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One (little) feature request: As the system already uses ext4 for internal partition, please allow the usage of ext4 partitions in the "shared medium" variant of the sd-card as well. exfat would be even better ;-) Currently, only fat32 is permitted, which can't handle files bigger than 4 GB, which is a problem for e.g. offline wikipedias. Android wants to format sdcard with any other file system.

I know that there are unofficial ways for rooted Android, but this would be a nice (and probably easy) feature for the "normal" Android.

I rooted my cosmo the "official" way, ie installed the rooted kernel in one of the slots (should be EMPTY_NORMAL_BOOT_3 or EMPTY_NORMAL_BOOT_4). The problem is that the SIM card is only detected in normal (non-rooted) android, not in the rooted version.

Can it be that lk does initialize the modem only when booting from the normal android boot partition?

Gemini PDA - Hardware / Displaylink adapter works (under Android)!
« on: July 01, 2018, 04:28:31 am »
I tried a (random dual output USB 3.0 which I bought several years ago) Displaylink adapter on the right side. And it worked flawlessly after installing the Displaylink app :-) Only problem is that in OpenGL ES apps the external display doesn't work (Tested with supertuxkart).
It even works in combination with the Gemini Hub and without a external power supply.

So there is finally a way to have power, USB and external display at the same time :-)

I'll add the type of the adapter tomorrow when I have access to it again.

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