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Astro Slide - Android / Astro won't boot -- userdata corrupt?
« on: December 04, 2022, 09:49:19 pm »
I dropped my Astro and busted the screen, so I had to pay the ebay premium for a replacement. When it showed up I rooted it the same way and everything seemed fine. Then I transferred over some userdata from my old handset, which ended up being about 30Gb. Afterwards I stopped/started the android runtime and it wouldn't come up, stuck on the pulsing "android" screen, with some NullPointerExceptions from system_server in the logcat. I noticed that all the directory names in /data/data and in /data/user/0 were random-looking base64 strings, and the same happened after a reboot of the device. I thought maybe I had screwed up my encryption keys somehow, so I tried "fastboot erase userdata". But now I still get stuck on the pulsing "android" screen and to make matters worse, I've lost adb.

I tried returning everything back to stock (restoring boot_a.img and vbmeta_a.img with mtkclient, then re-locking the bootloader) but then it won't get past the "red state" dm-verity boot-up screen, which claims my device is corrupt and will poweroff in 5 seconds unless I press the power button (and if I do, it just drops to fastboot).

My only guess is that maybe I put too much stress on the mmc flash with my data transfer, causing the part to fail.

Anyone have suggestions for debugging or proceeding? Anyone found a way to get a serial console? My only idea is to try to transplant th screen from the new device to the old one (or the mainboard from the old one to the new one), but I'm very scared to attempt it with no instructions.

Astro Slide - Hardware / Keyboard ghosting
« on: August 25, 2022, 07:52:02 pm »
Alas, it seems that the Astro has the same keyboard ghosting problem that gemini/cosmo suffered from. Not a surprise, but was it too much to hope that Planet would shell out for some diodes in their third iteration?

I will be attempting to port the kernel patch that worked on gemini/cosmo, and will report back here whether it still works.

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