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5x00 Hardware / Need Help Flashing My 5500
« on: January 21, 2006, 09:09:46 pm »
Thanks for your input guys,

I will try flashing using the latest openzaurus files.

Does anyone know the shortcut for entering the maintenance menu on the Zaurus 5500? I tried the OK + Cancel at powerup but it just boots in normally.

Also, when formatting my flash card in windows, I get the option to format at FAT or FAT32, not specifically 16. Is this a problem? If so, how would I go about formatting as FAT 16?

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Not sure how to get into the maintanance menu, but "fat," is  fat 16 in Windows.

5x00 Hardware / Need Help Flashing My 5500
« on: January 21, 2006, 02:43:57 pm »
I think that the procedure for flashing is different for OSpack, than for ROMs with the "initrid.bin, zimage. I can't seem to find the documentation for it, but maybe someone will come along. I have flashed many times with the initrid.bin, zimage procedure, but never wanted to go back to a standard Sharp ROM, so I'm not familiar with the procedure, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that it is a different procedure and easier to mess up than the initrid.bin, zimage procedure. I finally settled on tKc ROM 1.0, with the Cacko kernel update.

General Discussion / Who are you and where are you from?
« on: January 01, 2006, 09:30:14 pm »
consider adding yourself to the map
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Can't. Although it says "Attach Photo optional" it gives an error saying:

 "Your photo was not uploaded successfully.
   Please try again or use another picture."

The "Group Map" link to

   [a href=\"][/url]

just sends you back to the main page again.

And the "Zaurus RSS" link to

gives a screen of what looks like HTML gibberish.

The instructions are kind of limited.

Sorry, but the site looks a bit "beta", IMHO.
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I just did it with no problem. Maybe your picture was too big???

Software / E-book Reader Progs
« on: January 01, 2006, 08:48:23 pm »
Hi. I am attempting to understand what the differences are between all the different ebook readers.  Could someone explain to me which is the best one and why. Or even if you dont know the differneces, which one you use. I have seen FBreader, Opie-reader, Just reader, zReader and there are more too. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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On my sl5500, I like OPIE Reader and Just Reader. I use both, because both have pros and cons for my usage. I like OR equally for almost everything, but one of my main usage is the Net Bible which is in HTML format. OR will read it, but doesn't load the hyperlinked footnotes as fast as JR. I also use both, because I use primarily reference books and  it allows me to have two open and switch back & forth between books more easily. I tried FB Reader, but couldn't get it to load any books, even though it seemed to install all right. tried Guttenbrowser, but it was too slow. Not sure about zReader, never used it.

General Discussion / Screen Protectors
« on: December 30, 2005, 05:35:29 pm »
Tried some on my two sl5500s and didn't like them. They reduced the brightness too much [div align=\"right\"][a href=\"index.php?act=findpost&pid=108962\"][{POST_SNAPBACK}][/a][/div]

Have you tried an ultraclear screenprotector? It does not impact brightness at all.. (and according to some, it increases color saturation...)
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Thanks, I just checked them out (they look nice), but will have to see if they will ship to the Netherlands next time I have a few bucks.

General Discussion / Screen Protectors
« on: December 30, 2005, 01:59:55 pm »
Tried some on my two sl5500s and didn't like them. They reduced the brightness too much (it felt like I was viewing through a dusty window) and I never could get them on without having at least a few bubbles. In almost two years, I haven't done any damage and I have dropped both of them more than a few times (I have arthritis and sometimes my grip is not too strong).

Zaurus - pdaXrom / Swap Partition Vs. Swap File
« on: December 23, 2005, 03:31:36 pm »
I'm using a 512mb sandisk sd card. Anyway, I had used it when it was new for a home on sd Cacko rom, which worked fine, but was a little slow (before the newer kernel) so I tried tKc home on sd, and had problems. Then it kinda fizzled out on me and wouldn't work right for anything. I tried formatting it as fat to see if it would be usable for something, but it only compounded the problem. Then I bought a Kingston 256 that would never format as ext 2 correctly and kept trying to fix it, but eventually it was almost unusable.

What has all this got to do with swap? Well, I decided to try and see if I could at least get some swap out of these white elephants. I had qswap, qtopia memory applet and swapd and decided to try them all and see which one worked the best and if i could get one to run on my corrupted sd card.
I put swapd on both of them and put one on my z and one on my wife's and they are at least usable for something. Some progs that were loading slow are now snapping open in about 1 second. This is an awesome program. I was using qswap to set up 32 mb on my cf card, but that's where most of my progs are installed to and I wanted to keep the swap in a different location. This is much better and they were cards that I couldn't use for data.

You guys talking about swap gave me a prod to start trying something with it, so thanks.

