021, 03:39:09 pm »
I tried searching for 660W and other things and couldn't find the thread that it might have referenced. Any ideas?

There's different distros for the Zaurus and there's different package types.

General Discussion / Re: surrendering domain - any takers?
« on: August 31, 2021, 06:00:55 pm »
p.s. I'd even be willing to give you shell access so you could manage the website, by logging into my VM hosting the web service, until you sorted out your own host. I use lowendbox blog to find cheap hosting.

General Discussion / surrendering domain - any takers?
« on: August 31, 2021, 05:59:04 pm »
I've had the domain a long time but I've not had a Zaurus for a long time (my last working one was stolen long ago), so I was thinking it's probably time to give up the domain, ideally by handing it over to someone else who will run a website on it and host the downloads I've stored there a long time.

I checked the web access logs and the only access has been search engine bots.

I just don't want the domain to fall into the hands of advertising spam services.

There's four weeks left before it needs renewing. If you want it, create a login on Godaddy and I will get them to transfer it you your account.

General Discussion / The 8-bit guy retrospective on portables
« on: January 23, 2021, 07:24:37 am »
This makes me feel old!

New products and alternatives / DIY: Raspberry Pi HPi95LX
« on: December 26, 2020, 10:38:47 am »

"Raspberry Pi HPi95LX Project is a Retro PDA Masterpiece"

Did you sell the HDMI adaptor?

For Sale / Wanted / Wanted: Gemini HDMI cable adaptor
« on: December 05, 2020, 06:47:53 am »
I'm looking to buy an HDMI cable/adaptor did a Gemini.

I'm in the UK, near Cambridge.


Gemini PDA - Hardware / Re: speakers out of phase?
« on: December 05, 2020, 06:42:11 am »
I hadn't used my Gemini much this year and it was badly out of date, but I just started a new job and needed a device I could sign into the company Microsoft account which can be wiped without grief if necessary.

I flashed my Gemini with the latest dual boot firmware, Android and debian, and the speakers are still out of phase, so I'm actually annoyed that Planet didn't apply the patches required to fix this problem. A simple control panel option to toggle speaker phase would be ideal.

I'm halfway inclined to see how easy it would be to open up the G and resplice one of the speaker connections, but then I might have to undo it if Planet apply the patch without it being a user setable option.

It looks pretty cool. The fact it's modular and upgradable really appeals.

I bought a PineBookPro because pine64 published the full specs and everything, hardware and software, is open-source. They're also providing upgrades for the old pine book.

New products and alternatives / Re: One-Netbook A1
« on: November 17, 2020, 03:09:41 am »
Looks like a pretty sweet portable device, copying ideas from the gpd unit which had a serial port

The keyboard seems slightly odd with gaps, almost as if it could be removed and folded. I had a folding Palm keyboard a bit like that.

NANOTE 7″ 2-in-1 Mini Laptop with Intel Atom X5 Processor to Launch for $185 in Japan

"if you’re looking for an entry-level mini laptop NANOTE appears to be a better option as the 7″ mini laptop will sell for 19,800 yen, or about $185, once it launches on May 1st."

is there a way to turn on a thanks or approval feature, so that people can upvote a comment or post without having to leave a comment?

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