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General Discussion / Sl-5500 Review On Slashdot
« on: July 25, 2005, 06:06:43 pm »
There's a link on slashdot today to a review of the 5500, comparing it to how it stands up to more modern PDAs. Seems like it did pretty good:

Qt/Qtopia / Best Distro For Z Dev?
« on: March 22, 2005, 05:04:42 pm »
My Redhat 9 disk 2 broke the other day. (I was using a version that came with a book.) Anyway, I've decided to check out some other distros. I'd tried a couple of times in the past to get a Zaurus Dev environment step up, but could never get it to work. So my question is, what's the best distro as far as Zaurus Development goes? I'm not that great at Linux. I dual boot and play with it some.

Software / Imdb On Z?
« on: March 18, 2005, 11:26:55 am »
One thing that I miss from my Psion 5 is TomeRaider. I've noticed that TomeRaider has copies of the IMDB available in it's format. I'm wondering if there's also a copy of the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) available in some format that one of the Zaurus book readers can handle?

Security and Networking / Need help with ad hoc wifi
« on: April 24, 2004, 02:52:28 pm »
I\'ve searched thru the forum and done some googling, but I still can\'t seem to get my wifi setup working.

I\'m trying to network my 5600 & my WinXP Home pc so that I can share my dial up connection.

I\'d like to setup an ad hoc network. On the PC I\'m using a Linksys WUSB54G. And on the Zaurus I have a Linksys WCF12.

I used the network wizard in XP and the Network app in the Z to set things up. (I\'m using the rom that came with my Z. It\'s 1.00 which i think is like the 3 rom on the 5500).

They seem to see each other: When I tell the Z to connect windows shows it connected and the Z shows connected.

The information button on the Z shows:

IP Address: (DHCP)
Subnet Mask:
DNS Server:
Default Gateway:

However in the Z Network app on the Current Tab it shows:
WLanService:   OffLine
AccessPoint:   Unable to detect (makes sense--I\'m not using one)
ESSID:        <blank>
Signal:        0%
Quality:       0%

I\'m not able to see webpages in Opera. Any idea what I\'m doing wrong?

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