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For Sale / Wanted / [WANTED] Cheap Cosmo for spare parts
« on: November 25, 2021, 01:10:19 pm »
Must have the keycap "M" (which I lost accidentally) and working hinges (plastic parts). Preferably an otherwise broken and cheap one... ☯. I live in Finland.

I'm waiting for the Astro, but would still like to keep my Cosmo working...

BTW. Hinges have been repaired by Planet already twice. I've been handling the device carefully, but maybe my opening technique (squeezing the device so that hinges wouldn't 'snap') puts more tension to the plastic parts.


Bought the Ipega too along with the Dash 3 stylus, so thanks to the starter about the list. Dash 3 is really good.

A very solid feeling device this Ipega also. And mine blinks too when charging. When charged, the led stays on, and when the charger is removed it goes off.

Now,  as I'm not any gamer expert, the setup seems challenging. Firstly, when launching the ShootingPlus v3 app and pairing the device, I get warnings that the Direct mode does not work reliably with my phone due to the bluetooth chip. Then follows recommends to enter the developer mode and whatever... Is this really true? How is it with you cam1965?

Eventually I will find out, takes some learning though. As much as I dislike searching Youtube for learning something, l have no better options...

My Airmail also working normally, as is everything else.

Everything working still fine after 10 hrs of use... Haven't tracked down any bug corrections, though.

I myself have found only one slightly annoying bug in the former releases, and it seems to be still here: If you have two SIM cards in, and have enabled a setting that when you make a call, you are asked which SIM to use for the call: Then you can't make any calls from the CoDi. You can select the number, but nothing happens when pressing it. No questions asked, no call. When cover is open, all works as expected. Well, maybe it is not bug but a feature... No, must be a bug... But I can live with it.

Once again, the CoDi update went with the first try. After downloading but before flashing I swiped the settings icons visible and tapped: CoDi off, Aeroplane mode on, Do not disturb on. Then flashed.

Astro Slide - Hardware / Re: Fin/Swe keyboard layout
« on: March 09, 2021, 02:48:48 pm »
On a side note, han(he) is the sixteenth most common word, while hon(she) doesn't even make the top thirty. It seems we still are a fair bit away from gender equality...

We finns only have the word "hän", which doesn't tell anything about the gender. Makes me think whether we are ahead or behind of other nations / languages...



I don't know if this has anythging to do with these mic problems. But maybe it does?


SMALL PARTS WARNING: there are two tiny silicone ducts, one on each end of the Cosmo, underneath each ancillary board. They lead into a pair of MEMS microphones. They are easy to miss and easy to lose. Also, when putting them back, make sure the duct leads in to the microphone! It's possible to install them upside down, and you'll probably get muffled recordings if you do.

Huh. I can't thank you enough. I just got my Cosmo from a hinge repair trip (2nd in a row) only to realize that something had happened to the device because the lower mic was not working properly. Nobody could here my voice unless I was tilting the device and speaking right to the bottom mic....

I and Planet both thought this is due to me installing rooted Android and Gemian right after repair. So, I followed their instructions and repartitioned the device and installed stock Android V23 back. No help.

Before sending my Cosmo to UK again, I remembered having read this thread. And I knew my Cosmo had been dis- and re-assembled while it's previous UK trip because 'B' and 'N' keycaps were put in opposite places.

So, I just HAD TO PEEK inside the Cosmo's mic area, to see how these 'ducts' are... To find the 'ducts' I only had to remove the back cover plate and some screws but not any wirings. There they were, the 'silicone ducts'. The duct in the ear side was facing a 'hole' upwards, while the duct in the mouth side was facing a 'hole' downwards.

So, I turned the latter upside down. Then I reassembled the Cosmo and made a test call: woo-hoo, everything working again!

Maybe some other people's mic problems could be solved this way? So, not a software, but a hardware (assembly) error...

I contacted Planet telling about my repair procedure, and they said this will not brake my warranty. Kiva.


