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I've decided to sell my beloved Z, mostly because I don't use it much nowadays (plus I kinda need the money).

It was bought on December of 2006, its in pristine condition (its been used with a screen protector since day 1).

It currently runs Cacko 1.23 with lots of programs and tweaks installed (new sd driver etc.)

Its in its original packaging with all original accessories (charger, manuals, cds etc.)

In the box I also have a PDAir leather case made for the CX000 family, and a D-Link 660W Wireless CF card (works in all distros).

I'm asking for 300 euros + shipping, I'd prefer users from the EU and Greece ofcourse

5x00 General discussions / How To Flash 5500 With Broken Cf Slot
« on: October 03, 2006, 12:24:11 pm »
I have a SL-5500 with a broken CF slot. It recognizes my WiFi card but it doesn't recognize my 128MB CF card, I've ran the tests in the diagnostics menu and they report 4 errors.

So I guess updating via CF is out.

However, I have OZ 3.5.4 running, so I'm wondering... Is it possible to flash the Z from the commandline?

Copy the required files to sd

dd the initrd.bin file to /dev/mtdblock4

and the kernel file to the appropriate block?

Can anyone help?

Zaurus - pdaXrom / 1.1.0r121 Is Out!
« on: September 27, 2006, 09:23:29 pm »
Does suspend work for you guys?

When I try to suspend the device by pressing the on/off button, the unit suspends, but then immediately turns on!

It suspends for as long as I press the button...

Zaurus - pdaXrom / 1.1.0r121 Is Out!
« on: September 24, 2006, 09:22:05 pm »
Ok, the xmodmap loads and works properly now.

XFCE gives me these errors:

1)Whenever I click on quit in the menu or the icon on the panel, X crashes back to the console, the error given is:

'The application 'xfce-mcs-manager' lost its connection to the display 0:0'

2)After I get dumped back to the console, I can see many errors:

"(xfce4-menu-plugin:XXXXXX): Gtk-WARNING: **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "xfce",

I have everything installed correctly (gtk related libs etc.)... What could be the problem?

Zaurus - pdaXrom / 1.1.0r121 Is Out!
« on: September 24, 2006, 08:47:23 pm »
On previous betas, the correct xmodmap file was akita.xmodmap in /etc/X11/kb.

Now the file is located at /etc/X11/kb/Akita/xmodmap

However, even if I try to load that, I still can't get the keyboard to function as it should...

Zaurus - pdaXrom / 1.1.0r121 Is Out!
« on: September 24, 2006, 06:44:26 pm »
r121 works on my C3100, but there are a few problems.

I can't get XFCE4 to work, it gives me errors regarding the panel, never had these problems with beta3.

The xmodmap files are all the same, for the C700, so I can't use fn for right clicking inside X...

More to come.

Sharp ROMs / Wifi G Cf Cards -- Any Work With 5600?
« on: August 17, 2006, 04:03:43 pm »
802.11g is theoretically supported, but there aren't many cards out there...

Btw if you decide you want to sell your 5600, p.m. me, I'm desperately looking for one...

For Sale / Wanted / Interested In A 5600 (or 6000)
« on: August 17, 2006, 02:44:21 pm »
The CF slot on my 5500 has been pwned, and it can only work with WiFi cards now.

This requires service work, which is kinda difficult since this model was never sold here in Greece.

So I'm thinking about selling it for parts, and getting myself a 5600.

They are really, really hard to find however. :-(

I'm only interested in the unit itsself, no extra cards or accessories whatsoever. Two conditions:

1) It works

2) Unscratched screen

Other superficial blemishes etc. are not a problem

I'm willing to spend around 100 euros. For a 6000 I would ofcourse be willing to spend more...

If anyone has a 5600 for sale, please p.m. me. :-)

C1000/3x00 Hardware / Help With Nand Bad Blocks!
« on: August 17, 2006, 12:00:34 pm »
Update: After I did a Full NAND FLash Check in the diagnostics menu, and 1 Full Flash erase afterwards, I only get 1 bad block now... wtf!?

Have I actually "fiixed" one of the two bad blocks on my device?

C1000/3x00 Hardware / Help With Nand Bad Blocks!
« on: August 17, 2006, 11:00:56 am »
Indeed the bad blocks are automatically marked (that's the way NAND works).

What I'm wondering is, will I have a problem in the future? Will more develop? What is the expected read/write lifespan of the Z's NAND?

I like to experiment with different ROMs, so I flash my Z every couple of months or so...

5x00 General discussions / I'm Going Mad! Sl-5500 Flashing Issues!
« on: August 16, 2006, 12:21:19 pm »
I just realized my collie cannot even detect the CF card... It's not a problem with the slot however, since it detects my WiFi card just fine!

What's going on!?

5x00 General discussions / I'm Going Mad! Sl-5500 Flashing Issues!
« on: August 16, 2006, 12:17:15 pm »
For the past few months I've been exclusively using my C3100.

Today I tried to flash my 5500 to the latest OZ hentges rom, to no avail.

The currently installed rom (OZ 3.5.4) boots fine, however, flashing does not work.

I am using the same CF card I've always used, it works on my other Z, it's FAT16 formatted, the initrd.bin & zImage files are correctly named, etc.

When I press C + D and then reset, nothing happens. No lights, nothing.

I've also noticed that my battery is as good as dead - the Z will only power up with the power cable plugged in.

Is this a problem when flashing?

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Mplayer Questions
« on: August 15, 2006, 08:05:45 pm »
The SD card I've tried is 66x and when playing the same 500mb video I get minor stuttering here and there too... :-(

So upgrading to a high speed CF card won't solve the problem, then?

C1000/3x00 Hardware / Recommend A Cf Card To Replace My 31k's Microdrive
« on: August 13, 2006, 02:16:45 pm »
What method are you refering to?

I doubt we have the same configuration...

I'm running pdaXrom 1.1.0beta3, and I'm currently using mplayer-bvdd-iwmmx with the bvdd driver installed.

My microdrive is formatted like this:

/dev/hda1/ 256mb swap
/dev/hda2 512mb ext2
/dev/hda3 the rest, fat32

The movies play off /dev/hda3. Perhaps FAT32 is the culprit?

The problem is that the first minutes of the movie play without a hitch, but then the microdrive has to be accessed in order to fill the buffer again. That's when a small pause occurs, which is really annoying...

BTW iamasmith, I found a retailer here in Greece who sells the SanDisk Extreme III 4GB for 199 euros. I figure, if I'm going to do this, I'd better do it right and get the more high end card...

C1000/3x00 Hardware / Recommend A Cf Card To Replace My 31k's Microdrive
« on: August 13, 2006, 10:55:37 am »
Unfortunately the only cards with a lifetime warranty are SanDisk ones, and the warranty is for the US only, not Europe... :-(

As for the power consumption, both cards operate at 3.3 and 5 volts, I also checked their technical datasheets, they are almost identical in the power department...

Iamasmith, do you think that a new card will solve the problem I have with large video files on my Z? I mean the occasional stuttering when reading from the microdrive...

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