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Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Kppp Help
« on: July 14, 2005, 12:19:07 pm »
I'm trying to get the opie network settings (KPPP) to play nice with a modem card that I have.  The card (Aerlink from SDG Systems) works perfectly under the Sharp ROM.  The card is recognized under OZ, but it won't dial--I assume this means the modem commands, etc..., are wrong.

I was hoping that someone could tell me where file(s) containing the settings found under Settings -> Network -> ppp0 -> Devices -> Modem Commands are stored.  I'm hoping they're in a similar place in the Sharp ROM (since they would all ultimately use pppd, I assume), and I can simply copy them.

TIA. . .

X/Qt / Pocket[workstation|debian]
« on: June 03, 2005, 04:52:35 pm »
I've recently become interested in X/Qt and running X apps on the Z in general.  Looking over this thread, I have two questions:

1) When people are saying "PocketDebian," do they actually mean "PocketWorkstation"?

2) Is there any reason/advantage to use a chroot environment (such as the one provided by PocketWorkstation) to install Debian ARM packages?  Is it a "bad idea" to install this sort of thing directly using apt-get (which is present in the OZ 3.5.3 feed)?  Is it because of the need to install everything on the SD card?

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Debian-arm On Oz-3.5.3
« on: May 31, 2005, 11:47:02 am »
I've been poking around a bit with pocketworkstation, but I'm not sure that it is right for what I want to do--I actually just want a couple of apps (siag in particular), so I was wondering if its possible to install debian-arm .deb's directly on OZ-3.5.3.  I know that ipkg supports .deb's--does this include dependencies?  Could I add debian-arm repositories to ipkg.conf and just "ipkg install -d sd siag"?  Are there any discrepancies between gcc in debian (sid shows v. 3.3.5-3 for the arm tree).

I ask this because I installed xqt from the 3.5.3 feed, and it works flawlessly. . . it seems like what's needed to install pocketworkstation is overly involved.  I'd like to quickly install an X desktop (either ROX or fluxbox, most likely) and get siag and a couple other apps running without having to set up the chroot environment, etc...

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Irk On 3.5.3
« on: May 06, 2005, 03:51:36 pm »
Has anyone installed IRK 0.11-r2 from the 3.5.3 feed?  I keep getting an error, as described in this thread.  I've run with higher debug output, as follows:

Code: [Select]
#ipkg install -V 3 irk
pkg_info_preinstall_check: updating arch priority for each package
pkg_info_preinstall_check: update file owner list
best installation candidate for irk
 apkg=irk nprovides=2
 adding irk-belkin to providers
 adding irk to providers
   replacement_apkg=irk for provider_apkg=irk-belkin
   replacement_apkg=irk-belkin for provider_apkg=irk
Configuring unpacked packages
Nothing to be done
An error ocurred, return value: 4.
Collected errors:
Cannot find package irk.
Check the spelling or perhaps run 'ipkg update'
hash_table[pkg-hash] n_buckets=0 n_elements=4225 max_conflicts=0 n_conflicts=0
hash_table[file-hash] n_buckets=0 n_elements=2469 max_conflicts=0 n_conflicts=0
hash_table[obs-file-hash] n_buckets=0 n_elements=0 max_conflicts=0 n_conflicts=0

Anyone have any ideas?  I'd really like to get the keyboard going.

Linux Issues / Success With Kitchensync 3.4?
« on: May 05, 2005, 11:23:20 am »
I am experiencing some weird behavior on Kubuntu Hoary, using Kitchensync/MultisynK.  After a great deal of effort I finally got KDE to connect with the Z (OZ 3.5.3 Opie).  It accesses the xml files fine, and on the first sync (in which all the info was on the Z, the KDE apps were blank after a new install), everything went to the desktop fine.  Then I addedd a to-do on the desktop and sync'ed again to see if it would propogate.  Everything went wonky.

MultisynK told me that every one of my entries had been "deleted in Opie," and asked me if I wanted to delete on the desktop.  I said "No" to all of them, and ended up with duplicate entries.  I ran the sync again and answered "Yes," which deleted all the duplicate entries on the desktop and all the entries on the Z.  I restored the Z data from backup, and will try this all again soon.

Has anyone had Kitchensync work perfectly?

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / How To Blank Screen
« on: March 14, 2005, 05:36:31 pm »
Is there any way to blank the screen while listening to xmms-embedded?  I saw the following page on the OESF wiki:

Which describes how to do it with a qcop command (how I'd ideally like to do it):

Code: [Select]
qcop QPE/System 'setBlankLCD(int)' 1
But this produces no result on my install of OZ 3.5.2.  I checked to ensure that I DO have opie-qcop installed. . . are there any other packages I'd need?

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Aerlink Npc Card Under 3.5.2
« on: February 24, 2005, 11:47:45 am »
Does anyone have any experience using the Aerlink NPC card from SDG Systems under 3.5.2?  I installed the ipk they provided, and on insertion it's recognized perfectly, but I'm not able to dial out at all.  I don't know if this is simply a matter of knowing the modem commands for my phone (LG VX3100), but looking at the contents of the ipk makes me think there may be something else to it.

The package contains two network plugins, and  While these install with no problem, since the opie network settings app does not appear to be based on the qtopia/sharp one, I'm assuming it won't be using them.  And since the preinst/postinst scripts in the package explictly delete symbolic links to the ROM-based (/usr/QtPalmtop.rom/network/plugins) network plugins in /opt/QtPalmtop/plugins/network (where the above plugins will then be installed), I'm assuming that the SDG-provided plugins are somehow important to the operation.

