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iPAQ Forum / Which Ipaq Is Right For My Project
« on: June 06, 2006, 12:45:31 am »
I am looking at buying an IPAQ to install Familiar(or a custom image built with openembedded) to uses as a wireless network mp3 player to mount to the walls of my sons rooms that I could ssh into.  

From using OpenZaurus on my sl6000 I believe this to be possable to do from a software point of view.  

I plan to have the ipaq ran off of an AC power adapter all the time and will be hooked into powered wall mountd pc speakers.  So far I have been looking at the h3600 series since I am finding I should be able to pick one up off of ebay for under $100(most likely under $50).  I play to nfs mount my mp3 shares over my wifi network.  In the future I may want it to do more such as read email or have messages left for the person.  Right now my sons are 2.5 and 10 months so music is all they need.

Here are my questions:

1.  Will an IPAQ work well if it is running 24 hours a day?
2.  Is the h3600 series going to work to have familiar install into the internal flash so if the ipaq is rebooted it will come back up tot he linux side without a problem?
3.  How hard is it to uses a wifi cf card with the h3600 series?
4.  Will if be a problem to the the screen displaying the time and date ins a moving screen saver all the time.

My goal is to a have basic termial the is mainly for music for under $100 a peice that way I can have 3 or 4 of these around the houses in different rooms.  I see the touch screens are being the best input device for small children since I can uses icons to access everything and possable even uses flite to have the output read to them if it is doing something other them play mp3s.  Hopefully my start at creating my own "Young Gentleman's Illustrated Primer".

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Usbd0 Stops Responding
« on: May 18, 2006, 06:13:09 pm »
I have been running pdaxrom 1.1.0beta1 on my SL-6000L for a late few days.   When I am at work I plug my Z into its dock and ssh into it and export the display by to my cygwin-x desktop.  As long as I am only running programs I can stay connected for hours.  But every once and a while I loose my ssh connection.  After about the 10th times of loosing my connection I started noticing that is seems to be when I am writing to the cf card.  Usually downloading something from the internet or installing a new package.  

This maybe a hardware issue, but I can not remember every experincing this problem with OZ/GPE or with the sharp-rom.  

Has anyone else seem this issue?

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Root_flash_size
« on: May 08, 2006, 12:09:37 am »
I am working on getting e-image working on the SL6000 tosa.  as of right now I can only use e-image-core due to the fact that it is 34mb and the tosa has a ROOT_FLASH_SIZE=32.  At least this is my undestanding.

What are the reasons I would not want to change this to using 45 instead or 32 or some other number?

Also if this is not where i need to make the changes where woudl this need to be done?

Off Topic forum / Motorola A780 Or A1200/ming
« on: April 30, 2006, 12:13:59 am »
I am looking at getting myself a new cell phone and want to go back to using a pda/cellphone or a smart phone.  For several years I had a visor phone followed by a treo 180.  Then for the last year I have been using a motorola v551.  I miss the pda features of my palms and the fact that I only carried one device on me.  Alright enough about me and my past few years of cell phones.

I know that several people on here have the motorola a780 and I am guessing there are a few that might have the a1200 or what is also known as the MING.  I am trying to decided between the two phone.  The main things I want to do with the phone is make and recieve calls, take quick notes and I want it to be able to sync with my calender, todo, and contact information with Exchange 2003.

Can anyone let me know what they have found that is good or bad about either phone.  I want to know about any complants or things that people find make either of these phones worth owning.

Also how hard will it be to get it so that I can build new packages for the a780 or a1200/MING in OpenEmbedded?

Any help would be great.

6000 - Tosa / Mmc Vs Sd On Sl6k
« on: March 31, 2006, 01:56:46 am »
I am getting ready to buy a 4GB cf card and a 1GB MMC or SD card.  I am trying to decide if there really is an advantage to getting and SD card over an MMC card.  is there really that much of a speed difference on a sl6k.  the advantage i see of getting teh MMC card is that I will not have to worry as much about not being able to find drivers to uses it.  

My main plan is to leave it formated fat32 and format the cf card as ext2.  So the SD/MMC card will be used as a floppy to transfer files to and from machines.  I do not have plans to run programs off of there but that is where I plan to keep document and files I am working on.

