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Gemini PDA - Sailfish OS / Jolla announced a new Sailfish OS forum
« on: July 11, 2020, 03:02:06 am »
Quote from: ArchiMark
Quote from: Pikku-iikka
Posted to Cosmo group, but let's post here too.

Link to the announcement news page:

Here's what I see on that page:

[size=]Oops! Page not found.
This is embarassing. The page you requested was not found.
Hups'... Here is the working link to the announcement:

Gemini PDA - Sailfish OS / Jolla announced a new Sailfish OS forum
« on: July 10, 2020, 05:25:26 am »
Posted to Cosmo group, but let's post here too.

Link to the announcement news page:

The new forum:

Haven't looked around yet, but will do that.

Link to the announcement news page:

The new forum:

Haven't looked around yet, but will do that.

Cosmo Communicator - Android / V22 is out.
« on: June 27, 2020, 04:13:53 am »
Quote from: vldmr
Quote from: TomJ
Quote from: vldmr
Autorotate does not work for me. Not on main screen. On codi it worked on v19.
It's working for me.  Perhaps you need to re-enable it?  Remember, there are 2 places it needs to be enabled, Android settings and the Planet menu bar settings.
That was it, thank you!
I sure would not find it myself -- not very obvious that the settings of planet app bar affect other applications.
Huh', thank you very much! I had been there once, but thought that setting would only affect the Planet Bar app itself...

Auto rotation seems to be clever, too. I have some apps, that don't behave well in landscape mode. When auto rotation is on, those appear in portrait mode automagically - fine. I even feel that the Cosmo is easy and steady to handle in portrait mode when needed.

Cosmo Communicator - Android / V22 is out.
« on: June 22, 2020, 12:01:19 pm »
Updated from V20 to V22. Both the Firmware and the CODI Updates went through with the first try. This is what I did when in CODI phase, after reading the stories above:

1) Downloaded CODI packets. 2) Hit the 'ADVANCED' button and selected 'Stop Cover Communication'. 3) Put 'Do Not Disturb' and 'Aeroplane' modes on, and even put 'Cover Display' off. 4) Hit the 'FLASH' button.

Don't know if those did anything - or were overkill for some part - but one could think that stopping the cover communication makes less disturbation... Anyway, no problems at all. Now, let's see what has changed (although I haven't seen major bugs or random things with the V20 and have been happy with the Cosmo).

Cosmo Communicator - General Discussion / Belt cases for cosmo?
« on: April 16, 2020, 10:01:27 am »
Not a belt case - although maybe I will add an option   . Instead, a completely self-made case. For the bottom part, the plastic housing that came with Cosmo, was perfect. The upper cover is made of several plastic parts, so the Cosmos' lineaments could be maintained. Magnet stripe on top snaps beautifully on something metallic inside Cosmo's top-front edge (maybe there for a purpose...).

Although this case looks like a self made (which it is), I'm very happy with it. Protects my device well, gives extra grip without giving too much bulkiness. And you can always remove the Cosmo if you should.

 [ Invalid Attachment ]

Cosmo Communicator - Hardware / squeeky hinges
« on: April 12, 2020, 08:30:24 am »
Quote from: Vistaus
No squeeking here, even after a couple of months of use. But I know WD-40 usually helps against squeeking, so you might want to try a little bit of that.
Yes! A very little drop of WD-40, put into middle hinges with a tip of a small screwdriver. Squeeking is history.

Cosmo Communicator - Hardware / squeeky hinges
« on: April 12, 2020, 04:11:19 am »
Mine were not squeeky at first, but after one or two days use they have been. Also, when device is fully open, and twisted carefully backwards, there is a 'snap' sound too. When listened closely, squeek comes from somewhere near the middle hinge. Daniel W has reported of a broken middle hinge in this thread.

Hmmm... Maybe I will try injecting a tiny amount of grease into the middle hinge, very carefully. Should not do any harm.

Quote from: klampfenfreak
ok, it works after a reboot!
Also had some trouble while connecting to after the update (via wlan). Every time I got the message: your ip address could not be determine. I just disabled ipv6 in my and now it works again!  
For me, that message always appears, if I have not enabled WiFi on my Cosmo. I mostly have only my Mobile Data on, not WiFi. Can not understand, why this site is so interested in my WifF's ip address in the first place...?

Quote from: Daniel W
maybe my Cosmo get a bit warmer when fast-charging now, but unless in a hurry I like to slow-charge anyway. The Cosmo still reboots once in a while, and the hardware driver for the camera still produces enlarged 6MP images, still without offering a real 6MP mode. I'm getting spurious notifications from Planet Voice Assistant (which I could disable, but I like to keep things stock for now) when opening the device, but they vanish after a few seconds, so I don't really notice them any more. Even on V20, my CoDi (on FW 13) keeps crashing daily.
Hmmm, I've charged only from the left USB port, which I remember being the fast charge capable. Is the Planet's stock charger a fast charger or an usual one? Should one avoid charging constantly from the left port when using the stock charger? Or, in general, is fast charging more harmful than standard in some way? If so, I have to dig a hole for the right side USB port too to my self made case.

There was a unique situation once, when Cosmo started to make a quiet whizzling-buzzing noise while charging, luckily I was sitting very near and heard it right away. Noise went away only after a reboot.

My Cosmo has not rebooted itself or crashed in any situation. Even the CoDi hasn't crashed totally, but has freezed in some rare situations - then, pressing the right-side button of the fingerprint adapter has gotten it back to life. One such situation was, when I tried to activate flash when taking a selfie. Display freezed but the camera made a shot with flash - once. Could not shoot another photo. Picture was terrible and totally over exposed.

