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C1000/3x00 General discussions / Restoring Original Data To Hdd3
« on: December 08, 2008, 10:02:29 am »
I nuked the internal disk to try debian but now want to set up dual boot with sharprom, but have some problems restoring the original data.  The dictionaries and translator data are on the original CDs, but I can't find the sd_map data for mobilemap and there is a dg2-4350.tar.gz for norikae, but I don't know where it goes (contents are j_local.jdi j_tokyu.jdi kuuro.jdi s_local.jdi s_tokyu.jdi shinkan.jdi).  Thanks!

Debian / Canon K30225 Cf Wifi
« on: May 19, 2008, 04:26:16 am »
There are some cheap Canon K30225 CF wifi cards on ebay at the moment.  Anyone using one with debian?  Thanks.

Debian / Anki Under Eabi?
« on: February 25, 2008, 06:23:28 am »
Anki is a nice spaced repetition system (Leitner-style flashcard program) with a debian package.  If you are interested in learning the kanji, for example, you might like to check it out.

I'm trying it under debian arm (oabi) but am having problems with floats in the sqlite database, so I'm wondering if the changes to fpe under eabi might make a difference.  If anyone tries it out on their eabi system please let me know. Details of the bug can be found here, but the basic problem is that a deck copied from a debian/i386 system will have wacky random dates when opened on the z.


General Discussion / Zaurus + Keitai?
« on: August 22, 2006, 07:36:43 am »

Does anyone have any experience or advice on using a keita with the z?  What can you do and how?    I'd imagine it should be possible to get internet access via a cable (and usb host on the z), irda, or by bluetooth and to access local files and data on the keitai and upload ringtones etc.  Using the z as a bluetooth headset might be possible too, or maybe getting gps data out of the keitai?  


Accessories / Leadtek 9534 Compact Flash Gps Receiver
« on: April 19, 2005, 03:24:34 am »
Is anyone using a Leadtek 9534 Compact Flash GPS Receiver?  How do you find it?  Thanks.


I'm interested in using the SharpROM Calendar (datebook), Address (addressbook) and Todo (todolist) apps after conversion to English with Stubear's script, but I've found a few problems:


display view:
-field names obscure values: department, work fax, work zip, home fax, home zip, birthday, nickname, anniversary
-address formatting prints fields together without spaces
-cant change full name format
-some fields not displayed
-sorted by pronunciation, none comes first, within none strange order
edit view:
-doesnt automatically include all populated fields
-switches to j input for some fields
-some field names in edit view in japanese
beam from palm:
-cant receive records with custom fields
-all categories -> unfiled


-very slow to load (>1m)
-keeps rescanning for link files
-cant disable link file for internal flash
-very slow to rescan link files
-event view description label obscures start of value
-no compress day view
-repeat has 5th n-day of month rather than last
-lame time picker
-no category
-cant delete single occurence of repeating event
-beamed from palm loses repeat
-doesnt show events in next/prev month on month view
-no note indication
-shows only due noncompleted tasks only in today day view, all in list and 3 (scroll) in time
-doesnt sort tasks
-doesnt show due date (except for over) or priority
-slows down system (mem use?)


-sorts no duedate less than duedate
-doesnt show notes in list view
-doesnt use start date (does in datebook)
-clumsy note box in edit view
-cant sort by priority and duedate
-loses category when beamed from palm
-long english field names obscure values
-list view datefmt 04/12/31
-doesnt add more rows for smaller fonts

Most of these problems are just annoyances, lack of expected functionality, or can be avoided once known, so the biggest problem is probably the obscuring of field values by the labels.  Is there any way of fixing that?  Can the English strings be shortened somehow, or the column spacing changed?  Are there any fixes for any of the other problems?


Software / Mapping Calendar And Mail With Keyhelper
« on: March 12, 2005, 04:07:35 am »
I'd like to have Calendar, Address and Mail as Control, Alt and launch, respectively, but I'm having problems mapping Calendar and Mail.  Address, Home and Menu work as expected.  Calendar and Mail do lose their original function as expected, but don't gain the new function.

To map Control, I used this: [chomp (same as below, but without release)].

These keys only generate their events on release, and produce a different event when held, so I also tried this:
Code: [Select]


for Calendar and this:
Code: [Select]


for Mail, but it made no difference.

It's the same when mapping launch, like this [chomp].

Any ideas?  How and why should release be used?  I can map Sync and Check to an unused user key to disable their functions, but is it possible remove the hold/release behaviour altogether?  Why is there a modifiers sections at all?  Couldn't mappings be used for modifier keys too?

This was with keyhelper_1.1.6-1_arm.ipk.


[Since I found the problem (see next post) I've deleted the large boring keyhelper.xml examples above.]
[...and then put back the ones using release, see later post.]

General Discussion / Suspend/resume Kills Processes Using Cf
« on: February 01, 2005, 03:39:04 am »
All processes using a filesystem on the CF card are killed and the filesystem is remounted on suspend/resume.  This makes CFs unusable for general use.  

I've looked but can't find much on this issue.  There are a couple of old list posts, but no answers (1,  2).

/etc/pcmcia/ide is responsible for the kill and remount.  See the Linux PCMCIA HOWTO.  /etc/pcmcia/ide stop kills and umounts, and /etc/pcmcia/ide start mounts, but /etc/pcmcia/ide suspend/resume do nothing, so for some reason stop/start is being used, rather than suspend/resume.

NO_FUSER=y can be used to skip the fuser -k so that processes aren't killed and filesystems aren't umounted if busy, but then the filesystem gets messed up, so presumably the driver can't handle a suspend/resume.

cardctl suspend makes the card unavailable, but doesn't umount or kill.  cardctl resume kills procs and reenables access.  I haven't tested how /etc/pcmcia/ide is being called in these cases.

zimager and musicplayer cope ok, so presumably they don't leave files open and don't chdir.

I've tried 2 CF cards, both have the problem (and one MMC, which is fine).

Does anyone have any info on this?  In particular:

Is this standard linux behaviour i.e. does it happen on other archetectures?  If it's zaurus specific, does it affect all models/kernels?  Is cardctl called on suspend/resume and how?  If not, who calls  /etc/pcmcia/ide?  Does it affect all CF cards?  It would make microdrives less useful if so...

(I did buy a SanDisk SD 1GB card originally, but had to return it because of the usual SD problem.  Anyone using a SanDisk Ultra II SD 1GB?  They might be ok if they use a different controller...)


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