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Sharp ROMs / Qtopia Rom 2.1.1
« on: April 14, 2005, 11:56:18 pm »
2), as others have noted, it doesn't suspend on mine either.
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whoops. forgot to upload the new image.
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Hi LPotter!
Does this mean there's a new image with the suspend working?

I'm sorry if this is a terribly ignorant question, but:
Is it a lot of work to change the rom so it installs to SD? Alas, I've tried (and failed) to get a second partion working and available on my SD card, so playing with the ROM seems to be asking for trouble for me, for now.

Hybrid ROM has Qtopia installed as an ipk.  Is the source available from 2.1 that I might try some cut+paste - to try and make a Qtopia 2.1 ipk?

I'd like to give it a shot.

Sharp ROMs / Qtopia Rom 2.1.1
« on: April 14, 2005, 12:25:21 pm »
I flashed this ROM to my 5000d (I was testing backup/restore which incidently, wasn't working - at least the restore part wasn't)

It really looks great, and has a lot of neat new additions.

I am back to cacko for now though, 1)because it IS a 5000d, and I really need all the memory it has as memory. (If it were a simple matter of pasting in something to the work done on cacko, I'd try it, but that's unlikely)  and 2), as others have noted, it doesn't suspend on mine either.

Software / Zaurus Port Of Treeline
« on: April 02, 2005, 12:11:21 am »
Hi Zenyatta,

Looks interesting...thanks for making it available!  I'll check it out.

User Request for Applications / Opie-reader Learns Speaking
« on: March 26, 2005, 11:50:43 pm »

I really would like to see the operation go to sentence-by-sentence now that I've been playing with it some.
I guess I read text with long paragraphs, but I've  been maxing out the available memory (not that I have that much I guess).
The reader seems to work fine on short, choppy texts, but throw in a nice long paragraph and my Z chokes.  

Now THAT being said, I'm afraid I'm not much of a debugger/tester in this environment.  I've been playing with C++ and QT for the first time this week, and I've gotten myself stuck already. [sigh].  I'll sleep on it.

User Request for Applications / Opie-reader Learns Speaking
« on: March 26, 2005, 11:44:05 pm »

- make sure you've followed the advice of ads above:
  flite needs to be in /home/QtPalmtop/bin/ and it needs to have the file    name "flite" not "flite16k".

- in the reader, in the settings, on the MISC tab of the configuration dialog:
    -go to the "scroll" section
    - under "scroll step" , choose "send to codec"
    -the box underneath that should be "flitecmd"

to read, you "scroll"

That said, I keep running into a few glitches myself.

User Request for Applications / Opie-reader Learns Speaking
« on: March 26, 2005, 02:54:12 pm »

Thanks Tim, this is great!  

Thanks to the hint by ads about renaming flite.  

I'm still learning how to control all this...first I thought I had a suggestion or two for Tim, but then I found he had already implemented what was needed...I just hadn't found it yet!

Sorry I didn't post here sooner Tim (you had to email me   ).  Actually I thought I had posted to tell you the link you posted had just what I needed, but didn't check back to see if it was successful.

Now I DO have a suggestion.  Paragraph-at-a-time seems to lend itself to freezing - or at least seeming to.  Have you tried sentence-at-a-time?  At least the interface would be better able to respond to the user's wishes to start and stop it would seem.

User Request for Applications / Opie-reader Learns Speaking
« on: March 22, 2005, 12:34:38 pm »
I need some help with trying out the speaking version:

Tim has tried emailing me the archive twice now, and both times it has arrived corrupted...
but some of you have gotten it with no problems.
- Is there anyone who might be able to try sending me the package again
- or have in on a site where I can download it
- or even send me the pieces so I can package it into an ipk?
- any other ideas?

I really would like to try this out and Tim has already gone the extra mile.


User Request for Applications / Opie-reader Learns Speaking
« on: March 03, 2005, 01:56:41 am »
Hi Tim,

I don't know about compiling as a shared obect except the flite web site said it could be done:
I do know that there is an arm binary that runs from the command line that works just fine on my 500d.  You can find a copy here:

I wonder how much of a difference it would make to call the api yourself vs run the executable.  

You said there was trouble starting/stopping and aligning bookmarks.
Can you set bookmarks to a particular line of visual text?  I thought the bookmark was just for the visual screen.   At any rate, I see no code available for "stopping", so it appears our only option is careful feeding of input.

5x00 General discussions / Sl-5500 Battery Life
« on: March 02, 2005, 06:39:22 pm »
I bought a 5000d from ebay a couple months ago, who's battery lasted about 20min.
I tried an external battery pack at works fine, but is a pain to carry around in addition to the z

I recommend buying a  couple of these:
they are the same type and voltage, just different shape.  There's a thread on this somewhere.  I have one taped to the back of the Z.  I cut up some flat cable wiring from a dead optical drive and connected the new battery to the internal terminals. (cover still closes with the flat wires).  

My Z is a couple of mm thicker, still sits in the cradle fine,  BOTH batteries charge as normal (the internal charger charges both at the same time) , and I have enough juice for my normal days usage.

User Request for Applications / Opie-reader Learns Speaking
« on: March 02, 2005, 12:19:50 pm »
Hi Tim,
I'm the one who emailed you about this and have been looking into it.  FreeTTS would be great, but unfortunately REQUIRES java1.4, which is apparently unavailable on the Z. (at least on my 5000d)  That leaves us with flite.
The SPOKEN author managed to get flite working quite well, and I've contacted him.  He hasn't released his source to the public yet, (and I don't really want to push him into it,) but he did tell me that he ended up feeding the engine one sentence at a time, and actually restarting after each sentence.  The only problem with SPOKEN is that it is no longer in development and only accepts plain text.    Marrying the remarkable cababilities of QTReader to obtain plain  text from a number of formats, to the flite engine as in SPOKEN would be ideal.

Does anyone have the source to powerchord?

I tried emailing the author about adding banjo, but he didn't get the mail or didn't feel like replying.  Probrably the former.

User Request for Applications / Opie-reader Learns Speaking
« on: February 28, 2005, 04:58:25 pm »

Wouldn't the solution be to feed the freetts engine small known paragraphs?  Those ought to be easy enough to parse.
('course if you open a text with no paragraphs at all, like some writers create. then you are back to having to wait till the engine finishes what it's chewing on.) And then you know where to put the bookmark also.

Sharp ROMs / Qtopia 2.1.0 For 5x00 Series
« on: February 28, 2005, 04:49:27 pm »
I tried the ROm, and it looks great.  But it didn't come up with a tray for me (5000d) and that kind of got me off to a bad start as a newbie.  Hey, I know it said extreme, but it was worth a try!

Sharp ROMs / Swap On Ram Under Cacko?
« on: February 27, 2005, 05:27:14 pm »
Hi folks,
Is there a way to have a swap file on the SD card under Cacko?
I'm running the Cacko Rom for the 5000d (without the updated kernel).
I have a 1gb SD card, but it currently has only one partition.  It appears that I can't have a swap file in /home ...because the Z thinks /home is already in Ram?

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