Otherwise, the main camera takes reasonably OK photos (not to compare with the Note 8, huh). If I want to do some real photography, I do it with my Olympus OM-D E-M10, which does not even loose much to Cosmo in portability...

Quote from: Daniel W
For reference, I'm on completely stock Cosmo Android, with nothing disabled. Weirdly enough, my Cosmo is still certified and would gladly agree to installing Netflix (no, I didn't actually install it, but it was available, had I desired to) and I doubt my Swedish e-id would work, lest the device was certified (that broke on my Gemini, when upgrading to Android 8). My theory, as to why I didn't get persistent issues with V20, was that I have not really messed with anything, but according to your post, that might not be it either, so maybe there's just an element of luck, a bit like with when the CoDi updates decides to work?
Seems to be like that... Although, after opening the Cosmo for the first time and playing around a few minutes, I installed the Nova Launcher (paid version). Been using it in all Android phones I've used in last years. Can't know if that has anything to do with the stability. Netflix is working fine, and my device is certified too.

Quote from: Daniel W
the plastic on the middle hinge has cracked right through. In all honesty, I can't see anything I could have done to cause that, so yeah, some parts of the design seems not only fragile, but even prone to spontaneous failure. I have reported it to Planet, though, in the midst of a pandemic, we agreed on not trying to fix it any time soon. Also, aesthetics aside, it doesn't seem to cause me any noticeable issues. My hinges doesn't squeak even a little, and my Gemini never had more than two hinges, so I'm not too worried.
When listening very carefully, the 'squeek' sound comes somewhere near the middle hinge. Actually, that sound was not present with very first openings and closures, but came in after a little use. We'll see what will happen in the future.

Now after two weeks with the Cosmo, I have to say it has really fulfilled my needs and even exceeded some. I've been typing a lot, all without any hassle. I did type with my former "daily driver's" too, the Note 8 with S-Pen and Swift keyboard was a step forward, but Cosmo has nearly released me from sitting in front of my workstation's or laptop's screen when doing writing. BTW, thank you for someone somewhere here hinting about the JotterPad app - it is great in most aspects, and goes well with Cosmo. I like the keyboard shortcuts and the overall simpliness. (I dislike the static folder for texts.)

Only downside when typing with Cosmo is the little "noise" that comes from the keyboard. Actually I like it... it is only annoying when I want to write while in bed beside my wife. Which happens often, best ideas come many times when you let your mind wander at nights. Then again, typing under the blanket is a joy with a backlighted Cosmo.

My Cosmo has V20 system, I did the upgrade as soon as it was available, and have not had the troubles that are mentioned everywhere. Maybe this has something to do the fact that I had disabled all but one Google service, namely the Play Store. And been using Nova Launcher from the beginning. I have no reason to 'downgrade back' to V21, I'll wait for next official upgrade.

There are some issues even with me, of course. After upgrade was the fingerprint one, they work now. The life of the LED's is another, quite confusing sometimes. Once I even played something with the cover closed and LED's not blinking. Can't re-produce that.

Biggest issue is trying to make a call from the cover display, if two SIM's are in and device set to choose every time which SIM to use. Nothing happens when I hit the desired name. I have to make the call from the main screen, then close the cover again. Luckily the call does not end there... Even this is not a big issue for me. I make very few calls from the other SIM, so I can set the Cosmo to use the desired card every time, and change the setting as needed.

No other issues, so it really works nicely as a daily driver for me. The design is clever and build quality gets 8 out of 10 from me. Little squeeks from the hinges and a poorly attached lens cover. Bulky for some, but the size/weight factor is only a plus for me and my big hands. Actually, I added little bit to the bulkiness by hand-making a leather case that stays on when opening the Cosmo. Easier to handle and to safer to leave in pocket or on a table.

I suspect the device is quite fragile to mishandling, dust, water or other liquids. So, handling with extra care is a must.

Quote from: szopin
Quote from: aard
SailfishOS security is pretty much "it's too obscure to bother", if somebody were to look they'd find quite a few problematic spots.
It's true for every device, but obscurity plus the fact even first jolla phone from 2013 is still getting updates is pretty unique
Jolla is having business with Russians - not under 'Sailfish' brand however. I've understood that these businesses bring new things to older Sailfish systems, too. My Jolla phone - ordered 2012 - still gets frequent updates, rocks on and is in daily use. For work calls only, but anyway. Even the battery is original and keeps power well.

Quite weird really, how differently the Cosmo can behave. I've just begun my 5th day with the device, and haven't experienced a single random reboot nor freeze yet. It is working surprisingly well, before and after the V20 update. Could the reason lie somewhere what I did in the first place, e.g. did not mind about the warnings, but disabled most Google services (leaving the 'Play' things only). Then installed Nova Launcher and a few essential apps for my use. I'm very satisfied.

Cosmo Communicator - General Discussion / Latest updates on Indiegogo
« on: March 27, 2020, 10:02:22 am »
Quote from: Daniel W
Edit: Notes on V20, so far:
  • None of the fingerprints I registered earlier worked. They were still there, just not recognized. I solved the issue by removing them and registering the same actual fingers again.
  • When unlocking the device, Planet Voice Assistant briefly shows a seemingly pointless (and harmless) notification.
Same notes here. The latter was 'fixed' by disabling the Planet Voice Assistant app, I don't like or use voice assistance anyway.

Quote from: novaldex
Quote from: Pikku-iikka
Same here. I deleted both prints I had recorded. Recorded them once again. Worked for the first try - then stopped working... Re-started the Cosmo. Now seem to back in normal operation.
Yes, i've just done the same too & seems back to normal. Bit annoying though
Jeps', luckily the password opened Cosmo allright when fingers did not.

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