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Gemini PDA - Linux / Problems latest firmware
« on: May 28, 2019, 02:31:46 pm »
I've installed the latest firmwares ( debian and root OREO ) from planet site.
After this, I've noticed that my saved wireless connections are lost after boot.( in debian ).
They worked fine, but when I reboot the gemini PDA, I have to select my network and fill again the password.
Tried Connman, network-manager and the error persists. When botting again, I have to select again my wireless SSID and fill the password.
Looked inside /var/lib/connman and my network is saved there.
Also another problem  :  I' ve compiled a modular kernel and when flashing my gemini PDA with this kernel, it not boots under debian. Also tried another old kernels from planet that  was  saved  in the past and the same occurs ( not booting into debian ). Only works with the suplied latest kernel.
So, what is the .config file in this kernel or another configuration is needed ?  what is wrong ?
Thank you so much !

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