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How do you like UB Ports vs the other linux options available to us?
Personally, I initially backed the Cosmo for the possibility of SailFish, to replace my Jolla.  I think different people have different reasons.  Since it arrived I've tried Android, Debian, and settled on UT, (for the time being anyway :) ). 
It's nice to have a choice isn't it. 

Libreoffice is only  installed with ssh.
Please see :
Super, I've just got around to setting up ssh and a Libertine container and installed LibreOffice, pretty painless following those instructions. 

To increase the dpi

create a file . Xdefaults inside ~/.local/share/libertine-container/user-data/container-name/
and set and set Xft.dpi:300 inside it .

cd ~/.local/share/libertine-container/user-data/container-name/      change container-name  with your container name.

touch .Xdefaults
echo 'Xft.dpi:300' >> .Xdefaults
Tweaked the DPI as per your further instruction, just had a quick play with Calc, looks pretty good. 

Even though I have previously stated, (convinced myself), that I don't need any 'Office' apps, this will be very useful. 

Thanks for sharing, very much appreciated. 

Nice one, thanks for sharing. 
That's my job for the weekend sorted. 
Well done Galo!!! 

I could not dial and  answer calls using  codi. Only with dialer-app.
You should be able to answer calls with the CoDi, it doesn't show the caller name, just the number, (not ideal, and I think it also did this for some callers under rooted android), but it should still allow you to dial or answer. 

Libertine does not work to install libreoffice.
Thanks for the heads up, I'll stop trying to install it on mine :)

Ubuntu touch is fine, but Debian to me is a better choice for now.
Have fun with Debian, I was using it for a while till sms got sorted on UT, (thanks to 'NotKit' I think).  It's a nice OS and it sounds like it meets your use case better than UT.  I just find the user interface on UT a bit easier on the eyes, or maybe I just need new reading glasses.    8)

20 has only 24MB in size.
I'm having the same problem following my own instructions.   ???
Either I'm missing something or something has changed. 
I've previously used this link to download the flashable zip:
I lifted it from the original instruction:
It should extract a folder called 'out', containing 'boot.img' and 'rootfs.img'
I've got a copy of pipeline #284408889 sitting on my desktop, extracted it's about 3GB. 
I don't know what's going on here, I'll see if I can figure out where we're going wrong. 

Is Ubuntu Touch now your daily driver?
Yes it is

How is the battery life?
It gets me through a work day for an overnight charge.  Maybe it's a bit heavy on power, but the battery is a good size.  It lasts as long as any other phone I've had in the past decade. 

Am I correct in assuming there's not a word processor available?
Unfortunately you are correct, there are the usual note taking apps, and document viewer, but no true word processor or spreadsheet app as such.  This may be a showstopper for some. 
There is a tool called 'Libertine', which I think allows the install of LibreOffice:
but I haven't tried it. 
I may give it a go. 

Thank you for the above. Sorry about the slow reply, I've been busy so haven't looked in for a while, but I am interested to see your procedure if it isn't too much trouble to PM (or even to write up here in case anyone else is interested). But perhaps you've managed to make it work in the intervening time?
I had another couple of goes at getting rooted android running in multiboot alongside Ubuntu Touch, but I couldn't make it work. 
I've lost the original procedure due to a bout of overenthusiastic housekeeping, but I'll have another look in my backups to see if I can find it. 
I did write a new procedure in the meantime for installing Ubuntu Touch, I posted it here:, on the UBPorts forum.  I originally wrote this for my own purposes, but it may help you.  I can't take any credit for this procedure, I just collected and compiled the work of other generous capable community folk, but it works for me. 
You may be able to cycle through the install stages from the Planet website instructions once you have set up your partitions to try different configurations in an attempt to get your rooted android and Ubuntu Touch combination, but I couldn't get it to work.  A work of warning though, I'm just copying and pasting, following the steps laid out by others, I don't really know what I'm doing.  I'm not a developer, I'm just an Electrical Engineer with a groovy mobile, and a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  While I didn't manage to brick my Cosmo tinkering with the install steps, maybe I could have.  It may be worth a quick email to Planet to see if the setup you are after is advisable or even possible.  Apologies if that sounds like me covering my backside, I am, but I'd also hate to help you dig a big hole and get stuck in it. 
I appreciate what you are trying to do, but personally, for my use case, Ubuntu Touch on my Cosmo is all I want or need.  It's a beautiful OS on a super device. 

Gemini PDA - Linux / Re: Ubuntu Touch on gemini
« on: June 16, 2021, 03:35:40 am »
unfortunately it looks like there was no real progress on getting UT to run on Gemini or Cosmo afaict.
I can't speak for the Gemini, but as far as the Cosmo goes it seems to be coming along.

