Author Topic: Releasing Sourcecode For The Elsi  (Read 4961 times)


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Releasing Sourcecode For The Elsi
« on: January 27, 2005, 12:04:59 am »
Hey, I'm going to be releasing the full source code for the elsi soon.  I am settling in to a new place/job, so I haven't had a chance to work on the elsi much.  I hate that development has stopped and would love for it to continue.  Once I get everything taken care of, I'd love to get back into it but right now I have other priorities.

I know several of you have contacted me about helping out with development, and I was wondering if you're still interested?  The site will be released under the GPL and unless you guys have any objections, I think I'll release it at  It's just like Sourceforge, except I find it to be faster.  If those that would like to join the development team prefer Sourceforge more, I have no objections to putting it on there instead.

So if you guys would be interested, I'd love to get the development of the elsi rolling again.  I'd like to stay on as a management role and take care of what is getting programmed and such.  That way we can still push the elsi into the direction that Mike and I envisioned it and I can still be a part of the team.

Technical Details

The entire elsi is coded in PHP and uses MySQL for the data.  I tried to make it as object oriented and efficient as possible.  As far as the MySQL portion goes, I think it's pretty efficient but I'm sure someone who's good at MySQL can make that portion better.

Thanks Guys
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