SD is cheaper from what I have seen.  But the seed test on here for the 6k showed that it really did not matter how fast the card was since teh Z seemed to stay at the same speed.

Any subjestions would help.

6000 - Tosa / Outlook Sync, Wifi Access And Ssh Is All I Ask
« on: February 28, 2006, 03:33:25 pm »
I am finally back again after many months, July to November of not using my 6k, of not using my Z.  Most of it being my own fault of not thinking about that I could uses the dock to charge my Z instead of the plug ont he bottom of the Z.  The 6k can take a beating, I drop my several times a day and it still works but falling off a desk with the power cord plug in can bend the pin for the power connecter.

But enough about my mishaps, on to the reason from my return and new post.  

During the time I was not using my Z my office change its policy on the wifi network.  Now they require WEP.  I know that the Z can uses WEP since I used it when I was at school.  My problem with using WEP is that they will not give me the key.  Our IT staff enters the key into our computers.  They will not put it on my Z since it shows the WEP key in clear text as it is being typed in.  They want to have stars appear when they enter the key before they will allow my Z on the network.  I am not sure if pdaxrom or OpenZaurus do this since I have not flashed over to them since I got my Z back up and running in November.  

Can any one tell me if one of the other roms stars out the WEP key as it is being entered.  I am not going to tell them it is being stored to teh file system in a plan text file but if I can get to so that it is entered in with stars and verified my IT staff will be happy.

Here is my only restrictions to be able to switch rom.(I know I was one of the first people with openzaurus on a 6k but life has changed since those times)  I need to be able to sync with my Outlook Calendar/Entourage Calendar.  I currently use my doc to sync on my windows workstation at work and then use KO/Pi to sync from the SharpDTM to get my calendar so that I have my alarms and know where I should be an what I should be doing.  I know before July when I was still using the wifi network here at work, I was work on being able to have KO/Pi on my windows workstation sync with outlook and then have KO/Pi on my desktop sync with that from anywhere in the office when I was using OpenZaurus.  I never got this to work very well since it required me to do an import from ol when every I wanted to do this.  I am now starting on working seeing what I can do about this, but any recommendations or alternatives would be great.

I hate the idea that I am going to have to buy a palm or a Treo just so I can have my calendar with me, though I am looking at getting a Motorola A780 so that I can have everything in one instead of carrying to many items.  I have loved my Z when I have been using it over the late year and a half+.  It really helped with my Senior year on college, but I was able to keep my calender and todos on my Z and did not have to worry about syncing with anything else other then making a backup to my CF card.

Now that I have rambled away let me recap on my question:

1.  Can I get it so that entering the WAP does not show on the screen?
2.  If I switch roms to achieve the first question do I have a easy way to sync with my outlook calendar and todo’s?

Accessories / Aircable Bluetooth Of Cf Bluetooth
« on: January 12, 2005, 04:18:50 pm »
I finally got my first bluetooth fun over christmas.  No I am in the market to get bluetooth on my Zaurus so that I can take advanatage of the MediaNet package I signed up for with my v551 with Cingular.

The product I thought of first when I started looking for a bluetooth adapter was the Aircable for the zaurus.    When I went to I found they are no longer making these unless you are ordering >100.  I have now found a place that still has a few that have not been sold.

So now I need to decided if the Aircable is right for me or if I need to go with a CF bluetooth card.  Here are some of my Questions:
  • What will I really see a s the major differences in using the Aircable vs a CF bluetooth card?
  • Are teh speeds the same or about equal?
  • Will I gain anything using a CF bluetooth card over the Aircable?
I am still very new to bluetooth so I do not understand everything about it.  I like the idea of the aircable since I can also uses it to tip into my Solaris servers and it does not take up my CF slot so I have access to all of my apps and documents stored on cf while using it, though I can always get a sled and uses that to give me two cf slot so I can have bluetooth and a cd media at the same time.

General Discussion / Using a Zaurus as Cell Phone
« on: August 27, 2004, 11:29:18 am »
Now that my Treo 180 has died I have bought a cheap gsm phone to hold me till I can find another pda phone.  One of the things I am looking at is Turning my SL-6000L into my cell phone line I did at one point with my Visor deluxe with a SpringBoard Expansion Card.  I know that there are a few CF cards out there for GSM and Sprint has one for PCS.   I have seen discusions about using them for internet connections though has anyone really used one of there cards to turn their Z into their main cellphone that they send a recieve calls with?  