Cool. It does sound like it might meet my use case. Let me know how you get on if you manage this weekend.
My weekend didn't go to plan, but I did get a little trial run. 
I managed to get to a stage where all the options: 
    [1] NORMAL
    [2] RECOVERY
    [4] DEBIAN_KDE
    [5] UBPORTS
    [6] FASTBOOT
appear on bootup, but rooted android doesn't boot.  Also note the recovery option is still there after I tried to put rooted android into 'EMPTY_RECOVERY_BOOT_2'. 
I'll have another go this weekend, maybe changing the sequence I load stuff up, or putting stuff in different slots. 
The order I tried (following the instructions from the Planet website ( using firmware V3) was: 
1.  Debian into EMPTY_NORMAL_BOOT_3, (worked okay)
2.  Tried Rooted Android into EMPTY_RECOVERY_BOOT_2, (appeared below recovery on boot options, but didn't boot)
3.  Rooted Android into EMPTY_NORMAL_BOOT_4, (seems okay, but android is still ugly) :)
4.  Ran out of time and needed Ubuntu Touch back, so installed as per instructions here ( 
I wrote the procedure down as I went along, it's a bit long winded for a post, but I'll pm it to you if you are interested. 
I'll have another crack this weekend if I get time. 
Sorry, can't be more help than that at the moment, I'm short of time and really don't know what I'm doing :)

Thanks for that. When I've some time, I shall give it a go. If you do get there before me, I'd be interested to hear your experience.
I didn't have time last weekend, definitely this weekend though, full backup then a deep breath. 
Are you using Ubuntu as a phone or just as a mobile computer?
Full time phone, part time computer, I suppose.  Maybe you don't quite get the full desktop package experience that you do with Debian, but for me UT fits my use case, and it's very stable and has a really nice interface. 
How do you find the battery life?
From an overnight charge I get a day's work out of it, maybe a little topup in the evening if I'm caning the browser.  UT seems a lot lighter on battery than Debian, and also better signal coverage, not sure if the two things are related. 

I couldn't find much to help you other than this post warning about no modem access:, and you suggested you didn't need wireless, but other than that I don't know.  Maybe do a backup and give it a go, or contact PC and see what they have to say about it.  I have Android, Recovery, Debian, UBPorts, FastBoot options on my Cosmo.  UBPorts is my default and I have no use for Android, but I may have a go this weekend out of curiosity, if I'm feeling brave. 

I also cannot Import vcf contacts, Screen stays white in the Phone App. Any ideas? Tia
Apologies for the late response on this one, I spend most of my time in UBPorts these days. 
This link has a solution:
I've just tried it, it works for me. 

Dear users
I usually type
echo 42 > /proc/aw9524_led_proc
in the terminal to switch on keyboard backlight in gemian. After I close the lid and reopen it, the keyboard backlight is off again and I have to type that again. Does anyone of you maybe know of a way to keep this permanent or a way to execute that command after opening the device automatically? Like "If open lid, then echo 42 > /proc/aw9524_led_proc"
I thought about this myself, but more in a UBPorts than Gemian way, I even asked the question on the UBPorts forum (, more around creating keyboard shortcuts generating the effect required than opening the keyboard, sort of 'If (shift + fn + n), then echo 45 > /proc/aw9524_led_proc' , 'If (shift + fn + b), then echo 40 > /proc/aw9524_led_proc' rather than 'If open lid, then echo 42 > /proc/aw9524_led_proc', but my question was just a little post as a point of interest in an existing thread rather than an explicit question, I wouldn't even know how to generate a 'feature request'. 
You got me thinking though.  If you want the keyboard backlight to turn on when you open it, (specifically because the keyboard backlight turned off when you closed it), is there already a bit of code with a line that states 'If close lid, then echo 40 > /proc/aw9524_led_proc', that we just need to add your line of code below that states, 'If open lid, then echo 42 > /proc/aw9524_led_proc' below. 
This is all in principle of course, there's probably a lot more to it than that, but if the keyboard backlight turns off when the Cosmo is closed, there is already some form of integration there, just what it is, and how to expand on it. 
I wouldn't have a clue how to even begin to investigate or implement this, for now as a workaround I just open the terminal and use the up cursor to get to the good old 'echo 45 > /proc/aw9524_led_proc' command. 

Cosmo Communicator - Linux / Re: Ubports for Cosmo
« on: February 02, 2021, 02:11:11 am »
Has anybody shared such good news on ? Maybe this will help the adoption of this device. It is not even listed on the device list
I've made a couple of noises over there, and posted a photo of UBPorts running on my Cosmo.  I'm still having a spot of bother with sms receiving, but apart from that it works very well for me.  It's stable, pretty much does everything I need, and the UI is so nice. 

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