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Cosmo Communicator - Android / Re: Android v23 Jumping screen
« on: August 27, 2020, 06:00:35 pm »
I managed to work around the problem :) You have to enable 2 options in developer settings and clean screen.
Below screenshots:
after reboot, the settings are unchecked and the artifacts reappear

If you want to fix it you must add build.prop file entries
Location of the file:
Code: [Select]
/system/build.propTo modify file need root.
Code: [Select]
debug.egl.profiler=1 # Measure rendering time in adb shell dumpsys gfxinfo
debug.composition.type=gpu # Disable hardware overlays and use GPU for screen compositing
Code: [Select]
After save file Reboot...

Cosmo Communicator - Android / Android v23 Jumping screen
« on: August 25, 2020, 02:52:06 pm »
Hello from the beginning I have a problem with the jumping screen. This is a software bug in android v23 in linux the error does not occur. Is there a solution to this problem? I did a wipe and re-uploaded the system. The problem occurs without root and with root. The second problem is restarting the phone sometimes once a day or every 2 days ...
I recorded problem:

I have successfully fixed the problem. Solution at the bottom.

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