From what I can tell this should be possable I guess I am more interested in if it is practical or if I am better off trying to get a Treo 650 or maybe a Motorola A780...

6000 - Tosa / OpenZaurus, OZ on the 6000
« on: August 11, 2004, 03:11:26 pm »
I was able today to get a build made with openemebedded of GPE to flassh and run on an SL-6000L.  I will try to get screen shots and picture on the internet.  There is also a second 6k running GPE so it looks like it is repeatable.  Right now I do not know what all works and what does not but at least it boots.  6k user may finally have an alternitive and it runs X.

6000 - Tosa / pdaXrom, OpenZaurus and 2.6.x Kernel
« on: July 15, 2004, 02:55:33 pm »
Getting pdaXrom, and/or OpenZaurus running and being able to use a 2.6.x kernel are some of the things I would really like to be able to do my my SL-6000L.

Is any one working on any of theses things yet?  If so, can I be of any help or any pointers of things I need to be aware of?

I have OE setup on my desknote though with only a 10gb harddrive I am working on getting an env that I can uses with a little more space.

Is getting a 2.6 runnning a pipe dream or should this be something that should be able to achive?

6000 - Tosa / 128bit WEp on SL-6000L
« on: July 12, 2004, 12:29:56 pm »
I am having problems getting my 6k to connect to my Schools network where they uses a 128bit WEP key.  I had the same problem with my Desknote connecting with my D-Link 122+ USB WiFi card but had found information that others could not get the D-Link to work with WEP on linux and stopped trying to make it work when I was at school.  Now that I have my 6k I have been trying to get it to work.  The school gave me the key in both HEX and in ascii.

I have seen this discussion about the 6k and the airport.  I noticed they found changing down to 64 fixed the problem.  

My question now is, Has anyone got a 6k to work on a WiFi network using 128bit WEP Key.

Here are the things i know about my schools network:
  • 128bit WEP
  • MAC Filtering
  • 802.11b Access Points (Unknown Devices)
  • IT is nto sure if it is an Open or shared network
My 6k works just fine on my home network and at work where I am connecting to at Airport Wireless hub without WEP.  I have not tried to connect to any other AP with WEP on yet so I am not sure if I can get it to work.  One of my next tests will be to enable 128bit WEP on my home network and see if I can get my Z to connect to it.  Though any sujestions would be great.

Kansas City / Z at the KCLUG
« on: June 14, 2004, 03:27:19 pm »
I plan on being at the KCLUG meeting on  Tue Jun 15th, 2004 with my SL-6K.

Kansas City / Welcome to the KC ZUG
« on: May 27, 2004, 11:04:53 am »
Even though I do not currently have a Z yet(still saving my money to buy a 6000) I thought i would start a KC ZUG to see what other users there where in the area.

6000 - Tosa / Sharp CF Expansion Adpator for the SL6000L
« on: April 05, 2004, 05:05:19 pm »
Looks like Amazon is taking pre-orders for the expansion slot.

Now to decided if it is worth the extra 179 to the extra battery and extra cf slot.

General Discussion / SL-5500 vs SL-5600 vs SL-C700
« on: March 15, 2004, 02:20:10 pm »
A friend of mine is getting ready to buy a Zaurus.  Right now it looks liek the SL-C700 is what he is going to get.  He has been asking me about the different Z since I have been looking at getting one for the past year.(Right now I am looking at getting a SL-6000 if they every come out)..though may  look into getting somethign like a 700 to start with and upgrade down the road...

The ones he is looking at to start with are the 5500, 5600 and the 700 since they are all under $400.  The one things I started thinking about it if the 700 is worth the 200 dollars more then the 5500 to get the 640x480 screen.  Is the 700 really any better then the 5500 in any other way when it comes to speed, operations, etc...also is there any problems with 700 that make the 5500 a better buy.

I do not think either of us are looking at the Z as a pda, we are both looking at it as a handheld computer for development.  I for one know I will uses my Targus IR Keyboard with which every Z I get so the clan shell vs Standard does not matter to me...I am a former Sharp Wizard Users so I understand the difference and have found I like both.

Any input would be helpful...

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