Hmmm, quite heavy statement from oida. Well, luckily I haven't got a faintest idea what AOSP is (ok - just googled it...), or why I would need any 'blobs with libhybris' working. Because of my ignorance I can enjoy using the Cosmo very much as it is. With my own adjustments of course. And even Android will be updated soon, that's what the wise men from Planet headquarters have reported in Cosmo's IGG board. (They even told somewhere recently that the Gemini will be updated too one day...  :o)

It is nearly all about the keyboard for me. So far it has been working very well. I am enjoying the reasonably large view, when a virtual keyboard is not blocking it. Somehow this is essential to me, my brain gets stuck if I can't see a good portion of what I'm producing. Also, I do quite a lot web publishing, too. Same pros here with the keyboard and large view. These facts have been enough for me to leave my work laptop home when visiting my relatives in 500 km away now and then. Great, since travelling by bus or train is always nicer with a light backpack.

As I wrote in the 'Squeeky hinges' -thread, my Cosmo was in repair trip for several months after initial 6 months usage. Now I'm enjoying it even more than nearly year ago when I first got it. That's because I know what to expect and how to solve things.

The little oddies of the Cosmo - like LED's and 'ghost notifications' - can sometimes be also quite funny and make the device live in a way  ::) Of course real hardware problems are not that funny...

The middle hinge breaking suddenly btw, as discussed earlier in this thread, really could be the bad plastic syndrome. When opening/closing the Cosmo, I think the tension towards fragile parts is greatest when the angle of the lid is just under 90 deg. Not when it is fully opened or sitting opened at a desk. So, from now on, I try to support the device by squeezing gently from the back when opening. Hopefully the hinges last better this time.

Cosmo Communicator - Hardware / Re: Silver button.
« on: February 23, 2021, 11:01:59 am »
Well, I use it to switch the CoDi on or off. A long press seems to reset the CoDi somehow (?). A long press while open gives a menu of options: Shutdown/Restart/Screenshot. Well, just realised that, the latest can be useful actually.

In Cosmo settings you have an option to answer a call in speakerphone mode by pressing the silver button. Never tried that one. And don't know about the Voice assistant, since I've disabled the function altogether.


Cosmo Communicator - Hardware / Re: Keyboard "typing quality"
« on: February 23, 2021, 10:51:19 am »

it is kind of weird, how the Cosmo's can differ from each other. My device, which I received last march, has been very reliable in terms of software and keyboard behavior. But then again, the middle hinge broke into pieces after six months of careful usage.

Never actually experienced any ghosting or missing letters, even though I do writing quite a lot. I hope this situation continues now, after my Cosmo came back from the hinge repair trip. There it's keyboard had been tinkered with too, I can tell that because the keycaps B and N were in opposite places on arrival. Or maybe they had just cleaned the device thoroughly  ???


Cosmo Communicator - Hardware / Re: squeeky hinges
« on: February 23, 2021, 08:45:52 am »

nice to be using my Cosmo again after a three months trip to Planet's Headquarters (2nd in a row). This is my Cosmoing history so far:

First week ok, then some squeeking from central hinge, a little snap too when closing. Applied a micro amount of WD-40. Kept using - with care - for a little over six months. And happy time this was, my device didn't have all those rebooting or keyboard issues whatsoever.

Then suddenly, without warnings, the middle hinge broke into pieces. Contacted Planet from their web form. Got fast responce asking to send a photo (see attachment). Then was asked to send the device in and given thorough packaging instructions. The whole repair process including transport to UK and back to Finland took only 18 days - not bad I think. And the email discussions worked well via an opened ticket. 10 points.

But. After about ten days of usage, the Cosmo started to behave badly when opened to full extend. Snapping sound while the "moving metal cover" popping back and forth. I contacted Planet again - with the same ticket. They gave instructions to make sure the "moving back cover" is fastened reliably. Doing that I realised, that a kind of 'nail' was broken from the middle section. I suspect it's job was to keep the "moving back cover" in place.

Took a photo again (see attachment). Still, I didn't wan't to send the device to UK again because the damage was merely cosmetic - I could open the device normally when supporting it by squeezing gently so that "moving metal cover" stayed in place. So I suggested to Planet that I could live with the fault as far as my warranty would still be valid, should something more serious damage happen. But they wanted me to send it in again, to be "investigated alongside engineering". Ougei, Another trip to UK.

