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New products and alternatives / Promising... ReadyFx
« on: December 13, 2018, 08:05:41 pm »
Only a teaser website thus far, but there have been various discussions around this project on for more than a year.

Not too much detail in plain view, but a phone with slide/tilt keyboard in the N900 / N950 vein.
From ChenLiang Chen, the guy behind the failed Moto Mod Keyboard. There have been some teaser pics and specs on twitter, also linked or posted on t.m.o

Will ship with Android by default, but aims to allow Lineage, Sailfish, Maemo-Leste etc.

Objectively, it's obviously little more than vapourware right now, but Chen talks good sense and and has enough credibility in my view to make this the most promising device on the horizon right now, though I don't think I'll be spending any money until I can see a pretty functional Sailfish or Maemo build available.

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