Software / Free Sudoku - Now All Zaurus And Archos Supported
« on: December 21, 2005, 06:52:12 pm »
Thanks for the tip. Works great on 5500.

General Discussion / Zauri Or Zaurii?
« on: December 21, 2005, 06:50:13 pm »
I thought it was Zauri, for 2 and Zaurii if it was more than 2. I stoped my considerations there even though I wasn't sure. I was afraid I'd eventually have to use xkill to close my mind if i had to keep adding an i for each increase.

Software / Tkvol
« on: December 21, 2005, 06:42:41 pm »
Sorry, those pages were in Japanese and I used Mozilla's translator, which is always kind of comical. Wasn't sure what it was, but I saw those links and thought they might be the files you needed.

Sharp ROMs / Installing Cacko ROM for 5500
« on: December 11, 2005, 10:43:42 am »
Flash Instructions attached;

5x00 General discussions / Tkc Vs Cacko
« on: December 11, 2005, 10:28:41 am »
Can anyone tell me what the major differnce between the TKC rom kernel and the cacko kernel is. I have been using both and really dont know which is better. Once i installed the TKC alpha/beta 3 or whatever the offica name is i have then flashed the cacko kernel. I have ran both for a while and the only problem i have ran into with the cacko kernel is the battery light flashes when charging some times. This is well documented though.

so my real question is can some one list the reasons to use one kernel over the other? to my understanding they both have the async flag turned off for faster writes to the SD card. Does the cacko kernel have more modules compiled into it, like blue tooth or anything? Does one have better support for wireless and other CF cards than the other. I am just looking for the pros and cons to each.

Thanks for the help.

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To my understanding, the difference as far as sd sync is concerned, is that tKc uses a script, while the Cacko update is something compiled in the kernel. I have used both and the Cacko seems faster on my Z.  There are also other patches, which are listed below.

[a href=\"][/url]

- APM patch from OpenZaurus kernel (adopted for 2.4.18 kernel version by Albert Rybalkin).
This patch implements accurate batery power reading, which allows to display actual percentage
of remaining battery power instead of Good, Low, etc levels.

- Compiled with CONFIG_FS_SYNC flag turned off. The CONFIG_FS_SYNC flag is a modification added by Sharp
to force media (i.e., CF & SD cards) to be mounted sync, even if you specify "mount -o async ...".
With this flag turned off, you can get true async io on your SD and CF cards, greatly speeding up file writes

- Wireless Extentions enabled, orinoco/sectrum drivers updated to version 0.13e with monitoring patch applied.
This should enable Wellenreiter to run properly.

- Kernel is compiled with smaller console fonts, so that more information fits into the display.

- Applied patch, which fixes problem with serial CF cards staying suspended upon resume

- Included patch for IRDA problem with some Ericson mobile phones.

I am using a SL5500 with TKC ROM Alpha 3 with the home on SD script

Software / Gnu Robbo For Slxx00 And C Series
« on: December 10, 2005, 08:09:16 pm »

I see the problem… TheGreenKnight has 3 different ipks in this thread with the same name and version number. Please use the last ipk listed. I will ask him to remove the others.

You can make a copy of your /home/zaurus/.gnurobborc to save your level of play.


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Thanks. That was the problem.

PS It works from both icons now.

Software / Gnu Robbo For Slxx00 And C Series
« on: December 10, 2005, 06:07:59 pm »
It's just that the lanscape icon doesn't launch anything and the lanscape command someone posted earlier, ' gnurobbo - 320x240, or gnurobbo-320x240 (tried both) doesn't either. The default view still launches from both the icon and the command line. It's not a big thing, but was just trying to see if I could get the landsacape going (just to see if it would be better) and also thought you would like the feedback.
It sounds like you don’t have version .03 or .03-rc1? They should ‘both’ work with the new landscape option ipk.

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The first one I tried was ' gnurobbo_l_0.57.03_landscape_arm.ipk ', but now I just tried
' gnurobbo_landscape_option_0.57.03_rc1_arm.ipk ' on my Z, which only had the original game so far, rather than my wife's so I wouldn't loose her levels. Same message, but even when I try to rename it to what it suggests, the package manager still recognizes it as if it was unchanged. My file manager sees it with the new name.

On second look at my wife's Z, it (gnurobbo_l_0.57.03_landscape_arm.ipk ) must have overwritten something (not sure what that something is, because as I stated earlier, everything still works, except I now have a dead icon). The landscape package doesn't show up in the uninstaller, but on mine with ' gnurobbo_landscape_option_0.57.03_rc1_arm.ipk ', it did, so I uninstalled it and everything works as before, but still no landscape. BTW, these are both the same ROM (tKc 1.0, with Maslovsky's kernal update).

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