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Shared Libraries From Sharp Rom
« on: February 17, 2005, 06:02:26 pm »
In general, what is the process for (trying to) install shared libraries on OZ 3.5.2 with the compat libs?  I was thinking of testing out an input method (the Japanese handwriting recognition method from the Japanese Sharp ROM's).  I've noticed that when running makecompat on a file, though, the file is moved to <path>/opt/QtPalmtop.compat/bin, when it should obviously be elsewhere (in this case, presumably <path>/opt/QtPalmtop/plugins/inputmethods/).

It is possible to install the methods directly to the appropriate directory in <path>/opt/QtPalmtop.compat/*, and then link them to /opt/QtPalmtop/*?  Or is there a more elegant way to do this?  Also, would the soft-float issue affect something like handwriting recognition?  Am I just asking for trouble, and should I back away slowly from trying this?

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Hancomword Oddness
« on: February 11, 2005, 10:07:58 am »
I was happy to get HancomWord installed on 3.5.2--insofar as OZ goes, everything works perfectly with the compat libs.  But I've found a very curious bug, and I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing it (and hopefully had a work-around).

Hancom starts with no problem, and I can enter text as usual (even with my Targus keyboard--woot!).  But every time I try to "Save," the "Save As" dialog comes up instead.  This occurs whether I push the save button on the toolbar or go to File -> Save.  If I try to save the document with the same name as the one I opened (i.e. try to "trick" it into just plain saving), I get a new file with a "_1" extension.  So, if I open memo.doc, and save it five times in the process of editing, I'll get memo.doc, memo_1.doc, memo_2.doc... memo_5.doc.  This can't be right.  Does anyone else have this problem?

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Authentication In 3.5.2
« on: January 28, 2005, 12:14:47 pm »
I'm having a confusing issue with the Hentges version of 3.5.2, although the problem also appeared in the stock OZ ROM as well.  In the Security settings dialog, the "Locking" tab shows the notice "you must install at least one opie-multiauth-* package!"  Aside from the fact that the packages are named "opie-security," not "opie-multiauth," I DO have opie-security, opie-securityplugin-blueping, opie-securityplugin-notice, and opie-security-plugin-pin installed.  What gives?  Can this be corrected with the command line passwd command?

TIA for your help. . .

Windows Issues / Hostname problem WinXP-OZ 3.5.1
« on: November 15, 2004, 01:54:39 pm »
I'm having a problem with an internet connection with OZ 3.5.1 via a Win XP box.  I have Internet connection sharing set, with a on the desktop's Ethernet interface, on the desktop's USB interface, and on the Z's USB interface.  The gateway is  From the Z, I can ping the WinXP box.  I can ping the gateway.  I can even ping the internet by IP address (so I assume routing is all correct).

What I can't do is get and DNS queries to work.  When I try to ping, I get a "hostname lookup failure."  Given that I can even ping the DNS server (I have the gateway configured as the first one under the Network app, and the actual Internet DNS server as the second), I figure I must be doing something else wrong.  I noticed that I don't have an /etc/resolv.conf file--how does OZ handle domain resolution (i.e., how does the resolvconf package work)?

TIA. . .

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Network Profiles
« on: November 08, 2004, 04:28:20 pm »
I am playing around with the Hentges ROM. . . and in the Network Settings app., I see a grayed-out tab for "Profiles."  Are these disabled in the current version, or am I missing a package to make them work?  This is a very useful function for me as I go between work and home. . .

TIA. . .

OpenZaurus/Opie/Qtopia / Creation of ipk's
« on: November 05, 2004, 02:16:38 pm »
I've been trying to re-package a couple of app's for Sharp ROM's that they might install nicely in OZ.  However, I keep getting the same error, namely:

Code: [Select]
Cannot find package libsl_3.10-r0_arm.ipk
An error occurred, return value: 4.

I've been told in the past this is due to a mis-formatted control file.  Mine is as follows:

Code: [Select]
Package: libsl
Version: 3.10
Depends: oz-compat
Section: base
Priority: optional
Maintainer: Sharp
Architecture: arm
Description: Proprietary Sharp library for the SL series

I tried to follow the format of other OZ packages.  The data is in data.tar.gz (the and links to it are in /opt/QtPalmtop/lib/), and I have a debian-binary file with "2.0" and a return.

Can someone let me know what I'm doing wrong, or point me to some documentation on this?  TIA. . .

Sharp ROMs / SL-5500 vs. SL-B400
« on: October 15, 2004, 10:12:02 am »
The reason I ask is that, because Sharp has discontinued the Zaurus in the U.S. (and we can therefore not reasonably expect any updates to the stock ROM), is it possible to use the ROM's for the B400?  Wouldn't it be simply a matter of changing the default setting in the "Language" section to English?

I'd be very interested in this, not least of the reasons being the Japanese handwriting recognition.

Ashikase, maybe you have some insight on this?

Correction, I guess that's B500. . . no wonder it wasn't Googling. . .

Angstrom & OpenZaurus / Files Tab
« on: October 11, 2004, 05:40:29 pm »
First off to the OZ team, great work.  This is the first OZ release (3.5.1) I've really sat down and tried, and I do like it a lot.  But more than anything, with Sharp dropping support for the Z, it's great that there are still community members willing to work towards it.

I was wondering if there is any chance we might see a Sharp-esque "Files" tab in OZ.  I normally have A LOT of files on SD cards, and so I have to have the "Documents" tab turned off (or else it takes forever to load, blah blah blah).   In contrast, the "Files" tab in itself was enough to convince me to upgrade to Sharp ROM 3.10.

There is a program called MyPDA that replaces the entire launcher with a filer-browser-like interface here.  It's designed for OZ, so maybe it would be an easy start for something like this.  The source doesn't appear to be available yet, but the fact that there's a note like that makes me believe it's GPL.

Anyway, thanks again for your efforts, and please keep up the good work.

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