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Security and Networking / securid and afterdial connection to ras server.
« on: October 10, 2004, 07:13:57 am »
Hello, I have to use a securid card (constantly generates a code) to log in to our ras server at work.

On the laptop the afterdial terminal option is enabled, I enter no password/username click dial and a window pops up for me to enter the username and generated password.

I cannot find a way of using an afterdial terminal on the zaurus.

I have tried putting the securid password in before I dial but this doesn't work, possibly because the password has changed by the time it connects.

I am connecting via bluetooth which works for internet through gprs ans also works when I dial up a gsm internet provider.

Anyone got this working?

Off Topic forum / first pocket pc virus.
« on: July 21, 2004, 05:20:50 am »
I guess it was bound to happen.

It's a shame that it's only a proof of concept and ask permission to install itself.

Still, the majority of ppc users would probably still install it  

First off, many thanks to Derekp for discovering this setting, my tests reveal (as did Dereks) that this significantly improves sd/cf read/write speeds at no apparent cost to stability.

In fact my Sandisk card which normally screws up after a single suspend when formatted to ext2 now works fine with ext2.  

So removing this setting not only provides blinding speed improvements, but is more stable.

I would love to know the reasons for the existance of this setting, as removing it gives a truly massive improvement, and so far, no downside.


The test file was a 46,409,728 byte tar file ( a backup from my c760 ).
I chose large files to try to eliminate buffer cache form the copy tests.
The first test was copy the file from my 512mb kingston cf card to my 256mb sd card (both formatted as fat16).
The second test was to extract the copied tar file from the sd card, to the sd card.
tests done on 5500 and c760 models.

The roms were all stock install, other than specified differences.
Code: [Select]
               copy from       tar -x

5500            cf to sd        sd->sd.    


OZ 3.5          3m27s           21m15s    

                218913 b/sec    

                213 kb/sec

tkcrom 1.0      3m27s           30m28s

standard        218913 b/sec  

kernel          213 kb/sec

tkcrom 1.0      3m11s           5m10s  

CONFIG_FS_SYNC  242982 b/sec

disabled        237 kb/sec

(derekp\'s kernel)

                copy from       tar -x    delete

c760            cf to sd        sd->sd    files    


cacko QT        1m37s           13m46s    8m 55s    

CONFIG_FS_SYNC  4784512 b/sec    

enabled         467 kb/sec  

Cakco QT Jan.

Cacko QT        1m21s           2m8s      9sec    

CONFIG_FS_SYNC  572959 b/sec

disabled        559 kb/sec

Cacko QT Mar 5

As above but    1m13s           1m59s     9sec

overclocked,    635749 b/sec

cpu 471mhz      620 kb/sec

bus 235mhz

1: The c760 is much faster for sd read/write. due to a faster bus speed, (already a known fact from previous tests)
2: Overclocking the c760 resulted in a further but small speed increase, again due to faster bus speed.
3: The overall write speed is not really much faster. (expected result)
4: Extracting tar files is much quicker due to removing redundant writes. (expected result)
5: Deleting lots of files shows the best improvements (535 seconds down to 9seconds), as it is only accessing the fat table (again this was expected).
6: One reason why Oz, performed better in the extract was the tar file had loads of symbolic links, oz did not display any error messages for these, but could not write them out as it was fat16.
The other roms did display error messages and had to spend cpu time doing this.
on the c760 test, I used 2]/dev/null for both extracts so screen display of error messages was removed.
7: Sadly I didn\'t test the delete times on the 5500, but expect similar improvement.

As my backup had several large files on it 7-14mb I decided to test an archive of my news spool which contains lots of small text files.  I also tested the cf card in a similar way to the sd test.

test2 news.tar file contains 7063 small text files size is 25,461,760 bytes
Test done on c760 only
Code: [Select]
               copy from      tar -x    delete         tar -x   delete

c760            cf to sd       sd->sd    files          cf->c    files


cacko QT        43sec          45m0s     8m45s          15m15s   7m45s

CONFIG_FS_SYNC  592133 b/sec      

enabled         578 kb/sec

Cacko QT        39sec          5m46s     32s            4m14s    19sec

CONFIG_FS_SYNC  652865 b/sec

disabled        637 kb/sec

As above but    32sec          4m52s     27s            3m38s    16sec

overclocked,    795680 b/sec

cpu 471mhz      777 kb/sec

bus 235mhz

1: CF is way faster than sd regardless of settings (already proven fact).
2: Speed improvement between sd and cf is not as much when disabling CONFIG_FS_SYNC.
3: read/write speed is dependant on the bus speed, buying 32x sd cards is a waste of money as the bus on the Zaurus is not up to the job and offers no speed improvement over a standard speed card (again proved by me in other speed tests).

Software / The best console app so far
« on: February 04, 2004, 06:48:21 pm »
Check out this console app :-

It is totally awesome!

On the cxx0, you can use the fn_1/fn_2  keys to zoom in and out from the smallest font possible right upto \"/home/zaurus\" taking up half the screen!

You can also go full screen by clicking an icon.  it is suposed to go fullscreen with fn-5, but I can\'t get this to work with the cacko rom, maybe fn_5 is remapped in this rom???

Either way, to finally get a full screen shell is now possible, makes all my character based apps (slrn) work so much better.

This is the dogs b*ll*cks, if the author reads this, then well done mate, a fine piece of code!

I don\'t know if it works on the sl5x00 range, I may try it later on my 5500.


Accessories / Anybody know what this bluetooth card is?
« on: January 07, 2004, 07:47:13 pm »

I am after a bluetooth card and spotted this on EBAY.

Does anybody know what card this is, and will it work on a C760?

or this one?

Everybody raves about the socket card and I would buy one, but the last post I saw concerning them said that the new revision (G) does not work, and you have to get a revision F card.

Does this still apply? I think it may be hard to find a revision (F) card now.


Sharp ROMs / tkcrom, cl750, possible brick? point me to a zimage please
« on: December 17, 2003, 04:56:38 pm »

Alittle help if you would guys, please.

A friend tried flashing his zaurus with the tkcrom on his 750.

He was waiting for a kernel file to be posted, but no links arrived. Having read a post from proto saying that you can use any sharp kernel, he misinterepreted this to be ANY sharp kernel and used the sl5500 one.

Now this is probably not what proto meant, but it is done now and realy needs undoing if possible.

Sadly it will not boot, and the dm menu no longer seems to work to restore his nand backup that he took prior to flashing.

The flash menu still appears to work, so I presume if he re-flashes with a cl750 kernel and the proto intrd.bin/ then it should work.

Hence the question, where I can I get a kernel file? tried cackos site and after downloading the uk cl750 rom zip file, which took ages due it it being a slow link from there, found that it only had the initrd.bin and update sh.

failing that, it still charges the battery so could make an expensive, but attractive battery charger.


Zaurus - pdaXrom / x.11 rom, can it also run QT stuff.
« on: December 10, 2003, 03:03:10 pm »
I am now almost certain I will get an 860, but have a few questions.

1) will the x11 rom appear for the c860, how long? (rough guess will do)

2) can I still run qt applications, I can re-compile them ok, but to re-write them all would take ages.

3) do the Hancom apps work?

4) do the sharp pims or replacements work?

5) I guess what I\'m trying to ask, is this :- is the x11 rom a total replacement to the sharp rom, or a bolt on, leaving the sharp rom there as well?

6) dare I mention syncing? ahh I said the word!!!

I will now have to go into the forest and cut down the largest tree with.....

A Herring!!!

Sorry, watched too much Monty Python I guess.


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