This time, waiting took more time. After a month of silence, I asked how things are. After three weeks got a polite answer, that my device is scheduled to leave after a few days. After 17 days I asked again, was replied within a week, that Cosmo has left now. Got a tracking number, but it took a whole week before the parcel got moving. The it got through border customs, but got stuck when in DPD Parcel centre in Netherlands. I received mail and SMS stating that I have to pay a 17,95 %u20AC tax if I want to get my device. While I think that is not justified when I am not buying anything, I paid. Did not want the Cosmo to be sent back to Planet. That would have created a neverending loop, I think... And a PostNord (DPD representative in Finland) customer service person told me in phone, that I could request my money back from Finnish customs by filling a form. Maybe I will, indeed.

Well, long story with a happy ending. Another week went by, and yesterday a PostNord driver brought my Cosmo straight to my door. It seems to be in excellent condition - only a minor annoyance, that the 'B' and 'N' keycaps were in opposite places  :o. I was terrified at first that my keyboard is broken... We well see, if the squeeking starts again.

I would give Planet 8+ this time. But when I think that the fault was something that they wanted to 'investigate with engineering' (in China?), and there were Christmas / New Year holidays and the loved Brexit too in the mixture - not bad this either. Only the communication should have come from Planet side without the need to shout after.


Astro Slide - Hardware / Re: Fin/Swe keyboard layout
« on: February 21, 2021, 01:54:23 pm »
Oukei, your last sentence got me convinced, that it is better to carry on as it is. E.g. keep the letter 'Ö' on top of the keycap, while 'Ä' comes with Fn pressed simultaneously. No suggestions to Planet for changing the order. After all, there is twice as much people in Sweden compared to Finland, and maybe twice as much Planet devices too - though nobody knows that but Planet... So the majority speaks.

Finqwerty works seamlessly and well. Some functions are not in right places, I suppose that is because it was first made for the Gemini (?). Luckily swapping the layout is easy and quick. I do that often, since I do some writing in Russian too. Fin/Swe - Finqwerty - Russian.

Btw, I have printed Russian letters into a sticker sheet, black background, white letters. Then cut the tiny letters off and sticked them into the front side of Cosmo's keycaps. Nearly microscopic work - but works still.


Been using Vivaldi for months now in all of my three platforms - Android, Raspbian and Win10. Good syncing between them, focus in privacy, keyboard options and lot of others... And the head guy himself at least used a Cosmo last year, maybe still...

And the bars disappear nicely right now with Samsung Note8, my Cosmo is on transport after hinge repair.

I recommend!

Cosmo Communicator - Android / Re: Android 11 for Cosmo?!
« on: February 17, 2021, 03:18:32 pm »
Watched the Planet's new Astro-videos yesterday. There Davide Guidi (CTO) said, that after the Astro is reality, they will use the experience of the project to bring Android 11 to Cosmo too.

We will see...

Astro Slide - Hardware / Fin/Swe keyboard layout
« on: February 17, 2021, 07:41:41 am »

It took some time to convince the guy in the mirror, that I really need a longer perspective to my 'writing with a decent keyboard' habit. So I backed the Astro too, after seeing the latest videos and while I'm waiting for my Cosmo to be back from repair. It's on the road to home again... Other than the hinge problem, I've been satisfied with the C.

So: here is a question that I'm not sure if it has been discussed somewhere. Sorry if it has. This is what I just wrote to the Indiegogo Astro ccomments thread (seems to be just as idiotical conversation going on there as it was with Cosmo...):

Hii-ohoi Fin/Swe keyboarders! As a new Astro backer I’m not sure, if this has been discussed: Finnish Gem/Cos users don’t like the Ö/Ä letters’ order in Fin/Swe-layout. I use “Finqwerty hack” in my Cosmo to change Ö/Ä. Others do that too. I suppose Swedes do also, though not sure ’cause our languages are of different origin. In the Q&A video CEO Mr. J.M-F. asked a guy to email Planet in his wish to mod the Dvorak layout. Should we make a wish too: to make Ä the major letter and Ö the minor?

I would be happy to contact Planet in this case. They have been responsive at least with my hinge repairs.


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